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Default [4000]Necrons v Eldar and Space Marines

So this is my first attempt at a battle report, it would be great to get some feedback on how I did.

My friends and I had been contemplating a big game for a while now and with my new decision to try destroying the galaxy as Necrons rather than saving it as the Ultrasmurfs two of my friends agreed to run a Necron army at me and another friend agreed to add his Eldar so as to balance the numbers up a bit.

The Eldar player agreed to write a bit of fluff, to set the scene as it was, and I got some thoughts from the players, so here goes.

“Times are desperate indeed when the Emperor’s finest must forge an alliance with accursed xenos.

War came by chance to Vanymoar. Trazyn the Infinite, ever a collector of the galaxy’s discarded curiosities learnt that the sparsely garrisoned Imperial World held an ancient secret.

Buried far beneath its chief defence work, Fort Halstadt, known locally as Traitor’s Gate for some past transgression, lay a centuries old waraithbone vault.

Therein, so Trazyn had learned, could be found the Jewels of Kaine. Though seemingly little more than intricately wrought gemstones, the Jewels of Kaine were in fact a terrifyingly powerful Eldar weapons first forged during the War in Heaven.

So it was that Trazyn made common cause with Imotekh the Stormlord and Ibron the Merciless, promising each one of the fabled Jewels if they would aid in their recovery. For his part Trazyn cared little for the destructive potential of the Jewels of Kaine, only their rarity. Indeed he fully intended to steal those granted to his allies should they prove so crass as to actually use them as weapons.

The Necrons set out for Vanymoar and its unsuspecting Imperial garrison, aiming to execute a precision raid that would see the Jewels of Kaine in their hands. However their plans were did not reckon on the interference of the Eldar. For far away, amongst the crystal domes of Alaitoc Craftworld, Farseer Eldorath Sunbane consulted the runes of seeing.

Thus did he learn of the Necrons plans before they were even composed and learned too f the location of the Jewels of Kaine. The presence of the Monkeigh on Vanymoar was of little consequence to Sunbane. In fact with the right motivation, the Farseer was confident he could rouse the aid of the Ultramarines.

The pieces were falling into place; they needed but the slightest of nudges.”

The Armies of the Stormlord

Army of Mandragora

Imotekh the Stormlord - 225 points

Vargard Drakonekh -45 points
(Necron Lord)

Malekh the Thunderer -35 points
(Harbinger of the Storm)

Dulusk the Chooser -55 points
(Harbinger of Destruction)

Trazyn the Infinite -175 points

The Undying Legion -225 points
(5 Lychguard)

Carrion Feasters -65 points
(5 Flayed Ones)

Assassin Sect IX -95 points
(5 Deathmarks)

Unit 01XD -85 points
(5 Immortals)

Unit 01XDa -85 points
(5 Immortals)

Unit 01: P -219 points
(8 Warriors in Ghost Ark)

The Sect of Oblivious -180 points
(3 Heavy Destroyers)

The Swarm -45 points
(3 Canoptek Scarab Bases)

Mandragoran Eclipse -200 points

The Darkside Voyager -175 points
(Doomsday Ark)

Ebon Cyclops -90 points
(Annihilation Barge)

Total -1999 points

The Army of Zedron

Lord Ibron the Merciless -210 points
(Necron Overlord in Catacomb Command Barge)

Assassin Sect XIII -190 points
(10 Deathmarks)

Guardians of the Code -200 points
(5 Triarch Praetorians)

The Lightkillers -240 points
(6 Lychguard)

Unit 03Z: L -170 points
(10 Immortals)

Unit 05Y: C -170 points
(10 Immortals)

Unit 01: P -245 points
(10 Warriors in Ghost Ark)

Unit 03: I -245 points
(10 Warriors in Ghost Ark)

The Sect of Nihal -120 points
(3 Necron Destroyers)

