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Default Battle Reports - What to include?

When writing a Battle Report, there are a few key features that you really need to include in order to make it good quality, which is what we're looking for.


What type of game are you playing? What are the objectives of the game? What kind of board are you playing on? Maybe also use this to introduce each of the participants of the game.

Army Lists

You should include the army list for each force participating in the battle.

Turn-by-Turn Analysis

Describe in detail what happened in each turn. What units got blown to bits (and by whom)? What units fought it out in hand-to-hand combat? Did anything spectacular happen? These are the most important sections of a battle report. Take the position of a Narrator for the battle and really try to sell it to the reader, make the game sound interesting as it's boring reading 'Tactical Squad killed Guardians, Wraithlord destroyed Rhino, Whirlwind killed some Fire Dragons etc'.

Turn Maps

These are very useful to help the readers visualise the battle much better. They give the reader a good idea of what the battlefield looked like exactly as well as where on the battlefield each unit was throughout the entirety of the game. If you don't know how to create a turn map, this is a good piece of software that I have found that helps to create decent turn maps -

I'm sure there are plenty others out there that experienced Batrep writers will be aware of, this is just one example that I have posted here to help beginners.

Conclusion/Lessons Learned

Now that you have finished describing the battle itself, write about the battle as a whole and what you learned from your experiences. Write about your opinions of the game, the defining features of the game that turned it into what it was, key moments of the game that might have turned the battle around or finished your chances completely...

Here is an example of a good quality Battle Report written by Dave T Hobbit. The kind of quality that we're looking for in this section.

Originally Posted by Dave T Hobbit View Post
Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I played a couple of games against Vanir; we were pressed for time after lunch so this is the only battle during which I took notes. As Vanir wanted to try out larger lists with more than one God we were both using the battle to experiment.

Daemons of Chaos

(1) The Masque of Slaanesh: General

(2) Herald of Slaanesh: Battle Standard Bearer

(3) Herald of Tzeentch: Winged Horror, Master of Sorcery (Shadow)

(4) 25 Daemonettes of Slaanesh: Alluress, Standard Bearer (Banner of Ecstasy), Musician

(5) 27 Daemonettes of Slaanesh: Alluress, Standard Bearer, Musician

(6) Fiend of Slaanesh

(7) Fiend of Slaanesh

(8) 6 Flamers of Tzeentch

(9) 3 Nurglings

Warriors of Chaos

(1) Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle: General, Level 4 Upgrade, Chaos Steed, Charmed Shield, Infernal Puppet, Opal Amulet

(2) Exalted Hero of Nurgle: Halberd, Helm of Discord, Talisman of Protection, Favour of the Gods, Stream of Corruption

(3) 5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh: Standard Bearer, Musician, Flails, Throwing Spears, Light Armour

(4) 15 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle: Standard Bearer (Festering Shroud), Musician, Halberds, Shields

(5) 25 Chaos Marauders of Slaanesh: Standard Bearer, Musician, Great Weapons

(6) Chaos Warshrine

(7) Hellcannon


The maps were produced using Battle Chronicler; as this is my first attempt and I doc not have all the scenery we actually used loaded in to the programme they are representative rather than perfectly to scale.

We generated 10 items of scenery:

We generated a Settlement of Order as the third item; however as there was already a building and obstacles on the board we decided to re-roll it to avoid using all up the buildings and obstacles at the start of the generation.

We realised after terrain generation that we had not picked a scenario. However, as we were both testing new lists we agreed that Pitched Battle suited us both.


My Sorcerer generated Curse of the Leper, Rot Glorious Rot, and Magnificent Buboes twice; I swapped the second Buboes for Fleshy Abundance, as regeneration would be very useful on most of my units.

Although the Scouting Nurglings looked close I decided that the Flamers were a much bigger threat and advanced my Horsemen forward as far as possible.

After brief consideration we decided that as 8th Edition did not say Scouts did not count toward who finished first I would get the +1; however the Universe decided to use RAI and Vanir beat my roll by 4 pips.

Turn 1

Vanir’s main line advanced toward my centre whilst the Fiends raced ahead to threaten both flanks. The Forest was revealed to be a Fungus Forest.

The Tzeentchian Herald cast enhanced Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma on the Horsemen (which I failed to dispel) then achieved the maximum -3 rendering the Horsemen almost powerless. He followed up with an irresistible Withering on the Chaos Warriors, triggering a Calamitous Detonation but failing to die.

