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Default 1750 RTT w/ Zerkers!

This last weekend I went to a RTT in Fort Collins, Colorado. There were 16 people there total, 4 of which were from my LGS in Laramie, Wyoming. I took my mostly Khorne themed Chaos Marines army, not really knowing what to expect. Fort Collins and a lot of Colorado has always been pretty competitve, and I've always loved going down to Fort Collins for their RTTs. It's always good to mix up my play against people I've never played before!

Well, here's the list I took:

Demon Prince w/ MoN, Warptime, Wings

9 Zerkers in a Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Powerfist Champ
9 Zerkers in a Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Powerfist Champ
9 Zerkers in a Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Powerfist Champ
7 Plague Marines in Rhino w/ Extra Armor, 2 Melta Guns, Powerfist Champ

2 Defilers with all CC weapons

I'd only played this army a few times before I went to the tournament, and I didn't know what to expect at all. I've had a fair amount of success with my Blood Angels in the past, so I hoped this army would do the same for me. I wanted to stay away from the whole Double Lash w/ Oblits build, since I tend to enjoy making friends, not enemies.

First Round of the game:

Zerkers vs. Chaos Khorne-themed list as well!

His list:

Chaos Lord w/ MoK and lightning claws (with Berzerkers)

8 Berzerkers w/ Fist Champ in Land Raider
10 Chaos Marines w/ Power Weapon, Melta Gun, Combi-Melta in Rhino, IoCG
10 Chaos Marines w/ Power Weapon, Melta Gun, Combi-Melta in Rhino, IoCG
10 Chaos Marines w/ 2 Plasma Guns, in Rhino, IoCG

3 Terminators w/ Combi-meltas

2 Vindicators

The primary mission was objectives, a total of three. We spaced them out pretty evenly, with one in the very center of the board, the other two 12" to the side.
The Secondary objective was a kill point mission, to ensure that you still had at least half of your starting kill points to begin with
The Tertiary objective was to have at least one of your HQ's participate in one round of Close Combat.
There were a number of Tactical Bonuses as well, I don't really remember what they were though.

The battlefield was a pretty standard cityfight table, with ruins everywhere. A few large buildings were in the center, and the ruins weren't that spread out: it was difficult to manouver my rhinos through the terrain. I was happy though, since it meant I'd be getting some pretty decent cover saves against most vindicator shots.

It was Dawn of War Deployment, he won the roll and opted to go second in the game. I opted not to deploy anything of mine, and he also decided not to deploy anything to start.

TURN 1: Zerkers

I moved everything up it's full movement, moving up the center of the board. There was an objective a little closer to my deployment zone and to the left in some ruins and I moved one of my Berzerker squads nearby and behind a building, within easy grabbing range next turn. The rhinos and defilers all stayed in the middle, trying to stay behind as much cover as possible, and the defilers both moved forward and fleeted, one on the far right flank, and the other in the center behind the rhinos. The lead rhino popped smoke (the other two holding plague marines and zerkers w/ Kharn were both behind the lead one to stay in cover without having to pop smoke). Demon Prince jumped behind a building in the center. Nothing to shoot at, his turn 1.

TURN 1: Other Khorne Army

He moved everything up about 6", and everything popped smoke. Simple enough. It might be noted that he kept everything pretty close to the center, the only exception being a melta squad on my far right side, with a clear view of taking that particular objective on that side.

TURN 2: Zerkers!

I moved forward again. I REALLY needed to get rid of those vindicators, though there was a lot of melta in the army as well. Lots of stuff to put the hurt onto my list. I just had to hope my rhinos could live another turn. The squad of zerkers I left by the left-most objective stayed inside their rhino, and hung out, moving a little bit closer, but staying behind the large building. My defilers moved up as well, not fleeting. Demon Prince jumped behind a rhino in the middle, waiting for something to murder.

Shooting saw me penetrate a rhino with a defiler shot, but have it bounce off due to smoke.