The Destructor -200 points

Total -1990 points

An Uneasy Alliance

The Second Company

Captain Sicarius -200 points

‘Lions of Macragge’ -165 points
(Command Squad)

Codicier Vartus -130 points

Sternguard Squad -280 points
(10 Sternguard Veterans)

Ironclad Victus -170 points

Tactical Squad Solinus -175 points
(10 Space Marines)

Tactical Squad Vorolanus -170 points
(10 Space Marines)

Tactical Squad Vandar -185 points
(10 Space Marines)

Assault Squad Ixion -235 points
(10 Space Marines)

Devastator Squad Atavian -290 points
(10 Space Marines)

Total -2000 points

Alaitoc Strike Force

Farseer Eldorath Sunbane -153 points

The Avatar of Kaine -155 points

Asuryan’s Flame -100 points
(5 Fire Dragons)

The Firedrakes -121 points
(6 Fire Dragons)

The Scorpion’s Kiss -132 points
(5 Striking Scorpions)

Alaitoc’s Avengers -162 points
(10 Dire Avengers)

The Sons of Asurmen -152 points
(10 Dire Avengers)

The Vengeful Kin -72 points
(6 Dire Avengers)

The Sentinels -80 points
(10 Guardians)

The Silent Guard -80 points
(10 Guardians)

The Eyes of Alaitoc -120 points
(5 Pathfinders)

Striking Serpent -70 points

Coiled Serpent -60 points
Dashing Serpent -60 points

The Reapers of Kaine -227 points
(5 Dark Reapers)

The Spear of Kurnous -100 points

Phoenix Claw -175 points

Total -1999 points

We wanted a narrative battle and so, in keeping with the story, created Traitor’s Gate using four bastions, an Skysheild Landing Pad and as many Aegis Defence Lines as we could get our hands on.

We kept the rules as normal except we lowered the AV of all the buildings by two so as to represent the old and battered defences.

The defenders had a larger than normal deployment zone, about 60”x30”, and the attackers had a 9” deployment zone on three of the board edges.

The Necrons would deploy second and move first, this helped to negate the advantage of the fortifications.

Five objectives were placed on the board in key positions and whoever held the most at the end of the 5 turns would win the game. We decided to add a twist in that said that if the Eldar managed to slay the Stormlord in close combat they would count as having an extra objective at the end of the game.

The Space Marine and Eldar Alliance, despite an inherent mistrust of each other, worked together to make sure every bastion and defence line of Traitor’s Gate was manned.

In the far north on the main landing pad the Devastator Squad took up position flanked by three Vypers. All had good fields of fire and readied their weapons in anticipation of the Necron’s arrival.

Further south, Sicarius had split his Tactical Squad to man the Aegis lines; he and his Command Squad took the northward sector.

Sternguard Squad Idraxus took up position in the central bastion so as to form a shooty centre to the forces.

Only Squad Ixion , the Assault squad, was held back in reserve for the Space Marines. The Eldar had also held some of their forces back; a small squad of Dire Avengers, a squad of Fire Dragons in a Falcon and an outflanking unit of Striking Scorpions.

The remaining Eldar took up position on the Defence Lines with the Dark Reapers and the Pathfinders manning the two remaining bastions of the fort.

The Necrons appeared on to the battlefield from the south, keeping to their dynasties- those of Imotekh arrived in the west and Ibron the Merciless came on from the east. And with the Phaerons came the rolling storm….

Lightning Strikes- Turn 1

Sicarius attempted to Seize the Initiative but failed to steal the first turn so the two Necron armies started the game.

In the East, Ibron’s forces advanced. He placed his Triarch Praetorians behind the Monolith as it moved towards the fortress, an annoyingly clever tactic that hid the unit from fire.

The west flank saw the Stormlord stride confidently forward and with him the skies blackened and lightning danced around Fort Halstadt.

The Dire Avengers accompanying Farseer Sunbane were struck by the bolts and three were instantly killed. The Wraithlord was also struck by the Stormlord’s lightning, but the wraithbone construct made its saves.