The Flamers achieved a mediocre 11 shots at the Horsemen; however it was enough to kill four, leaving the already weak unit nearly useless.

With the definite threat of the Fiend and the possibility of the larger Daemonette unit I turned my Marauders to guard my right flank and advanced my Warriors to face the majority of the opposition. Trusting in Dark Gods (and two magic items) I advanced my sorcerer forward to the edge of the marsh to maximise targets for spells, and fortunately avoided an ignominious death from a wall.

My Sorcerer successfully cast Curse of the Leper on the Flamers, which Vanir did not attempt to dispel. I cast Rot, Glorious Rot; however, as my Sorcerer was placed to catch several units Vanir sensibly dropped all his dispel dice to block it. This left me a single die to snap off Magnificent Buboes on the Tzeentchian Herald.

My shooting phase was unimpressive. The Hellcannon scattered 4” off the Flamers and despite still managing to catch one of them they were protected by their Ward Save. The Warshrine blessed the Marauders but the Eye was Closed (probably due to the lack of brutality so far)

Turn 2

Both the Nurglings and the fiend successfully charged the Hellcannon whilst the rest of Vanir’s army continued to close around my lines.

After dispelling Curse of the Leper the Tzeentchian Herald successfully cast an enhanced Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma on the Hellcannon; however it only reduced the stat line by one.

Despite a more impressive 29 shots the Flamers only caused 5 wounds to the Sorcerer, which were all saved but did use up both magic items.

The Fiend and Nurglings each caused one wound to the Hellcannon resulting in the loss of two crew. The Hellcannon caused a single wound to the Nurglings in response then decided to rock a little instead of Thunderstomping causing only a single hit, leaving the combat locked.

Filled with confidence at weathering the Flamers barrage last turn (and not wanting to face another) the Sorcerer charged the Flamers. Intending to add both attacks and CR the surviving Horseman aimed for the Flamer’s flank and went full tilt into a wall ending the unit’s brief involvement in the battle. The Warriors were also less effective than hoped, failing their charge against the Daemonettes and trickling forward 2”.

Successful channelling having provided a mighty 11 power dice to 6 dispel dice I was looking forward to a good magic phase. However the Dark Gods were feeling mocking me. Having almost all the enemy in range my Sorcerer attempted Rot Glorious Rot and – despite using three dice – missed the casting value by one. Left with eight dice and no wizards the only consolation was the utter dispelling of Withering on the Warriors. With Warshrine blessing the Warriors with +1AS they were returning to the brutal killer I intended them to be.

The Fiends and Nurglings managed to cause no wounds to the Hellcannon. Despite repeating its pitifully weak Thunderstomp the Hellcannon managed to cause wounds to the Nurglings winning the combat and causing the fiend and two Nurgling bases to return to the Warp.

The Sorcerer failed to wound the Flamers, taking a wound in return. Not a victory but the Flamers would not be shooting next turn so a step in the right direction.

Turn 3

Avoiding stupidity both Daemonette units declared charges against the Warriors and Marauders respectively. The second unit failing their charge it was left to the Fiend to hit the Marauder’s flank.

The Herald’s attempt to cast Occam’s Mind Razor on the Daemonettes fortunately failed.

Unsurprisingly the Hellcannon finished off the last Nurglings for no wounds.

The Daemonette Champion accepted the Exalted Hero’s challenge, failing to scratch him before being savaged for +3 overkill. The remained to the combat was similarly in my favour losing one Warrior for three Daemonettes and another Daemonette from combat resolution.

The combat with the Marauders was even more one sided with the Fiend failing to wound before being bloodied by Marauders, losing the combat, and disappearing back to the Warp.

The Marauders successfully charged the Daemonettes.

With Vanir’s successful channelling magic was balanced at 5 dice each. Relying on my superior wizard level I decided to hold back one die and cast Rot Glorious rot on four dice; Vanir used all five dispel dice to dispel it. Using my remaining die I cast fleshy Abundance on the Warriors.

My attempt to bless the Marauders was less effective with the gift of +1 Ld.

After an excellent push in the last turn, the mle turned against me and the Flamers killed my Sorcerer for no losses. Combat turned worse still when the Daemonettes broke the Marauders, catching them and overrunning into the Warshrine.

The battle was starting to look a little one sided; my only moment of glory was the death of five Daemonettes for one Warrior followed by another nine Daemonettes disappearing to combat resolution.

Turn 4

Vanir’s magic phase further increased the chances it was all over by successfully casting both Occam’s Mind Razor on the Daemonettes fighting the Warshrine and Enfeebling Foe on the Warriors, whilst the Masque reduced the Hellcannon’s Ld by 2.

