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Default 2000pt Dakkaorks vs. Thousand Sons

This is the terrain board we used (this game was played on Vassal).

My list in short:
Warboss on bike with power klaw, cybork body, and attack squig
Big Mek with shokk attack gun
2 mobs of 12 lootas
15 Kommandos with 2 burnas led by Boss Snikrot
2 mobs of 30 shoota boys with powerklaw nob and big shootas x3
1 mob of 10 and 1 of 11 of warbikers
3 big guns (2 kannons, 1 lobba, all separate units)

His list in short:
Sorcerer with terminator armor, warptime, and winds of chaos
10 chosen with icon of Tzeentch
10 terminators with icon of Tzeentch, 7 powerfists, 1 chainfist, and 2 heavy flamers
2 squads of 8 tsons with sorc who had doombolt in rhinos
10 CSM with 2 flamers and champion with powerfist
3 obliterators (one unit...bad move imo)

He deployed mostly in the upper-right, with his 3 rhinos in the corner behind the destroyed building, his oblits up front to block my deployment. I deployed in the bottom right to middle, with one squad of lootas and the big mek on top of the hill to rain down fire. My other lootas were in the forest on the bottom right, and he infiltrated his chosen too close for comfort to them.

The scenario was seek and destroy (he wanted to just slug it out for 6 turns for VP, I wanted a mission, we rolled randomly and both had our way)

He got first turn, moving his rhinos up and popping smoke. His chosen moved towards the forest, and his oblits moved into a better firing position. In firing his oblits killed a handful of shoota boys with their plasma cannons.

In my turn, I predictably moved everything without a heavy weapon towards the chunk of city. Also, my lootas that were threatened by his chosen chose to move into charge range. They're still orks after all, and with furious charge should be able to hurt his chosen quite badly. In firing I rolled for 2 shots per loota with my hilltop squad and got 6 glancing hits on his lead rhino (I love lootas). A handful of the embarked squad die from teh wreck and they're all entangled. The big mek's shot scattered off and was too weak to harm the rhino's front armor at half strength. The shoota boys on the right of the map (walking up just to the left of the forest my lootas were in) along with the dakkaguns from my warbikers manage to get 3 wounds to stick on the oblits, knocking off one model and wounding another. The shootas moving up on the left of the second chunk of trees manage to get a handful of shootas in range, miss all but 2 shots, and only 1 wounds. The oblits fail the save and this leaves 1 standing. Go orky firepower! The big guns miss everything. Go orky firepower!

In assault the lootas charge with 36 attacks, needing a 4+ to hit. They get 11 hits, about half of which wound. 2 chosen fall. Ouch. Was expecting something a little more spectacular. The chosen down 2 lootas as well.

Turn 2:
His next turn has the rhinos move around the wreckage to deploy in a defensive formation amongst the low wall (the one to the left of the NE corner) in a line, mostly hiding behind the rhinos for cover from my hilltop battery. His sorc deepstrikes into the forest my lootas had left to assault his chosen. The remaining obliterator shuffles a bit towards the defensive line.
In shooting one of his tsons sorcerers' head explodes (double 1s) throwing a doombolt at my warbikes. The doombolt fails to harm anything. His sorcerer uses warptime and winds of chaos to fry of my kannons + krew. No big loss there. The tsons take down a couple warbikers out of the right squad in firing.
In assault his chosen rocked my lootas, killing 5. The lootas manage to kill one in return. They pass their morale check.

On my turn I threw my right shoota boys into the forest to go after his sorc. The warbikers that were with them move up to the last oblit. The left shoota boys move forward towards his defensive line, and the other warbikers decide to gun it rather than wait for terminators to play with and turbo-boost towards the defensive line. My warboss makes it to within 6" of his chosen.
In shooting I throw all the nearby squads' fire at the last oblit so I can charge his tsons. I roll poorly and he passes 10 saves and fails 1 so he has 1 wound left. My lootas open up on another rhino, hoping for an explosion to damage the clustered marines and open the way for the shokk attack gun. I roll 1 shot for each, but manage to get 1 penetrating hit and 3 glances. I immobilize and stun it a few times. Ah well. The SAG hits a good chunk of marines anyhow, scoring a hit and 7 wounds. He passes all but 2 of his invuln saves. Grr. My shoota boys in the forest have a few models that can shoot at his sorc. They do and wind up with 1 wound. Which the sorcerer with the 2+ armor save then fails. Yay!
In assault the shoota boys in the forest charge and get a few models in base contact, these few models manage to wound the sorc twice, the sorc then fails one of the saves. The sorc killed 2 in exchange. I consolidate much of the rest onto him, including the nob. The warbikers charge the obliterator and get 11 wounds, the obliterator makes the first 10 saves but karma gets him in the end and the warbikers consolidate into the tsons.

