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Default Black Templar 2500 Point Ard Boyz Round 1 Report Edwardsville IL

First round 5 Objectives Templars VS Eldar My list can be found here

My opponents list was something like this
1 Farseer

5 Fire dragons in a Falcon
10 Scorpions in Wave Serpent
10 Banshees in Wave Serpent with farseer

10 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
10 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
4 Jetbikes
5 rangers

5 Dark Reapers
3 Vibro Cannons

Objectives where set up like this

l___________________________0_________ 0______l

I was deployed on bottom Middle I had both rhinos on bottom objectives with my LRC lined up blocking sides to my vindicators right below where middle center board objective was. It went Champion LRC then troop LRC then 8 man term LRC (I deployed First)

Eldar had everything in top left corner around that objective except for rangers which where in top right corner

1st Round
First Round Templar Movement All three LRC Advance 12 inches Vindicators advance 6 inches Troop and Term LRC swing around to right due to middle objective being in a giant forest terrain forcing champion and 2 Vindicators to swing around to the left, Rhinos are stationary

First Round Templar Shooting LRC pop Smoke Vindicators try to fire but nightfighting screws them, Same with Rhinos

First Round Eldar Wave Serpent with Farseer goes down left line with another 2 wave serpents(Banshees and Avengers) they move12 inches. Falcon and other 2 Wave Serpent(Scorpions and Avengers) go a little to the right everything else is stationary or movement didn't matter much.

First Round Eldar Shooting Vibro Cannons Glance My LRC and Vindicator Vindicator 1 Stunned and Immobilized LRC (Champion)Immobilized everything else bounces

2nd Round
second Round Templar Movement Everything piles out of Champ LRC and Moves forward six inches toward vibro cannons dark reapers and wraithlord. 2 other LRC continue around terrain feature getting into good flanking positions Rhinos stay still

Second Round Templar Shooting Champion Squad runs, Vindicator Fires on Dark Reapers but misses, Both Las Cannons fire and do nothing at the RIght Side Wave Serpent and Falcon

Second Round Eldar Movement Wave Serpents on Left continue flanking Champion Squad. Falcan and Wave Serpents back up a bit to the left.

2nd round Eldar Shooting: everything pretty much fires at my champion squad besides 2 bright lances at my 2 other LRC manage to blow off a Multi Melta off troop LRC. and some missle from wave serpents at vindicators all bounce off vindicators though all together i Lost like 3 Term all LC ones.

3rd Round
3rd Round Templar Movement Champion squad moves up to charge range of Dark Reapers and Vibro Cannons LRC Term squad moves up with Troop Squad LRC beside it Term Disembark in front of 2 wave Serpents (Scorpions and Avengers)

3rd Round Templar Shooting Vindicator kills 2 Jetbikes besides that no other wounds if i remember Correctly

3rd Round Templar Assaulting I contact Vibro Cannons and Dark Reapers with champion squad, wiped both of them, Terminators destroyed both Wave Serpents on charge also,

3rd Round Eldar Movement 2 Wave Serpents with the falcon joining them continue moving into my deployment zone on bottom left side the Firedragons disembark by vindicator Dire Avengers and Scorpions move into charging positions on my Terminators that just destroyed their Wave Serpents Wraithlord moves into charge term Squad and Jet bikes move into shoot my champion squad.

3rd Round Eldar shooting Lose a Mobile vindicator Cannon from wave serpent fire and stunned a lot and immobilized from fire dragons (He had horrible roles here) Dire Avengers Rapid Fire Term and scorpions fire Pistols , i lose a LC term from all this Wraithlord and Bikes fire at Champions Squad lose a LC term Down to champion LC term and 2TH ,

3rd Round Eldar Assaulting Champion Assaulted by Wraith lord Terminators assaulted bye scorpions and Avengers, I wipe out the Scorpions and avengers scorpions all died and avengers ran away i lost a TH Terminator down to 5 here. I Deal 3 wounds to Wraithlord through thunder hammers and a lucky roll on my champion to wound lose the other LC term

4th Round
4th round Templar Movement LRC move down to left side of center objective terminators all move south

4th Round Templar Shooting Immobilized vindicator drops a pie plate on falcons rear killing all the fire dragons and immobilizing the falcon, vindicators manage to tear off gun and stun falcon Las Cannons due nothing again.

Eldar 4th Round Movement wave Serpents skirt along my board edge towards my bottom objectives that rhinos are in

4th Round Eldar Shooting Lances tear off a storm Bolter on rhino and immobilize it .

5th round Templar movement LRC troop moves into charge position and get out near Dire Avenger wave serpent and other lrc moves into firing position on Banshee wave serpent terminators move south to charge position on immobilized Falcon

5th round Templar Shooting to make this brief i pop both wave serpents through a lot of shooting, banshees are pinned

5th Round Charges i charge the avengers i Wipe them

At this point its game, next turn I shoot the banshees and farseer to death so I boarded him last turn had 2 troops on objectives and 3 extra battle points for a total of 23 points.

Luck is one of my Skills

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