The Flamers loosed 21 shots at the Hellcannon; fortunately they achieved no wounds.

The Daemonettes were striking after the Exalted Hero who destroyed the remnants of the unit single-handed leaving the unit free to reform facing the second unit of Daemonettes. The Warshrine was less fortunate; striking first at strength 7 the Daemonettes overwhelmed its Ward Save and overran 4”.

With a reduced Ld the Hellcannon burst its chains and rampaged forward 9” denying me the opportunity to kill Flamers.

Continuing the theme of failed charges the Warriors trickled forward 4”.

Turn 5

Both the Masque and the Flamers advanced out of the front arc of the Hellcannon whilst the Daemonettes reformed to face the oncoming Warriors.

Again the magic phase favoured Vanir. He cast Occam’s Mid Razor on the Daemonettes with irresistible force; even with the Puppet altering the result to magical feedback the Herald made his Ward Save.

The Flamers managed to kill a Warrior.

Despite actually wanting to rampage to get an out of arc charge the Hellcannon decided to be mellow. However, the Warriors did manage to charge the Daemonettes.

The Festering Shroud managed to kill 2 Daemonettes and better still, remove a wound from the Herald.

Continuing its spree of pleasantness the Hellcannon failed to wound the Flamers.

I attempted to use the Helm of Discord to remove the threat of the Herald; however it made its Ld test with ease. As the Herald granted Always Strikes First mle did not go well. The Exalted Hero was minced for +2 overkill and the Daemonettes accounted for nine Warriors for only 3 casualties. The Warriors managed to flee; however with only 1” between the units it did not look hopeful.

Turn 6

Unsurprisingly the Daemonettes overran the Warriors whilst the Flamers reformed the face the Hellcannon.

The Herald successfully Withered the Hellcannon for –3 Toughness; however, failed to Enfeeble it.

Despite its weakened state the Hellcannon escaped a barrage from the Flamers unscathed.

The Hellcannon charged the Flamers and I was able to dispel the Withering. Without the reduced toughness the flamers were unable to wound and suffered one casualty form attacks and another from the three Thunderstomps. Losing combat the Flamers suffered another casualty; sadly non quite enough to remove the unit.

Despite some moments of glory when the dust settled Vanir had achieved a resounding massacre.


I did not note down every dice roll so it is hard to tell how much is perceptual bias; however, my rolls felt less than average so I feel that with a little more luck I could have pulled a better result.

Although I knew Flamers were a good unit I had not worked out how good they were so my list was not really built to handle them efficiently. While shooting them with the Hellcannon could have done serious casualties I did not really have much to deal with a poor shot.

Charging the Flamers was probably a better plan than attempting more shots; however, using up both magical protections to get there made the Sorcerer too fragile to do more than hold them up for a while.

Putting a Herald in a Daemonette unit made them a lot more dangerous: without it the Warriors chewed through a unit; with it the Warriors were decimated.

Looking again at the last turn with the benefit of remembering that VPs only come for destroyed units, charging the Masque instead of the Flamers would have given a better chance of removing a unit for only a few less VPs potentially gained, turning a crushing defeat into a loss.

Going forward I think that making the combat Hero more resilient so he could survive getting attacked before he struck instead of making the Sorcerer very solid for a turn would be more consistently valuable.

If you have any questions about writing a Battle Report, post away here. Otherwise, good luck and we look forward to seeing reports of your games soon.


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for the map thing, I just quickly sketch the board and the scenery on a piece of paper, then make it look good in photoshop. Works pretty nicely!

having pics of the models is usually pretty awesome as well, since it shows off the paint job and gives a 100% accurate depiction of the table. That's Just how I prefer to see a batrep.

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Of course, when it comes to making the turn maps, whatever works for you is good. It's just nice to have them there.

And yes any real life images of the battle are a bonus too!

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Something I try to do at the end is also have a "lessons learned" area, for those that simply breeze through the BatRep without reading the entirety (let's face it, some of us are long winded!) so they can at least get some sort of benefit at the end. I know you've got it labeled here as "Conclusion" but having a bit clearer of a heading could lead to added visibility there.

Heresy-Online's Expeditious Stories Challenge 13-06: "Serenity" has started, get your stories in by July 11th!

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3. Nothing Boc said should ever be taken seriously. Unless he's talking about being behind you. Then you run like fuck.
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I've edited that header slightly Boc.

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