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Default In Pursuit of a decent Kan Wall part 1 - 1850 - Outflanking Guard

After having done the tourney scene all the way to the national level, I can say it was fun but games at the local level allow for less cheesy lists to be effective and gives you more options to play. So currently I'm trying to put together a list that's fun to play and play against that isn't cheesy for fun casual gaming. I've got my tourney lists for when they're appropriate, but now casual 40k gaming just for the fun of it (on both sides of the table) is my focus.

So to that end I've been building a kan wall (explained more later) for some time and I thought I'd post a series of batreps detailing how units performed and whatnot for those who might want to run their own. I chose kan wall because it gives my opponent ample chance to shoot up plenty of Orks but eventually get overwhelmed by boyz. Once I finish painting there may even be pictures.

A kan wall list for those not in the know is lots of killa kans with boyz mobs behind them, with a kustom force field mek to give the kans 4+ cover, then the kans give the boyz behind them 4+ from blocking LoS.

My wall has 2 kans yet to be put together and so my list is a little less optimized due to that (I'd normally not have 'eavy armour on my nobs), but that also gave me a chance to use more units just for the fun of it (I love my biking warboss.)

My first game with a kan wall was against James, my favorite opponent at my local FLGS. He also ran a more casual Imperial Guard list with Al'Raheem and other ways to outflank almost his whole army and come completely out of reserves.

Our scenario was capture and control and our deployment was spearhead. Our table was pretty standard with several small forests in each quarter.

Here's the list I used: (1849 total)
110 - Big Mek with KFF, 'eavy armour, and burna (burna due to lacking kans)
155 - Warboss with warbike, attack squig, Power Klaw, cybork, and kombi-skorcha (changed a big mek to this guy due to lacking kans)
225 - 15 Lootas (a must in pretty much all footslogging Ork lists IMO)
255 - 14 Kommandos with Snikrot and 2 burnas
225 - 30 Slugga boyz with Nob with PK, bosspole, and 'eavy armour
240 - 30 Shoota boyz with 3 big shootas and Nob with PK, bosspole, and 'eavy armour (urban camo)
240 - 30 Shoota boyz with 3 big shootas and Nob with PK, bosspole, and 'eavy armour (jungle camo)
64 - 19 Gretchin and 1 Runtherd
135 - 3 Killa Kans with Grotzookas
100 - 2 Killa Kans with Rokkit Launchas
100 - 2 Killa Kans with Rokkit Launchas

His list (from memory):
Command Squad with Astropath and flamers in Chimera (heavy flamer/multilaser on all Chimeras)
5 Stormtroopers, 2 plasma guns
5 Stormtroopers, 2 melta guns
Sly Marbo
Platoon Command Squad with Al'Raheem and flamers in Chimera
3 Infantry squads blobbed together with meltaguns, commissar with power weapon, and sergeants with power weapons
Infantry squad with flamer in chimera
Special weapons squad with 4 flamers (in Valkyrie)
Veterans with 3 meltaguns and demolitions (in Vendetta)
Valkyrie with multiple rocket pods
2 Leman Russ Main Battle Tanks in a squad with hull heavy flamers

The deployment worried me a bit since he wasn't limited at all by it and I was kind of bunched up. However, he won the roll for who goes first and picked me to go first and put everything in reserve, giving me 2 turns with the table to myself, His goal being to boost his skimmers to contest objectives on turn 5. I picked a table quarter on the left with a forest next to the edge to hopefully speed bump any outflankers coming form that direction and some decent cover near the middle for my objective and lootas. I deployed my kan wall towards his objective, the three boyz mobs behind them, my lootas in cover near my objective, and the gretchin behind the boyz to run onto my objective (placed in some decent terrain in almost the middle of the board near my long edge...which since he comes on from everything but my long table edge is the furthest place from him.) The warboss on bike is joined to the urban boyz. I reserved Snikrot with the hope of failing his first reserves roll so they could ambush something. His objective was as far back in his corner as he could get it so my giant mass of Orks had plenty of running to do.

