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Default 1000 CSM vs CSM

Hello all! Based on the positive feedback from my other battle report, here is another. I just played this game the previous day so it is still fresh in my mind. I will be following the similar format. And away we go!

1x Daemon Prince (Wings, MoS, Lash)

9x CSM (2x melta)
1x Champ w/ powerfist

9x CSM (2x Plasma)
1x Chamo w/ Powerfist

10x Berzerkers
1x Champ w/ Powerweapon

2x Obliterators

1x Lord on bike w/ powerweapon

1x Daemon Prince with wings

20x Berzerkers

12x Berzerkser
1x Champ

This was my first city-type fight. It was not overly dense, but buildings and many nooks and crannies nonetheless. Here is the layout from my perspective (sorry, no pictures ).

There was a two-lane road that ran right through the middle of the table, from left to right. About a third of the way from the left, there was a T-intersection with the road leading North, away from me. About 2/3 further down to my right was another T-Intersection, this one pointing South towards my table edge.
On my lower left was a ruined sewage treatment plant, that poured out into a cesspool (thanks GW for that piece of scenery). Directly in front of me is one corner of a ruins, and just to the right of that is a 3/4 burned out three story building. To my lower right, past the T-Intersection is another 1/2 burned out 3 story building.
On the opponent's side, on my upper left, is a 1/4 ruined building with a bunker and a few trees along the center street. On the right of the T-Intersection on his side, are 2, three story buildings, that have a bridge connecting the two on the third floor.
In the center street, off the corner of the cesspool, was a small altar thing that we agreed to be the sole objective.

We rolled off, and he got the first turn and setup first (I am beginning to like going second). He put his 20-man berzerker sqaud next to the bunker on his side of the board. His Daemon Prince and lord on bike were right on the T-Intersection. His 12-man berzerker squad with champ he put under the bridge of the 2 connected buildings.

I put my Plasma squad underneath the tube jutting out from the sewage plant, to the left of the cesspool. My melta squad I put directly in front of the objective, to the right of the cesspool. My own berzerkers were next to them. My Daemon prince I put on the far right T-Intersection to keep the whole flank secured. I kept the obliterators in reserve.

He moved and ran(6") his 20-man up the T-intersection, with an eye on my plasma squad. He moved both of his HQ right on top of the objective in the street, since they both had 12" range. His 12-man squad he moved and ran(2") under the bridge on the upper right. He was not in range of anything and shipped the turn.

Seeing the opportunity, I first moved my melta squad into range of his lord. They all opened fire, the meltas both hit, and he missed one of his invul saves. Bubye lord! My plasma squad stayed still, and tried to take some potshots at the 20-man berzerker squad, killing one, while also saving a single wound from a GETS HOT! My daemon prince moved to the top of my T-Intersection on the far right. I lashed the 12-man squad under the bridge a full 12" back, right against his table edge! I wanted to make sure they were useless, there was no way my Daemon prince could take them on. I also suffered a wound from Perils of the Warp.

He moves his 20 man squad closer to my plasma squad, and runs them again (3"). his 12 squad he covers the ground that he already has, and runs them back under the bridge, right where they were the turn before. His own daemon prince charges into my melta squad, killing 3. I hit back and caused 2 wounds (hooray PF), and I passed my leadership.

I double tap the 20 man squad with my plasma squad...killing only 3. However, I got lucky on my rolls, and the obliterators came in. I placed them behind the 20 man squad, next to the bunker on the top left, rolling a hit on the scatter, planning a pincer attack. I let loose with them on the 20 man squad utilizing Plasma Cannons, hoping to bring them down low enough so they would not wipe out my plasma on the next turn. I got lucky again on the scatter, and killed 7. My own berzerkers charge into his Daemon prince, and make short work of him, though not before he killed another 2 from my melta squad. I consolidate closer to my plasma squad, hoping to counter charge. My daemon prince Lashed the 12-man squad again, back another 8". My opponent was getting pissed now.

His 12-man squad runs back under the bridge for a third time. He moves his 20 man (er..9 now) squad in front of my plasma squad, firing their pistols without any luck. He charges them and only kills 4, while I strike back killing 2 of his.

At this point, a different event was starting at GW that he wanted to play in so we called it. I can say that the way things were going, this was a domination by me. I would have counter-charged his 20 man squad with my own berzerkers, most likely taking the rest of them down. My Daemon Prince was definitely the MVP of the match, effectively keeping 291 points entirely out of the game. I was probably going to keep lashing them around so they were out of range of everything while my obliterators tore them apart. It was obvious who the Chaos Lords were favoring that day!

Any comments are more than welcome.
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The lash sounds brutal, might have to give it a go when i find the missing parts to my daemon prince...

Seems you played well and quite a good game well written up.

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Nice! Doesn't the lash force a pinning test as well? I don't have the codex in front of me.

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No pinning test, just a flat push or pull, 2d6"
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pg 88 of the chaos codex "After this [the movement], the affected unit must take a Pinning test."

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oooh, I was flat out wrong. That makes Lash even better! Thanks for the clarification.
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But he doesn't have to take it though, since he's fearless (pinning doesn't work if someone's fearless... but I could be wrong )

Nice battle btw, too bad the game never finished...
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