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Default Roaches Check In...But They Don't Check Out (Orks vs. Tyranids 1000 Points)

I managed to get my second game of 8th Edition in, a smaller sized battle against Tyranids. In the future I'll be doing video reports as well as written but the smaller size lends itself better to just a written report.

You can check out the game here.
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From link provided: https://tidesofdestruction.blogspot....nbut-they.html

Episode 25: Roaches Check In...But They Don't Check Out (Orks vs. Tyranids 1000 Points)

Time for another quick and easy 40k Battle Report! I am still mustering my Orkish Horde so I'm limited to small games at the moment but they're the perfect way to get the game rules down and also meet some new locals. Most players in my area, like most areas I'm sure, are 40k fans and not much into Age of Sigmar but now I get to meet and have access to a bunch more opponents. I've actually always enjoyed the social aspect of the hobby, particularly at tournaments, so this has been a definite bonus for me getting back into 40k after so many years.

This time I'm against Collin and his Tyranid swarm in what I was sure would be a very melee heavy game. For continuity/testing purposes I took my same list but we decided to play a Mission this time in addition to chopping and clawing each other.

Warboss w/ Power Klaw and Shoota
Warboss w/ Power Klaw and Shoota (Warlord w/ Tenacious Survivor)
Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner and Kustom Shoota

6 Nobz w/ 1 Power Klaw and 5 Power Blades

1 Nob w/ Power Klaw and 20 Orc Boyz (Choppas and Sluggas)
1 Nob w/ Power Klaw and 20 Orc Boyz (Choppas and Sluggas)
1 Nob w/ Power Klaw and 20 Orc Boyz (Choppas and Sluggas)

1 Battalion Detachment
Forces of the Orks, badly in need of painting. And basing. And less proxies. Ugh.....
Broodlord (Warlord w/ Catalyst and Legendary Fighter)

The Red Terror

12 Genestealers
13 Genestealers

3 Raveners w/ Rending Claws & Adrenal Glands
3 Raveners w/ Rending Claws & Adrenal Glands

Trygon Prime w/ Adrenal Glands

I don't know too much about Tyranids at this stage but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of claws to deal with. I certainly have the numbers advantage but Charges are going to dictate a lot of the game and I don't have the speed advantage.

Tyranids, about to get all gribbly.

Scenario & Deployment
Only War (Slay and Secure) | Dawn of War

It's unlikely the Scenario will matter with two armies this punchy but I'm happy to have one anyways. It's worth it to get in the swing of how everything is setup since the 40k Missions are a bit more complex than what I'm used to in Age of Sigmar.

Dawn of War is pretty straight-forward and since we played with an uncomplicated board it didn't make much difference.

I didn't do pictures for Deployment since it was pretty straightforward, I did end up getting the choice of First or Second Turn and chose to go Second.

Tyranids Turn 1

Everything runs up in formation while the Trygon Prime and Raveners dig up from the board on my left flank. Deathleaper decides to stay in the shadows since I've bubble-wrapped my Characters, Orks aren't about to take a Tyranid Charge to the face that easily!

The Broodlord puts Catalyst on the Trygon Prime but takes a Mortal Wound thanks to Perils of the Warp. With no Shooting we went into Charges as the Raveners and Trygon Prime both make it into my left Ork Boyz unit.

We start Combat with the Raveners, putting down three of my Boyz. I opted to use the Counter-Attack Strategem to hit back with the Boyz and hopefully degrade the Trygon, which I managed to do mostly thanks to the massed Choppa attacks. The big bug then swung back, claiming another three Orks.

Nothing gets done in Morale as I sit on Leadership 30 and the Tyranids have taken no losses.

The Swarm advance.
Reserves from below the surface.
The Warp is indeed perilous.
The Bugs are in against the Boyz.
Casualties from the Raveners.
Casualties from the Trygon and Raveners.

Orks Turn 1

Advancing in return my un-engaged units move up the center-right to engage the Tyranid army. Unfortunately I'm a bit blocked off because of the Terrain so one of my units is stuck in the back. Everyone Advances with the Boyz and Nobz in position for a Charge.

Shooting sees a Ravener Wound thanks to Pistols and then I do some Charging of my own. The Boyz get into the Blue Genestealers while the Nobz crash into their Red brethren, the Red Terror decides to make a Heroic Intervention into the melee as well. I start with the Nobz since they're the most likely unit to suffer from a Counter-Attack Strategem, taking the unit down to five.

The Tyranids respond with their other unit of Genestealers, cutting down fifteen of my models thanks to hitting on 2+ and getting an extra attack with their numbers. On my attacks back I kill off the Red Terror and wipe out the Genestealer unit. My unit in combat with the Trygon kills off the Raveners and puts a Wound on the big beast, taking it down to five.

When the remaining Genestealers strike back they take out three Nobz and I lose four Orks from the Trygon. I consolidate into combat with the Broodlord to deny the Charge bonuses. In Morale two Ork run, everyone else holds fast.