My turns 1 and 2:
My mass moves towards his objective but the boyz mobs are so big they contain trailing lines that go back nearly to my long board edge because I don't want anything to be within 18" of a short edge where Al'Raheem can first rank fire second rank fire a mob into oblivion as he walks on. This also enables them to engage pesky guardsmen in assault if he swings in on my objective instead of going for his. My gretchin make it onto the objective and sit comfortably in their cover, doing their job of squatting on an objective cheaply. My lootas are about 22" away from the close short edge and my objective is another 10" from them. My kommandos unfortunately come on with nothing to ambush at the start of turn 2, so they come in off his long edge in the leftish middle of the board and run into a nice forest for cover, with the hope of messing with his CCS or leman russes should the show up there.

His Turn 2:
He rolls for reserves and even with his Astropath's +1 only gets the stormtroopers, marbo, and the vendetta. Figuring (rightly) the lootas are the biggest threat to his light vehicles he resolves to try to kill them with the deepstriking stormtroopers and marbo. One set of stormtroopers scatters into the lootas and rerolls to end up 11" the exact wrong direction (towards the short edge in my deployment) in a forest where 2 die to dangerous terrain. The plasma stormtroopers that are in range and Sly Marbo throwing a demo pack manage to kill 7 lootas and one plasma troopers burns himself to death. Lootas pass their morale.
The vendetta comes in on the short edge my right which is the half with his quarter in it (though he brings it in far from his objective so it can hang back and snipe) and shoots my rightmost pair of rokkit kans which I had foolishly left in area terrain thinking they got the benefit instead of covering them with my KFF (4th edition holdover, d'oh!) He gets a penetrating hit on each kan but rolls 2s for his damage roll so they're just shaken (squadron.)

My Turn 3:
My leftmost shoota mob (jungle camo) has a trail of Orks all the way back to my lootas, so moves to a position to assault the plasma stormtroopers. My gretchin, having nothing better to do, move some grots off the objective to shoot up Sly Marbo. The kommandos move towards the left a bit, and manage to get a model next to the KFF for more cover (the forest was kinda small nad I moved away from the edge to avoid flamer death.) The leftmost pair or rokkit kans moves back towards my objective a bit, but keeps a model near the KFF. The rightmost kans shuffle over to the KFF. The IG could still come from pretty much anywhere at this point.
The rest of the force keeps pushing towards his objective, with my goal being for the shoota mob on the right (urban camo) to get to his objective sometime around the end of the game.
The lootas manage to get a single penetrating hit on his vendetta and blow it up with a 6, killing off most of the passengers in the process. The gretchin have 9 models in range of Marbo and blast away at him. Despite his having cover from the lootas and stealth he fails 2 of the 3 saves they inflict, and my grots manage to kill their points worth! I love it when that happens. The shootas, not having to worry about assault marbo anymore, shoot up the plasma stormies and kill one, then assault them and kill everyone in the squad except the sergeant, which is exactly what I was hoping for so that Al'Raheem's infantry couldn't rapid fire them (though I was confident that I could have consolidated out of rapid fire range.)

His Turn 3: This time everything but the company command squad comes in. The Leman Russes come in near the left corner off his long edge and Al'Raheem's whole platoon (blob + himself in chimera + infantry in chimera) and the Valkyrie come in along with the left edge, all going after my objective. The melta stormies move towards my lootas but are still out of range, barely. The infantry platoon all moves forward boldly, supported by the 2 chimeras closer to the middle of the table.
The Leman Russes blast into my urban and slugga mobs, killing 7 or so between the 2 mobs (they were close enough that blasts were hitting both with scatter.)
The Valkyrie kills off 3 more lootas, forcing another morale check that they pass.
The jungle mob finishes off his storm trooper sergeant and consolidate towards his platoon.