While Imotekh was pleased with the lightning strikes the downside of having the storm was that the Annihilation Barge and Doomsday Ark could not see in any targets in range. However they were far from his only shooting options.

Unit 01XDa, the Immortals with telsa carbines, targeted Squad Vorolanus, their five hits becoming nine as Imotekh rolled two 6’s with his telsa weaponry, slaughtering three Ultramarines instantly.

The Monolith, Mandragoran Eclipse, slew another two Dire Avengers and the Ghost Ark killed two Dark Reapers with its broadside.

In the East Ibron’s two Ghost Arks presented their flanks and let loose a mass fusillade that cut down two more Dire Avengers, this time from the Alaitoc’s Avengers.

Still in the east, the Necron Destroyers targeted the Wraithlord and scored a wound.

The most spectacular event of the Necrons shooting phase, though, was when the Harbinger of Destruction – the red Cryptek – unleashed his Eldritch Lance and brought the inner-west bastion tumbling to the ground in a dramatic explosion that killed a further three Dire Avengers, a Tactical Marine and scattered the occupying Dark Reapers.

Never one for hanging back in defence Sunbane sent his Guardians over the barrier so they could target the destroyers in the west.

The Vypers on the landing pad swooped down, ready to engage the enemy.

The Avatar gave a molten roar and then strode forwards, its Wailing Doom poised to strike down an enemy even more ancient than himself.

And, after the Necrons shook the bastion, I decided to move the
Sternguard out of the central keep- a risky move but one that allowed them to rapid fire all their boltguns.

The only other moment was the Ironclad walking southwards, its targeting sensors firmly locked on the Destroyers.

In the Shooting Phase, Sunbane’s Guardians started proceedings by firing on the Heavy Destroyers, wounding three times but the Necron’s made their saves.

The Dark Reapers, having picked themselves out of the bastion debris, targeted the Stormlord and his Lychguard. The shots struck home, and even wounded the Necron Phaeron once, but the majority of the fusillade was deflected onto the Guardians, slaying three.

The Sternguard chose to use Vengeance rounds against Ibron’s encroaching Immortals. Unfortunately I rolled poorly and two of my own Battle-Brothers died of overheating ammunition. The surviving Sternguard did manage to down three immortals though, of which one returned to life at the end of the turn.

A bout of concentrated fire mainly from the Space Marines but also supplemented by Vyper fire and even the Wailing Doom of the Avatar, gradually rid the battlefield of the Lychguard and even the Stormlord. However thanks to his Ever-Living special rule the Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty rose from the ashes.

Enter the Eternal- Turn 2

So far the Stormlord had dominated proceedings, but his rival Phaeron, Trazyn, was not about to let Imotekh take all the credit.
Trazyn’s Ghost Ark forged northwards, allowing him to disembark in the centre of the battlefield.

In the south, Ibron’s Ghost Arks also advanced and off-loaded their Necron Warrior passengers directly in front of the Aegis lines – the Necrons were at the fortress gates.

In the Shooting Phase, Imotekh’s lightning struck again, drawn to the conductive metal body of the Avatar and reducing the Eldar God to molten slag!

The Dire Avengers accompanying the Farseer were also hit again and lost another of their comrades.

The Sternguard were the victims of concentrated as the rapid-firing gauss flayers of Ibron’s Necron Warrior phalanxes reduced the veterans to a single man.

The Heavy Destroyers targeted the far north bastion and sent it crumbling to the ground with their heavy gauss cannons.

Assassin Sect IX deepstriked onto the board in the east and obliterate the nearby Wraithlord with deadly accurate fire.

In the Assault Phase Imotekh threw his Scarab Swarms into combat with the Flame Drakes to prevent them shooting at the nearby Monolith.

Help arrived when it was most need and both armies of the Alliance received some much needed reinforcements.