TURN 2: Other Khorne-ish army

Termies do not come in. Damn. I like knowing where my enemy is. I hate deepstriking termies in objective games.

He moved his Vindicators a little, shifting for good angles to shoot at my lead rhino, and moved his Land Raider up about 6". His center rhino (which apparently held the plasma rifles) stayed put, and the two outside rhinos rushed 12" forward, the one on the left clearly seeking a showdown with my berzerker squad holding the objective, and the right-most one actually overshooting it's objective by about an inch.

Shooting had him pulp my lead rhino (only 9 Berzerkers) with his last Vindicator shot, and a las cannon from the land raider takes out my Plague Marine Rhino. No real casualties though, and it's my turn again!
TURN 3: Zerkers!

I moved everything up again. The defiler on the right moved up, fleeted, and charged his rhino sitting on the right objective, immobilizing it. The plague squad moved onto the middle objective and got ready to try to kill the land raider (within 6"). I moved Kharn's rhino a little bit to the right, to help support the defiler there. The dismounted Zerkers moved up to within charge range of a vindicator, and the Demon Prince also moved up to charge the other vindicator.

Shooting saw the plague marines destroy the Land Raider with their meltas, killing 2 Zerkers. Whew, I needed that Land Raider destroyed!

In assault, the Zerkers destroyed the weapon on the Vindicator and immobilized it but failed to kill the stupid thing. The demon prince however, destroyed it's vindicators. No need to worry about templates from now on I guess. Helpful turn.

TURN 3: Other Khornate Marines:

Termies still don't come in.

He disembarked his plasma gun squad in the center and moved them to within charge range of my exposed berkerzer squad. He also disembarked his 10 marines on the right close to my defiler there. On the left, he cruised his rhino ahead another 12", within about 4" of my Zerker rhino waiting there. The lord with the remaining 6 Berzerkers move up to charge the Plague squad.

Shooting is effective enough for his right hand squad, killing my defiler with his combi-melta and melta guns, claiming an objective for himself. His plasma squad in the center opted for bolt pistols and didn't manage to get any kills on my berzerkers that had just worked the vindicator.

Assault saw his plasma squad charge my berzerkers, killing 2. In return, the berzerkers killed 6, including their Icon Bearer. Failed leadership, I run him down. Awesome combat for me. The berzerkers and lord charge my plague marines and due to his lord whiffing his hits, I end up winning combat by 1 (killing 2 zerkers to his 1 plague marine from the fist). He makes his saves and we pile in.

TURN 4: Zerkers!

Well, the right flank is crushed, but I have Kharn's rhino still in reserve. I hold though, waiting for the turn 5 objective contest. I don't NEED that objective, if I can win at either of the other objectives. My center defiler moves to within 1" of the Chaos Lord in the combat. Demon Prince moves toward the combat as well, rolling for Warptime. My squad on the left disembarks and prepares to try to open the enemy rhino, needing to kill them off before the game is over.

No shooting, it's time for combat!

Defiler charges the lord, scores 3 wounds and... the lord makes all 3 5+ invulnerable saves! Blah. Demon Prince murders the remaining berzerkers, and the Chaos Lord only kills 2 Plague marines. Chaos lord needs around 3 saves, and makes them all. The 'zerkers on the left explode the rhino, killing 2 marines inside. Good, combat next turn no matter what!

TURN 4: Other Khorne Chaos

He rolls a 1 for his termies to come in. Damn, I NEED them in this turn, lol!

He doesn't have much to shoot or move, and so we skip to combat phase.

His lord, who hasn't done a whole lot so far besides amazing saving rolls, finally murders the remaining 4 Plague Marines, making it sketchy if I'll be able to get my squad of berzerkers from the top down fast enough to claim the objective. The defiler smushes the lord (after he saved another 2 5+ inv. saves) and that combat is over. He charges my left berzerkers after a hail of bolt pistol shots that bring down 1 zerker, and though he kills 3, I once again manage to kill his Icon bearer along with 5 other marines. He loses, fails leadership again, and I run him down. Sweet victory.