My Turn 4: He had finally dedicated himself somewhere, essentially giving up his own objective and trying to get a draw by taking mine. However, all those assault consolidation moves had gotten my jungle mob into a position to do something about it immediately long before his infantry platoon could reach my objective.
I leave my rightmost rokkit kans and grotzooka kans to head towards his objective along with the urban shoota boyz while the slugga mob and left rokkit kans wheel around to an intercept course. The biker warboss turbo-boosts from the edge of the urban boyz closest to his edge all the way to the edge of the sluggas close to my edge. A very handy quick redeployment option if I do say so myself.
The lootas shoot at the Valkyrie, but roll poorly and do nothing to it. The left rokkit kans on the other hand manage to explode the chimera with the infantry squad in it, killing 6 of the occupants. Again, my single penetrating roll was an explode result. The urban shootas take some shots at the vendetta's passengers on their way to his objective, who go to ground and take minimal casualties.
I declare my WAAAGH!, fleet my kommandos closer to the Leman Russes, put my gretchin on their objective and the jungle shootas pour fire into his infantry platoon, killing only 3 after he went to ground for 3+ cover.
They then charge the infantry platoon and melta stormies, killing 15 IG and taking only 5 losses in return, which sends the remaining stormtroopers running away from the assault, despite them not actually losing any members of their unit in assault. The infantry platoon holds thanks to the commissar. The kommandos charge the Russes and silence them, shaking each and destroying a battlecannon.

His Turn 4: The CCS fails to come in again, on yet another roll of a 1.
His Leman Russes tank shock the kommandos into a formation for easy grenading by the 4 surviving members of the infantry platoon from the chimera. Al'Raheems chimera surges towards my objective.
The valkyrie moves next to the lootas and shoots up the gretchin with its rocket pods and multilaser, but after going to ground I only lose 3 (there's nothing that's so hard to get off an objective with shooting as gretchin for their points.)
In assault the jungle boyz kill off most of the rest of the platoon, leaving 4 soldiers, 2 sergeants, and the commissar and taking another handful of casualties. They fail their morale check this time and the commissar executes a sergeant for cowardice and they remain locked in.

My Turn 5: The urban boyz run towards his objective but fail to get within 3". Stopping to shoot at the veterans was not a good idea. The kommandos chase after the Leman Russes, and the sluggas move to assault Al'Raheem's chimera.
The warboss moves in behind the Valkyrie and manages to get a single penetrating hit with his bike's dakkagun. My opponent calls it before I roll it as a 6, which is what it's been so far and lo and behold it explodes!, killing all but 2 of the flamers inside. The lootas finish off those 2 flamers, leaving my objective safe for the turn. The kommandos actually manage to destroy a Leman Russ by shooting it from behind with their sluggas as I apparently am rolling sixes like a madman for vehicle damage. They stun the other one in assault, leaving it easy pickings next round.

With his infantry platoon about to be destroyed and nothing able to reach my objective to contest or anything to capture his own, and having inflicted significant harm on only 1 of my units, my opponent concedes. Flawless victory!

A good showing from the list even if I never got to really use the kan wall for what it was supposed to do. If I had 2 KFF meks and the extra kans I'd have probably divided it up between 2 forces, with 2 mobs and 6 kans going for his objective and 1 mob and 3 kans to protect mine along with the lootas and gretchin. Lots of fun to play against this list because I had to rethink my strategy significantly, not knowing where the threat was coming from. In annihilation I probably would have just deployed with all my stuff next to a short table edge so that he'd have to come on in front of my kans if he used that edge. Objectives made for a more difficult balance of offense and defense against a threat that could come from anywhere.