I had my Assault Squad come on from the northern board edge so that they not only arrived exactly where I wanted with no danger of Deep Strike scatter, but they could also assault in this turn.

Also arriving from reserve a squad of Dire Avengers, The Vengeful Kin, came onto the board n the north. This allowed the main force of the allies to move forward without leaving exposed ground to their rear.

From the east came more reinforcements. The Fire Dragons of Asuryan’s Flame zoomed onto the board inside a Falcon and ended up behind Ibron’s lines, closely followed by a large squad of Striking Scorpions arriving from the flank.

Captain Sicarius, the Guardians and the Vypers all combined fire in order to wipe out the Heavy Destroyers.

The lone surviving Sternguard ran forwards and fired its combi-melta at the Ghost Ark from short range. Thanks to a lucky roll the Ghost Ark exploded, engulfing two Warriors and three Immortals in the blast.

The Fire Dragons that had recently arrived from reserve deployed from their Falcon transport and instantly targeted the looming Monolith. The fusion guns and firepike destroyed the pyramid with ease, the resulting explosion slaying a Deathmark and a Striking Scorpion.

In the Alliance Assault Phase mass combat broke out in the east. The recently arrived Striking Scorpions assaulted the Deathmark and slayed them all.

The Assault Marines leapt through the air and assaulted the Triarch Praetorians. But the combat ended with both Elites still locked in combat.

Score= Alliance-1 Necrons-1

The Destructor Speaks-Turn 3

The Necrons first action was to bring the storm raging above to an end. This allowed the heavy weapons of the Necrons to come to bear and hopefully swing the battle back in the Necrons favour.

The Ghost Arks in the centre of the battle started by repairing downed Warriors. This brought one of Imotekh’s squads back to full starting strength and gained Ibron an extra Warrior.

The Flayed ones then teleported in, drawn to the nano-scarabs hosted inside Sunbane they did not scatter.

In the west the Ghost Ark positioned itself to catch multiple units in a broadside, desperate to break the deadlock and continue the Necron advance.

In the Shooting Phase the Doomsday Ark targeted itself so it caught no less than four Space Marine squads in its large blast. The shot was on target and ten Ultramarines died in an instant.

Quickly following was the telsa cannon upon the Annihilation Barge hitting Squad Vandar ten times and wounding eight of the Space Marines. Thanks to some incredibly lucky rolls only two fell to the shot. However the telsa blast arced out and struck the Vengeful Kin, killing one and even slaying four Immortals!

Imotekh’s Ghost Ark fired another broadside, slaying two more Space Marines from Squad Vorolanus and immobilising a Vyper on the other side.

With the opposing armies now so close the Assault Phase was the most eventful it had been yet.

Imotekh strode into Squad Vorolanus and set about the Tactical Marines, but could only bring the fight to a draw.

Trazyn and his Necron Warriors attacked the remnants of Squad Vandar and wiped them out before moving onto the objective close by.

Meanwhile the Farseer and remaining Sons of Asurmen finished off the last of the Scarabs and attempted to put as much distance as possible between them and the Flayed Ones.

In the East the Assault Marines overcame the Triarch Praetorians, leaving just one left behind. But it continued it fight on, unaffected by the loss of its metal brethren.

As the final play of his turn Ibron sent his Command Barge flying over the Striking Scorpions and, with one deadly swooping arc with his warscythe, decapitated three – leaving just the Exarch behind.

With Ibron’s Monolith destroyed the Fire Dragons embarked back onto the Falcon and sped off westwards to bolster the centre of defence and hopefully aid the Farseer.

The Librarian left his accompanying Tactical Squad and, in the North the Vengeful Kin claimed the objective.

A round of concentrated fire from the allies targeted Trazyn’s squad. The Devastators claimed two, the Command Squad got another and the Vypers slayed another two.

The Dire Avenger’s well aware of the rapidly approaching Flayed Ones, turned their guns towards them and brought one down.