TURN 5: Zerkers!

My unit of Zerkers along with Kharn disembark from their rhino to contest the rightmost objective, my leftmost zerkers make a huge box around the objective they're on (to keep the termies from deepstriking into contesting it). The zerkers at the top continue to sprint down toward the center objective, though it's clear they won't make it in time.

No real shooting or assault, it's his turn.

TURN 5: Other Khorne Marines

Termies auto-come in. He lands them very riskily next to my leftmost objective, scoring a hit roll, and runs toward the objective, only to be JUST out of range, since he has to keep his models 1" away from mine.

He disembarks his rightmost squad from the immobilized rhino, and charges Kharn's squad, after putting one wound on Kharn himself from bolt pistol shots. Kharn goes crazy and murders 5, and the rest of the zerkers kill 4 more. The remaining marine runs away, is caught, and suddenly I have 2 objectives, and all he has left is 2 rhinos and an immobilized vindicator, along with 3 very late termies!

I ended up getting 32/33 battle points for this battle. Clean sweep, though it got a little tense at the end with his deepstriking termies. I think this sort of proves the fact that cult troops are almost always better than regular chaos marines.


Zerkers vs. Dark Angels Deathwing

Well, I had won my first match, and was unpleasantly surprised to find myself paired against a pure Deathwith list. Not something my army had faced before, I was especially wary of his Grey Knights Grandmaster he had brought, with that codex's special version of a force weapon that could insta-death my Demon Prince.

Here's his list:

2 Land Raiders
4 Squads of Termies, each with 3 Lightning claws, 1 thunder hammer, and 1 chainfist

Primary Objective: Kill points ratio. Basically kill a larger percentage of his force than he kills of mine.
Secondary Objective: Keep them from killing your 'target of priority'. The target of priority is the first unit in your army (and his) that scores a kill point. If you kill theirs, they don't get the secondary.
Tertiary Objective: Have more units in your enemie's deployment zone than he has in yours.

It was spearhead deployment, with not too much in the way of terrain. He won the roll for first turn, and gave it to me for some reason. I gave him the corner with a hill in the center so he wouldn't be able to manouver his land raiders that well.

Deployment wasn't anything special. He put both Land Raiders next to the hill, and I put my whole force pretty spread out at the edge of my zone, as close to the center as possible. Defilers on the far flanks, and demon prince in the center, I was ready to go!

After a failed seize the initiative attempt (which I wish he had made), it's my turn!

TURN 1: Zerkers!

I moved everything up, fleeting my defilers.

TURN 1: Deathwing

He actually moved everything a little ways back, deepstriking a unit of termies behind his land raiders. Shooting for him was about as perfect as he could hope for, killing two rhinos that had popped smoke (the two with only berzerkers) and my rightmost defiler after shooting 3 assault cannons (2 of which were BS 2). Ouch!

TURN 2: Zerkers!

Move up again. No real point in shooting the defiler, so I fleeted it again. Zerkers run up. Next turn I'll be able to charge, hopefully.

TURN 2: Deathwing

He backs his landraiders up, and his last squad of termies come in behind the hill. The landraider on the left moves to the edge of some rough terrain and immobilizes itself (it's incidentally my target of priority, having scored the first kill on one of my poor rhinos). Some shooting rips a close combat weapon off my defiler. His Grandmaster disembarks and attempts to charge my Demon Prince, which I left specifically back so he wouldn't be able to be in range. He fails by 2 or 3".

TURN 3: Zerkers!