Unit Breakdown:
KFF Mek: B. Theoretically useful, but his KFF only mattered against 1 turn of battlecannon shooting. Did nothing otherwise. Still, an integral part of the list in its normal function.
Warboss: A. Rapid redeployment, killy, tough, was very nice to have a highly mobile element in this list against such an unpredictable opponent. Doesn't get an A+ because he kept the urban boyz from running, which could have cost me an objective.
Lootas: A+. They took everything my enemy threw at them and still managed several key shots. They got lucky, but they performed well under pressure and I count that highly.
Kommandos: B+. They didn't get to ambush anything but my opponent was kind enough to leave some tanks near enough for them to hound for a few turns and eventually kill. With so much that needed killing and me silencing his threats so quickly James couldn't spare the time to kill them and they couldn't flamer the vulnerable kommandos because they kept shaking them.
Slugga boyz: C. They did nothing, and their needing to be in assault range to be effective really left them in the cold against an outflanking list. Mostly a function of the scenario and the opponent than their own fault.
Shoota boyz: A. Their shooting did little but they proved that even shootas have the grit to whoop up in assault when necessary.
Gretchin: A+. They managed to take down Marbo, they shook off fairly impressive anti-infantry fire with ease, and they held my objective, freeing my boyz up to go where they're needed. These little guys almost always perform above and beyond the measly points I paid for them.
Grotzooka Kans: C+. Had my opponent chosen to come in from his short edge, these guys could have put a serious hurt on his platoon. Instead, they stomped around doing nothing.
Rokkit Kans: A. Suffered from stomping around where my opponent was not, but one unit managed helpfully to blow up a flamer chimera and the other unit was well positioned to help take down the CCS' chimera. I've been toying with whether I eventually want 6 rokkits and 3 grotzookas or vice-versa, and evidence is pointing to more rokkits, as much as I love grotzookas and the infantry superiority they provide. In this mechanized environment being able to kill vehicles is just too important.

MVP: Jungle boyz. There where I needed them to capitalize on my opponent being too close to me. Honorable mention to the stormtrooper sergeant that passed his 2 armor saves and kept them in CC to prevent Al'Raheem from shooting them.
On the chopping block: Slugga boyz. These guys might benefit from being shootas, but much more playtesting is needed before I can say for sure.

Hope you enjoyed it, more to come if it's well received.
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Sounded like a very fun game man,I wish I had your abbility to roll 6's when it come to rolling for armour pen lol.good luck in your next game,looking forward to reading more
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Played another 2 games today, though neither was really worth its own battle report as they weren't all that competitive of armies. Going to do another unit breakdown though of how each performed over the 2 games. This time I ran 2 KFF Meks and 9 kans.

Game 2 with my Kan wall was against SM with 6 tactical terminators in a land raider, a lacannon/missile dreadnought, a tooled up command squad, 3 tactical squads on foot, a sternguard squad, and a TL lascannon/heavy bolter predator.
We had 5 objectives and deployed along the long table edges. I won by having 3 objectives to his 1 in round 5.
Notable events:
-Kommandos had nothing really good to assault, so charged a tac squad behind the sternguard to try to kill them and prevent my enemy from capturing the objective, but flubbed and were killed by the sternguard and tactical combined in the next round.
-Slugga boyz took the terminator charge and did reasonably well, whittling the squad down satisfactorily, and better than they would have if they were shootas. Ultimately wiped out once the command squad entered the fray due to excellent 5+ invuln saving on my opponent's part and better than average 2+ saving (otherwise the sluggas would have wiped out the terminators.)
-Shoota boyz sat on an objective and helped dismantle the command squad with 2 rounds of shooting, despite their FNP. The others took an objective and wiped out a tac squad.
-Grotzooka Kans killed the land raider and contested one of his objectives
-Rokkit kans killed a predator in assault one one side and immobilized the dreadnought on the other. Lost the entire squad that immobilized the dreadnought but it took several rounds of shooting from most of his army to do so.
-Lootas helped destroy the command squad, otherwise shaking dreads and failing against some tacticals (by rolling 1 for shots.)
-Gretchin held an objective in a safe part of the board, quietly being awesome