The Pathfinders, situated on top of one of only two still standing bastions on the board, continued to fire on the Warriors and continued to knock them down despite them rising up at the end of every shooting phase.

The Ironclad brought it’s hunter-killer missile to bear but it was deflected off the Command Barges quantum shielding.

Codicier Vartus also targeted the barge with Machine Curse, causing an
automatic glancing hit and destroying the underslung telsa cannon.

In the Assault Phase Sicarius and his remaining Command Squad charged into combat with Trazyn the Infinite and his coterie. However despite the Ultramarine hero slicing him in two he simply appeared elsewhere.

At the centre of the board Dire Avengers clashed with Warriors, six robots being destroyed at the cost of a single Aspect Warrior.

To the east the Scorpion Exarch ripped apart four Immortals before the others could even register his presence.

The lone surviving Triarch Praetorian continued to survive Squad Ixion and so the Assault Squad remained locked in combat.

Score= Alliance-3 Necrons-0

Heroes shall fall - Turn 4

The fourth turn started with Ibron targeting the Librarian. He sent the Command Barge flying directly at Codicier Vartus. The Overlord lowered his warscythe and wound the psyker twice, but I rolled an impressive two sixes and so made the invulnerable saves. However the Overlord was not done yet. It disembarked from its Command Barge and prepared to assault the Guardians on the objective.

Imotekh opened the shooting as he fired the doomsday cannon at eh Tactical Squad hoarding the objective in the south. The powerful energy bolt missed its original target and scattered into the Guardians, slaying three but also wounding Ibron.

The Annihilation Barge fired next, aiming at the Lions of Macragge but only causing a single wound due to some good cover saves. The secondary arcing blast was more successful and wiped out the Guardians standing close by. The Immortals also added to the enfilade, slaying the Apothecary and wounding Sicarius.

In the east the Ghost Ark - having restored three more Warriors, much to the frustration of the Pathfinders – opened a broadside on the Tactical Squad, who all made their saves. On the other side of the transport, it fired on the Dire Avengers, who were not so lucky and so three were slain.

In the Assault Phase, Ibron swept through the Tactical Squad with his warscythe swinging, forcing the Space Marines to fall back.

The Flayed Ones, joined by the reincarnated Trazyn, made short work of the Dire Avengers in the north as the Stormlord destroyed the Tactical Squad nearby before taking cover in the bastion ruins.

The Lightkillers engaged with Sicarius. Unfortunately for Macragge the stoic Necron elite overpowered the Ultramarine hero. This left the west side of the board firmly in Necron hands.

The Eldar struck back by moving the Fire Dragons in the Falcon up to Ibron’s Ghost Ark; the Aspect Warriors utterly destroyed the Necron construct but three of their own perished in the explosion.

The majority of the Allied fire was directed towards Trazyn in an attempt to rid the board of the threat.

In the Assault phase, Squad Ixion, having finally elled the last Triarch Praetorian, charged the nearest Ghost Ark and wrecked it.

The Librarian clashed with the Overlord and in a surprise turn ripped the android noble in half. Sicarius might be down but the Ultramarines were not out.

Score= Alliance-0 Necrons-1

The Final Fight – Turn 5

With the enemy sufficiently pummelled, or so the Necrons hoped, the robots moved onto the objectives.

The surviving Immortals captured the objective in the far west as Trazyn strode over to the north objective where he met with Imotekh. This meant the Necrons had three of the five objectives.

In the Shooting phase the Necrons made sure to secure their position.

The Annihilation Barge fired its telsa cannon upon the lead bastion, containing the Farseer, but the building did not fall despite the defence systems being destroyed.

Imotekh’s Deathmarks rounded on the Fire Dragons and slew two from their position as the Doomsday Ark targeted the Falcon Grav-Tank. The shot was on target but a lucky cover save from the bastion saved the tanks precious cargo of Fire Dragons. However in a twist of irony the shot also struck the nearby Firedrakes, wiping them out.