It's time to try a charge, with both my demon prince and the Zerkers target separate squads each. The defiler on the left charges the Land Raider that had been immobilized, and rips it's weapons all off. One berzerker squad charges the grand master, positioning my fist on the grandmaster himself. They fail to kill ANY terminators (despite 17 wounds caused), and have 6 of their number killed in return. The fist hit and wounded the Grandmaster twice to try for the insta-death, and he saves twice on his 5+ inv! I can't kill characters this game! I make my 6 'fearless' saves somehow, and we're locked in. My other zerker squad charges the first termie squad that had dropped, causing 16 wounds, and killing... 0 termies. Every single save passed. They turn around and wipe out my entire berzerker squad, again passing 2 5+ inv. saves from my fist. The demon prince charges the squad behind the hill, and causes 5 wounds of which... 4 5+ inv. are saved. They turn around and cause 3 wounds back to the prince, and he fails his fearless saves, and is dead.

At this point, I started looking at his custom-made dice to see if they were weighted. 8/9 5+ inv. saves passed and 33/33 2+ saves passed is... more perfect than I could handle. I didn't know what I was gonna do. I only had 2 squads left. Don't get me wrong, he was a nice guy, I just don't know how someone could roll that perfect. Grim outlook for the rest of the game, I had.

TURN 3: Deathwing

His termie squads positioned a bit, moving in for the kill. Some random shooting at my rhinos is ignored, though the remaining land raider immobillized my defiler on top of his land raider.

In combat, my remaining 3 zerkers rolled really well (after the grand-master whiffed his attacks), and were able to kill 3 termies, who also were only able to kill 1 more zerker. My fist went and FINALLY pulped the grandmaster. His fists were already dead, and I actually won combat, and somehow he failed his saves for the remaining 2 termies and... I had a squad alive. Somehow. My defiler, though immobilized, managed to destroy the land raider it was stuck in base to base with.

TURN 4: Zerkers!

Kharn's unit disembarks, approaching the remaining land raider. The plague squad rhino moves within 6" of the land raider. The remaining 3 Zerkers move up to get ready to charge the other termies, though they aren't in range, they stay in cover to ward away a charge, hopefully.

Shooting does nothing to the land raider, and Kharn and his squad charge in, immobilizing the land raider, though it's still facing HIS target of priority (which is my immobilized defiler). Belial is still in this one, and it's gonna be a rough combat next turn.

TURN 4: Deathwing

The land raider shoots at, and destroys my defiler. No secondary objective for me

Belial disembarks, and without further ado charges Kharn's squad. I had positioned Kharn specifically so he couldn't be locked into base to base with Belial, and Belial was only able to kill one Zerker, before Kharn went crazy and murdered ALL 5 terminators, and then the berzerkers tore down Belial. It was beautiful.

TURN 5: Zerkers!

Kharn moves around, separates from his unit, and charges one of the remaining termie squads. The Zerkers all charge the other termie squad. Kharn kills all but one termie, who runs and Kharn somehow doesn't catch him. The zerkers all kill the other termies, and the plagues shoot down the last land raider.

Result: 22/33 possible points

Not a bad result, being as I thought I was a goner. I loved Kharn in that game, he alone slaughtered 9 or 10 termies and immobilized a land raider. Perfect.

At this point, everyone decided I was going to have to play their local 'champion', an ork player who had won both of his games. I'd seen him around before, and we'd talked, but never played. I remember thinking at the start of the tournament that I didn't want to play against his army, out of all the others there. He had 66/66 battle points so far though, and I couldn't trust someone else to beat him. If I wanted to be best overall, I HAD to play him. I hoped nobody had more points than me, so we'd get paired.


Zerkers! vs. Ork Horde

Blah. I got what I wanted. But I also wasn't looking forward to this game. My Zerkers had done well so far, but Orks are a tough codex in general, and I knew from what other people at the shop were telling me that he was a really good player. Here's his list:

Ork Warboss w/ Klaw
Big Mek w/ KFF

11 Boyz in a Trukk (with Warboss)
11 Boyz in a Trukk (with Big Mek)
19 Boyz
19 Boyz
20 Boyz

Snikkrot w/ 15 Kommandos w/ 2 or 3 burnaz

8 Lootaz

3 Killa Kanz w/ Big Shoota
3 Killa Kanz w/ Big Shoota
3 Killa Kanz w/ Big Shoota

Primary Objective: Control Objectives. It was sort of strange, there were 3 pre-set objectives, one in the very center of the table, and the two other objectives were 12" from it, to either side, and in the center. The center objective was worth 3 points, and the outside ones were worth 2 each. Which made the center one a priority, I suppose.