And then my opponent had to go, saying he'd happily finish it tomorrow. These things usually never get resumed, but here's the picture of the final outlook.

At this point, his squads in the city are pretty doomed. His chosen and sorcerer, are similarly doomed. If his squads in the city survive the nearly full shoota boy mob and 16 warbikers (2 of which are nobs with power klaws, and some of which are already in cc where they have a distinct advantage), the warboss should be ready to give them a hand and can be there in 1 turn (7 powerklaw attacks should finish those chosen off pretty quick). The terminators represent a full 25% of his army though, and no one of my squads can take them all out. My shoota boys could kill a good number before they got to the nob, but I'd have to assault them with a bunch of squads to be effective. He can either deploy them to take out my hillside fire support, support the city, or support the forest assaults. Either way, they're not earning back their points, and I can probably avoid them the rest of the game and win (not that I would, that's boring). Almost certainly, I can bring my kommandos in and combine them with another squad to give the termies a good fight. At this point though, the battle is mostly over.

VP breakdown for me:
100 - wounded sorc
40 - destroyed rhino
20 - immobile rhino
225 - destroyed obliterators

VP breakdown for him:
90 - half a loota squad
20 - destroyed a kannon

385:110 so far in my favor, with a significant amount of VPs coming my way if we finish the assault phase and in the next round or 2.

To be honest though, tsons aren't exactly optimal for ork fighting. They're MEQ-killers. Both times that I've played orks on vassal I've gone up against them, and both times the orks have kicked some serious butt. Ah well. When an army is popular, it's popular.

If we finish the game I'll put up the rest. Sometime I'll use vassal to get round-by-round pictures too.

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Good game man. One thing to maybe consider is put 2 burnas in snikrot's squad. If they are guard, you can melt them and assault. If they aren't, you have 6 power weapon attacks on the charge to leave anything with an armor save crying. Especially against those tough termies you are going against- 5+ invulnerables don't make it far against power weapons.

Snikrot also makes an awesome vehicle assassin. 6 str 6 attacks, reroll to hit. Bang.

And in a moment which saved the galaxy from complete annihilation, the Ork put down the Pulse Rifle, knowng nothing of it's strength and rapidfire capabilities, but only that it didn't make a loud enough noise and that it tasted like the bad parts of a squig.

Ork Dakka-ta-Death Army- 2-0-0 Because nothing is more insulting then being out shot by BS 2 Orks.
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There are 2 burnas in there, just forgot to mention. I love that snikrot is a great basilisk killer. Even if they've got a battery of bassies, if they're close together the squad has a decent chance of killing them all in one turn by charging the rear/side armor on all of 'em. My plan for the termies was to hit them with whatever firepower was nearby and then charge them with snikrot's kommandos and another squad with a nob in it. Between the burnas, the klaws, the heap of regular attacks, and the heap of ablative wounds, I'm pretty confident that they can be dealt with efficiently. Their icon gives them a 4+ invuln, but still I'd be more worried if they had an icon of khorne.

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isn't SAG kill termies pretty easy ? ap2 + variable str, you even can instakill them all) with some good rolls for SAG str.
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Originally Posted by penek View Post
isn't SAG kill termies pretty easy ? ap2 + variable str, you even can instakill them all) with some good rolls for SAG str.
It does at that. If he landed his termies anywhere in LoS of the SAG there would likely be a lot of dead termies...if the SAG hit and didn't malfunction. The lootas have a decent shot at getting a kill or two, even against termies.
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Hey, I was wondering, what is Vassal? Is it a online computer game identical to 40k?

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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Originally Posted by chrisman 007 View Post
Hey, I was wondering, what is Vassal? Is it a online computer game identical to 40k?
It's essentially an online 40k tabletop. You can make it roll dice (generate random numbers between 1 and 6) the results of which are displayed to all. It also has little virtual figures that are done to the appropriate scale, virtual rulers, customizable terrain, etc. It doesn't know any of the rules of the game, so that's up to the players. It's a pretty good way to go about playing 40k without having to wait for people at a game store or to try out models you don't own, etc.

More info including where to get it (it's free) are here: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...splay.php?f=91
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