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Icon Eldar v's Dark Angels (01.10.08)

This is my first 'battle report', and as such it's lacking detail as we didn't actually make notes...

My Eldar having won against Space Wolves two weeks ago got the opportunity to play against Dark Angels last night!

1500 point game, my army was as follows:

HQ: Autarch - Mandiblasters, Scorpion Chainsword, Fusion Gun.
Troop: Rangers (x5) - upgraded to Pathfinders.
Troop: Rangers (x5) - upgraded to Pathfinders.
Troop: Dire Avengers (x10) - Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmershield, Defend, Bladestorm.
Heavy Support: War Walker (x3) - 2x Starcannons on each.
Fast Attack: Vyper - Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon, Holofield.
Fast Attack: Vyper - Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon, Holofield.
Elite: Howling Banshees: Exarch, Executioner, War Shout.
Transports: 2x Wave Serpents - Twin-linked Starconnon, Shuriken Cannon, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones. One to carry Dire Avengers, the other for the Howling Banshees and Autarch.

The Dark Angel army I don't have a list for, but it was approx as follows:

HQ: Belial
Troop: Deathwing Terminator Squad
Troop: 5x man Tactical Squad
Heavy Support: Devastator Squad with 4x plasma cannons
Heavy Support: Predator (poverty spec)
Fast Attack: Assault Marines with jump packs
Elite: Scouts with 4x sniper rifles
Transport: Razorback with Lascannon
Transport: Land Raider Crusader

We rolled for game type and ended up with an Annihilation game with Spearhead deployment... first time we've seen Spearhead.

Having deployed, we both took stock of each others armies and it transpired that we'd pre-guessed each other's army choice... totally wrong! So any tactic in mind had to be quickly scrapped!

I rolled and won, so I was to go first... however he rolled a 6 so stole my advantage!

Battle overview... my Pathfinders in woods endured a whole turn of being shot at, then got massacred in CC by his Assault Marines's. My War Walker's attracted the Devastator Squad, the two units spending the whole game shooting at each other... in the end, one of each remained. My other Pathfinders got killed in CC by his Tactical Squad... the lone survivor fleeing until he was later killed to score a point for the Dark Angels(*amusing note: the plasma pistol armed Sgt, rolled a 1 to hit, then rolled a 1 to save against the gets hot effect... bye bye Sgt!). The Dark Angel scouts were wiped out in a hail of shards thanks to the Bladestorm skill... in retaliation they were assaulted by the Deathwing, leaving the 4x remaining to flee off the board. The victorious Assault Marines attempted to harm my Wave Serpent thanks to having a power fist, he failed and the squad were killed in CC by my Howling Banshees (*amusing moment: 1x Assault Marine died whilst trying to jump out of the woods!)... The Vypers were successful in damaging the weapons on the Crusader, but eventually lost one them!

I know it's not very flowing but it was a great game, possibly one of my favourites as some amusing moments happened... anyway it's the last turn of the game, the Dark Angels have taken their last turn (5 turn game)... and are winning 4-2 on points... the last remaining Devastator survives the attentions of 1x War Walker and 1x Wave Serpent... Grrrr... The other Wave Serpent has a clear shot at the rear of the Predator and BOOM... it's 4-3! I have one last thing to shoot with... the fusion gun armed Autarch... with the Crusader right in front of me... to hit, rolled a 6, for AP... rolled 11 (+8 for weapon strength)... penetrated... damage result... rolled yet another 6! KA-BOOM! I scraped through and got a draw... 4-4!

Next week (depending upon work shifts) is looking to be a 1500pts Tyranids v's Dark Angels game, I'll be Rulebook-Boy!

Any comments are welcome, whether they be for my army choices, or tips for how to write a better battle report!

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Nice. Theres nothing like a game thats down to the wire.

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i have almost the exact same things in that DA army and your eldar army lawlz although I do wish that it was my dark angels against your eldar. that would have been funny
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