Waaagh'ing on up.
Pistol Wound.
Getting the Charges off.
Not stealing my genes.
Gribbly counter-punch.
An absence of Red Terror.
Bloody Combat.
Raveners returned to the ground.
Some Nobz get clawed down.
Trygon casualties.
Deserters from the Genestealer Combat.

Tyranids Turn 2

The Raveners take off towards the middle, hoping to reinforce the Broodlord. Nothing Falls Back but Deathleaper comes out, aiming for my Waaagh! Banner. Catalyst goes onto the Broodlord, this time without consequences.

Deathleaper shoots my Banner Nob, doing a Wound, and then Charges along with the Raveners, who begin Combat and dismember four Orks. I Counter-Attack Strategem to a Warboss, hoping to kill off Deathleaper but only do a few Wounds. The Lictor then finishes his prey.

Broodlord goes next, inflicting a few Wounds with bad rolls. I finish the Trygon, Deathleaper, and a few Genestealers while taking a Wound on a Nob. Morale again has no results.

Raveners moving to reinforce.
Deathleaper makes his presence known.
Casualties of the Raveners.
Deathleaper springs an assault, but Heroic Intervention follows.
Banner down.
Grinding down in the center.
Deathleaper crushed.
Scrum in the center taking a toll on both sides.
Trygon barely hanging on.
Overview of the middle.
The big bug falls.

Orks Turn 2

This is mostly a mop up turn as I'm quite up on attrition. The remnants of the unit that fought off the Trygon swing around the right of the building and my full unit Advances with the Warbosses. Shooting kills a Genestealer with Pistols.

In Combat I kill everything but the Broodlord who duels my Warboss to no effect, getting clobbered back.

Major Victory for the Orks!

Post-Game Thoughts

Well that was short and brutal, pretty much how I expected it to go with two melee armies. The game really hinged on the Charges which illustrates how important it is to get those off. I think advancing so aggressively up the center was a mistake on the Collin's part as it gave me free reign into some of his more valuable units and required that he spend Command Points to stay in the game.

I'm pretty impressed by the resiliency of Orks, cheap Wounds and Toughness 4 are a great combination. I was able to take a Charge from three Raveners and a Trygon Prime, The Prime alone is the same cost of the Ork Boyz and I managed to wipe them both without even losing half the unit.

I really hope to play into a shooty army, which shouldn't be difficult in 40k. I think something with screens and decent guns will really expose what Orks don't handle well, or at least my type of Orks. I'll likely take some Shoota Boyz in the future to help eliminate those cheap screens like Kroot, Conscripts, and the like.

Tyranids seem good, they can come from a ton of angles and have serious melee power. I'd like to see a mixed arms force from them, it seems like it'd be fun to play against and pretty effective. I certainly can't say where they'll be most competitive though, I have my hands full just trying to figure out Orks!

Overall 8th Edition is shaping up to be very fun and melee on melee seems as though it'll be very fast-paced which is different from AoS where melee on melee drags. Models have more Attacks in 40k, Rend (AP) is more prevalent, there's no Inspiring Presence that every army can grab, and there's generally MANY more units. We'll see how things continue to shake out as I get more games.

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Is there a particular reason every time I post a Battle Report here everything is copy and pasted as a reply? It screws up all the formatting and looks terrible, if that's going to always be the case I'm happy to not post here anymore. If I wanted the post done in the format provided, I would do it myself.
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You could always format the post to fit here.

Simple oneline redirect links....Yeah expect to see me do this.

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Understood, I will only post video content here from now on which can't be badly formatted to post on these forums for some reason. Not sure why there's a need to have that done here but I'll adjust accordingly.
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First off, Nice Battle Report!

Second, I'm only reading since scscofield reposted it.

Third, I like the Red skin tone(s) that your using on your orks, rather original compared to everyone else's orks that I see.


Questions for Orks

Did you guys play using power levels, or did you play using points? For either answer what Power/Point level did you guys play at? for 7th ed terms it looks close to 750-1000 points - I haven't had enough time with the books to figure out what Power Level things generally lie at.

Since you have mentioned that this is not your first game of 8th, are you noticing any trends within your ork army regarding unit choices, or are you playing the same army with little to no changes?

Compared to 7th - where locally I have seen orks become non-existent - are the 8th ed orks fun to play? And should I expect my current hibernating ork players to return?

What units have surprised you in the new edition? What units do you now want to proxy/try now that before you did not think about taking.


Questions for Tyranids

Do you think that the Tyranid player was just over zealous with his army (for how quickly it got into assault) since it feels as if his army attacked in 2, or 3, waves and they were not well coordinated with each other.

Which units/abilities surprised you the most with the Tyranid army?


If you were planning on fighting this army again, what changes would you do differently, and in the reverse how do you think the Tyranid player should change if he played you again?

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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