In the west the Stormlord continued to wipe out the Ultramarine presence, his gauntlet of fire charring all Space Marines within range.

The Assault Phase was relatively quiet and saw Alaitoc’s Avengers finally overcome the Necron Warriors allowing them to consolidate onto the south objective.

With Ibron dead the east of the battlefield was firmly in Alliacne hands, allowing them to take the eastern objective unopposed.

In the south remnants of Dire Avengers had already taken the objective in the previous assault phase.

But the west was lost, and so too was any chance of defeating the Stormlord in battle. The only chance of victory then was taking the central objective from the Necron Warriors with the Dire Avengers Exarch.

The Alliance tried shooting the Necron Warriors first and knocked down one, but much to their frustration it got back up again at the end of the phase.

This forced Sunbane to attack himself, alongside the Dire Avengers Exarch. The Eldar were outnumbered but managed to wound twice.
Sunbane win the combat and, to the shock of all, Imotekh failed his Morale check. The Necron Warriors fell back, leaving the Exarch to claim the objective and win victory for the Alliance.

Final Score= Alliance-3 Necrons-2
Alliance Victory

“The Necrons ended their assault on Traitor’s Gat without warning, teleporting away as natural darkness started t sweep over the fort. The Eldar stayed upon the battlefield scarcely longer than the defeated Necrons, but silently filed out of the gate and back the way they had come, or at least so it appeared.

It wasn’t until much later that Ixion discovered the proof of the treachery he had espected. A unintelligible burst of comms chatter from Brother Varon, cut off almost as soon as it began, sent Ixion charging into Fort Haldstadt’s command centre. There he found the fallen body of Varon, deadly shuriken embedded deep in the armour about his neck and torso and the corpses of a half-dozen Eldar, their spirit stones gone.

Looking on, Ixion saw a gaping hole in the ceramite floor that led first to a crude plasma-wrought tunnel and thence to a wraithbone chamber below. In the centre of the chamber stood an inticate cradle, chased in gold and set with glimmering gemstones. The cradle itself lay empty, whatever had rested there was gone, taken by the Eldar.

His growling anger exploding into a bellow of frustrated rage, Ixion shattered the cradle into a dozen twisted pieces before stalking out of the chamber to bring the news to his captain, if he was still alive."


Imotekh: Close. Very, very close. A couple of armour saes here, a couple of passed Leadership’s there, and victory would have been mine (and Ibron’s of course). As it was, once the Space Marines and Eldar stopped hiding behind their defences and went in with chainsword, power fist and combat blade, the balance of the power began to tilt rapidly in their favour.

Nevertheless, as the turn-by-turn objective tally shows, victory was an elusive thing, ranging from solid control of the battlefield in one moment to a draw the next.

The final victory really could have gone either side, and I know it’s often said, but the game really did go down to the final fall of the dice. Whoever won that lost assault was going to take the game.

Besides, we got Captain Sicarius – that’s a moral victor, at least, if not an actual victory.

Before I sign off, I should really say a word of praise about the Annihilation Barge - its telsa destructor easily racked up the most kills in any individual unit in the Necron Armies. Next time, I’ll take two. At least two.

Ibron: Curses. Victory was almost within our grasp. During the first two turns, the Necrons utterly dominated the Shooting phases, reaping a tally of dead so high that I was pretty confident that Imotekh and I had the game in the bag at that early stage.

The Immortals and Deathmark were particularly impressive, the combination of telsa carbines and synaptic disintegrators proved deadly against the closely packed defenders, bastions or no.

Then the Space Marine and Eldar reserves turned up on my flank and things became decidedly edgier. Actually from that point on, the game was balanced on a keen knife-edge, and had it not been for the Exarch’s heroics at the end of the game we’d have clinched victory.

All credit to both Alliance players; they played a really clever game, using the right tools for the right job.