I REALLY wanted to go 2nd on this game. So we rolled, and... I got a 6! He got first turn.

The field had a lot of hills. That was basically all the relevant terrain. I had a forest on the right side of my table, but it was basically irrelevant.

Deployment for him consisted of lootaz in the far left corner in a big building, and the kanz all in front in one big line. The boyz squads were all grouped behind the kanz, and the mek's trukk was in the center with the warboss's trukk, giving every single model in his army a cover save. Blah.

I deployed my entire army on the right flank, away from his lootaz. I put my rhinos all mostly on the left and 12" up, my defilers I placed to the right of them close to a forest on the far right side, and the demon prince behind the forest.

To win, I knew I needed to do a few things: try to insta-death his warboss with my defilers, kill his killa kanz all in about 1 turn before I have too many boyz to handle them, and save enough berzerkers to be able to counter-charge and kill lots of orks. It was gonna be rough.

He went first.

TURN 1: Orks

He moved stuff up, then ran stuff. He was BARELY able to shoot my closest rhino with his lootaz, which he did, and killed it, despite a cover save. Sad

TURN 1: Zerkers!

I shifted my guys around a little, positioning for a charge next turn, because I knew if I moved too far up, he'd get the charge and I'd be screwed. A few defiler shots did nothing to anything, and it was his turn.

TURN 2: Orks

No snikrot this turn, sadly.

He moved up again, and shot at my in the open zerker squad, killing 6 of them. Sad face

Not much else though. Next turn's gonna be interesting though. He's in range for me to charge.

TURN 2: Zerkers!

I moved the Demon Prince close to the middle squad of Killa Kanz, and the remaining 3 zerkers close to them as well. The defilers moved close to the right-most squad of kanz, and the rest of my rhinos stayed in the background, not disembarking or doing anything.

The demon prince, with warptime, along with the 3 remaining Zerkers, manage to kill all three kanz in the middle squad. The two defilers charge the kanz and manage to kill two kanz on the right hand side and rip the weapon off the last one. GREAT result for me. I had positioned the defilers so that his entire right flank would have to charge the defilers or go through a few annoying turns trying to get at my rhinos. Perfect so far.

I can only grimace in anticipation of next turn's charge.

TURN 3: Orks

No snikrot again. I HATE it when reserves don't come in right away, lol.

He shoots at my 3-man zerker squad with his mek's trukk squad and wipes it out. Poor guys!

Then he charges my demon prince with his middle squad of boyz, and his left squad of kanz. The warboss disembarks and charges the defiler closest to them, which is EXACTLY what I had hoped for. In addition, the whole big squad of boyz on the right flank also charged the defiler. Perfect.

My demon prince manages to take down another 2 kanz and immobilize the 3rd before he's annihilated by the million ork attacks. The defiler takes a swing at the warboss, gets two hits and rolls... double 1's to wound. Can't kill characters to save my life, lol. In return they annihilate that defiler. Good news is that they can't get at my other defiler this turn, so they're all locked in combat. Time for a counter charge!

TURN 3: Zerkers!

The Berzerkers all disembark (besides Kharn, who I hold as a 'backup', along with my plague squad, who snipe the remaining kan)

They charge the ork morass, and manage to kill so many that there are effectively 4 or 5 orks and the kan who didn't have a combat arm was left after all the combat res save rolls are rolled. The defiler finally killed the warboss (and got crushed by a nob klaw in return), and that specific battle was won, essentially. Still around 65 orks left, however.