Game 3 with my Kan wall was against grey knights with 2 terminator squads of 5 and 6 with brother-captain stern, 2 dreadnoughts (one with assault cannon and heavy flamer on DCCW and the other with lascannon and missile launcher), 4 units of 5 grey knights, and a land raider crusader.
Mission was objectives once again and dawn of war deployment this time, which is generally a disadvantage for me. My opponent conceded at the bottom of turn 4 when I had finished killing the last of his troops choices
-Kommandos hopped onto the board and killed off a grey knight squad in the middle of the main body of his army, making it easier for me to deal with but dying to the land raider and stern's terminators in return
-Shootas blasted away at grey knights, each shoota mob killing one and held objectives for me. One shoota mob was in the process of fighting a combat with stern's terminators and the remnants of a grey knight squad. They killed the GKs but the terminators were going to probably wipe them out, unless the 2 units of kans coming in swung the battle around.
-Sluggas were positioned to assault his terminator squad of 5 that deep struck in near them, along with a shoota mob, and together it was going to be bad news for the termies. Alas, opponent conceded before then. Otherwise they played it safe around the central objective, mostly trying to ensure they could capture/contest it on round 5.
-Rokkit kans - I kept leaving single grey knights left alive, and the rokkit kans generally cleaned these up for me or took pot shots at grey knights since they are AP 3. Survived well and were in position to help with assaults against terminators.
-Grotzooka kans killed a terminator with their shooting and were otherwise positioned to help assault terminators at the end.
-Lootas tore through a squad of grey knights and otherwise rolled poorly for Aegis (the night fighting stuff all GKs get)
-I strung my gretchin out so they could take any or all of 3 different objectives if the other mobs I had there needed to move out. Again, these guys were quietly winning the game for me

For both games I sent the shoota boyz after objectives while the sluggas were mostly for fighting off my opponent and maybe grabbing some objectives. The kans and meks both split into 2 functional groups with supporting boyz mobs which greatly helped me, only one Mek would have forced me to concentrate my kans in one area to keep the bonus.

So between these 2 games:
KFF Meks: A - They bumped up the survivability of the kans and boyz greatly, but suck in close combat. Did everything I asked of them though so no complaints.
Kommandos: C - They killed off a unit of significantly lower points value and then died against the GKs and half a tac squad, which amounted to nothing significant, against the marines. Disappointing.
Lootas: B - Didn't do a terribly whole lot with their shooting, having rolled poorly often, but did help where it was needed and provided solid support.
Sluggas: A - They fought well and wouldn't have been significantly better off as shootas in one game and would have been worse off as shootas in the other.
Shootas: A+ - Being a ranged threat really helped these guys out, and made for great objective holders/takers.
Gretchin: A - Don't mind us, we're just winning the game. Let me have a lot more flexibility in responding to my opponent by moving boyz mobs off objectives to go fight if needed.
Rokkit Kans: A - Filled in here and there. I rolled poorly with my shooting often but they were nice flexible assault threats and meh anti-tank threats. Definitely vindicating themselves as rokkits over grotzookas though.
Grotzooka Kans: A - There for the times where grotzookas would be helpful and in general stomped around being awesome and killy and tough.

MVP: Game 2 - grotzooka kans who killed a land raider by themselves and then contested an objective.
Game 3 - gretchin, who even if I lost all my boyz mobs could have captured 3 objectives and possibly won the game. As is they just let boyz move out to capture far objectives without worry.
On the chopping block: Kommandos. Usually perform well but were a disappointment. Might get replaced with 15 more lootas. We shall see.
Considering: Just got a new deff dread. Going to put it together in the near future and see how it rolls in the list. Gets a bit tight fitting it in and will have to cut some kommandos and shoota boyz to make it happen, neither of which I think will be a big loss. Would have been solid gold against those GK terminators.
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