Me (Sicarius): Victory may be ours, delivered by the hands of our fey allies no less but as the postscript to the story shows, you should never trust an Eldar.

The game also showed me that you should never engage a Necron in a long ranged firefight either. As a Space Marine player who uses a lot of Devastators, I'm used to being in control of the Shooting phase, s it came as a shock when the Necron’s first turn nearly wiped us out, and that was with half their units unable to fire.

Our plans to field a sturdy gunline quickly looked foolhardy to the extreme and I regret not taking more Assault Marines and Vanguards.

Luckily Space Marines are nothing if not adaptable so were able to take the fight to the Necrons, where the game really swung in our favour. If a job can’t be done with Space Marines, it can’t be done.

It was a very interesting game and in terms of beginning my Necron Dynasty I am defiantly convinced. This was one of the closest games I have played and anything that can stand up to half of the Ultramarines 2nd Company and nearly win is a force worth reckoning.

Sunbane: Phew! I’d love to say that we won as a result of a masterful battle plan that was executed to perfection, but that would be a lie. After the devastation wrought on the Alliance armies after the first few turns we both thought it was game over, especially after my Avatar was slain outright by a stray lightning bolt.

As much as we did have a few tricks up our sleeves waiting in reserve we could never foretell how much damage they would cause. The Striking Scorpion Exarch was nigh on unstoppable.

The Farseer was my man of the match. He survived against the odds, cursed enemy squads to annihilation with Doom and helped to rout Imotekh’s warriors off the central objective in the final turn. But of course, he knew he would all along.

Hope you all enjoy

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Awesome report, a joy to read through. Nice detailing and still keeping flow and not wasting time on over description. Fluff is ace very good. Nice overviews from each commander at the end. Next time get pics and/or diagrams of the battlefield as it can add some extra clarity plus i bet it looked amazing with alll the minis on the board.

Have a rep too. Keep it up!

WAAAAGH Dragblud
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Thanks, it was only the day after that we realized none of us had thought to take any photos.

And i didn't think to do any diagrams until you mentioned it now. Do you know where you can do them easily?

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Originally Posted by Romero's Own View Post
Thanks, it was only the day after that we realized none of us had thought to take any photos.

And i didn't think to do any diagrams until you mentioned it now. Do you know where you can do them easily?
Well either basic hand drawn quick but needs scanning. paint can be used for basic blocks etc. photoshop can be used as you can make the original map/board then layer over the units and save them off individually. it takes longer than pictures but sometimes i think they can be more clear! hope this helps

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Those are pretty obvious when you think about them. I'm planning another game soon so will defiantly add some diagrams, even if it is just from paint.

I'm glad my first battle report was not a failure. Any more comments or criticism is welcome.

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This is the battle report from WD 382.
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Originally Posted by Sothot View Post
This is the battle report from WD 382.
After googling i feel daft for repping.... -_- Epic fail!

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You know, thought the storyline looked familiar.

“Insane? You dare to claim that we are insane? I find this very amusing. You see, there is no such thing as sanity. Why? Because the nature of sanity depends on the context the term is used. A man living in squalor may call the rich man insane for wasting food, while the rich man in return may call the poor insane for living off his waste. You slaughter thousands and squander the resources of planets on foolish incursions to please a corpse and his corrupted followers. And you have the nerve to call me insane? Oh poor misguided individual, pray to whatever deity you serve and hope he is merciful, for those who find themselves trapped in the spiders web have little else they can do”

Lord Nerthro of the ‘Heralds of Absurdity’ to what remained of an Imperial scouting party
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who dared kill the sons of asurman?good battle report farseers are the only HQ i use but i always forget to use psychic powers and every time i use scorpions someone terminators tear them apart.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
If an immovable object is struck by an unstoppable force, how many potatoes will fit in the jelly mould?
Renegades 9:flesh is weak

Eldrad Ulthran:
"He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it."

inquisitor czevak:
"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know."
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