TURN 4: Orks

The turn of pain. Snikrot comes in off the board edge, declares the waagh! and makes it into combat with my zerkers. The middle squad of ork boyz also charge in, and again it's chaos.

My zerkers hold alright, though one squad is destroyed to a man, I barely win combat by 2, and hold. Still a TON of boyz in the combat though, and I'm gonna need something drastic to happen next turn in order to survive the onslaught.

TURN 4: Zerkers

Enter Kharn. He disembarks, ready to charge in.

Now, I'm happy to admit that despite the crazy distracting combat, I'd been keeping track of his last and leftmost boyz squad, who had been happily sitting on the far left objective, and were slowly spreading out toward the middle objective. Also, the Mek's trukk had been just behind the enormous combat, and I knew he was just waiting to claim the objectives with his troops with a last minute rush in his trukk. I had a plan though.

I had kept my plague marines out of the combat for a reason, and this is it: I could rush in my rhino at the last turn, ready to disembark on turn 4 and contest the center objective by charging the leftmost squad and forcing their boyz off the leftmost objective. The trukk wasn't close enough to the left objective to make a dash for it, and if I could win this crazy combat on the right objective, I could win the game.

And so, I moved my plague marine rhino 12" and disembarked, taking a potshot at the Mekk trukk for good measure. They missed, but I hoped the boyz would all charge the plagues and get tied up next turn.

Kharn went crazy and charged into the mess, killing a total of 6 before they could even register what had happened. The other zerkers also delivered, killing enough of the other ork boyz and surviving enough saves to win combat by a TON, causing every squad of boyz to fail leadership and run away, never to regroup again. All that was left in the combat was Kharn, 4 zerkers, and a neutered killa kan.

TURN 5: Orks

It was becoming increasingly apparent that this would be our last turn, because of how long the game had lasted thus far. And so, out of desperation, he charged my plagues with his big remaining squad of 20 boyz, and raced his mek's trukk towards the leftmost objective. As I predicted, he wasn't close enough, and the Mek's squad was wasted.

His boyz killed 4 of my plagues, however. Not an amazing result for me, frankly, though I managed to win combat. Kharn raped the remaining killa kan, breaking everyone free of combat on the right hand side. He had moved his warboss' trukk onto the objective on the right, contesting it. I'd have to kill it with Kharn and the remaining zerkers if I wanted to win this game.

TURN 5: Zerkers!

Shooting sees me crush the trukk on the rightmost objective. I also try to move my plague rhino onto the objective in the middle to contest and... somehow immobilize myself on a wrecked killa kan before I can reach it. Not good, since the plagues are the only ones who are contesting it at all. If he can kill my remaining 3 plague marines in combat, he wins the game, since the center objective is worth more.

Still, Plague Marines are no slouches against orks who aren't charging, and they took no wounds from them, killing about 4 before the greenskins could strike at all. The nob swung and... missed all his attacks. YES! He failed leadership, and I chased him down, to take the center objective as well.

Result: 32/33 points for the Zerkers.

I couldn't believe I had won, and neither could anyone at the shop either. We were the last game going, and my friend had said that 'you could cut the tension with a knife' the way the game had been so close, and everyone had been watching. Talk about pressure!

TOURNAMENT RESULT: Best overall, good for $95 store credit.

Not bad, I was very pleased by this result. This army hadn't really been a 'proven' one to me so far, and it was really nice to know it could at least beat a smaller tournament.

Wow, this turned into a long narrative. Tell me what you think! Have a good one
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Good games, gotta say though on that first game, that guy did not use his vindicators well. He should have been moving them back slowly while shooting at your approaching force or alternating them shoot/move. Same with land raider just poor tactical decisions. oh well as long as Khorne gets his skulls.

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Wow, good battle reports. Sounds like a fun day of warhammer. The DC player was able to roll nearly perfectly and still lost to you. And kharn seems like your mvp. Nice to see a non-lash list raping orks!
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What a great Battle Report. Wish i could get those Deathwing rolls. Did you try rolling with his dice?
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