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Default Opinions on Army List Layout

I've been following the armylist section recently and wondered if you guys would prefer a different system?

What we've been discussing is a different layout. We have a good level of threads within the forum now so maybe this warrants splitting it into specific army subforums?

I think the current army list area is looking untidy, threads are being lost quickly and not getting the exposure they deserve from the "experienced" guys that really understand each specific army.

The diagram below is roughly how it will look if we go ahead.


40k Army Lists
Post your Warhammer 40k armies here.

Chaos Space Marines___Eldar____________Space Marines
Daemonhunters_______Imperial Guard____Tau Empire
Dark Eldar____________Necrons_________Tyranids
Daemons_____________Orks____________Witch Hunters


The staff are pretty divided right now, some think it's a good idea, others don't.

What do you say?
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I think it is a winner. Would you further subdivide space marines and chaos into their chapters within the space marine subforum? A subdivide within a subdivide may be a little extreme but I imagine space marines get more traffic than most and the problem may just shift into the subfrums if you don't sub divide again. Just a thought to augment an already solid idea.


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this is good idea i say give it a try, and i like the idea what Zeldrin said with the Space marine chapter being broken up more.

i see the only problem with this is, you will most of the time only go into your favourite army and not really look at other peoples lists and what not, but i still say yes.

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The subforums will only go one deep. There aren't enough threads and posts to go any further.
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I agree on the whole, sub-forums sound ideal, though I also think a single SM sub-forum would get messy again pretty quickly.

The obvious answer is one Codex, one Forum, rather than trying to do it by Chapters I think. Have Salamanders and White Scars and Home-Made included with UMs and Fists, but with BA, SW etc in different forums. After all, the codex 'is' the list really, and people building lists from a particular codex are gonna share certain concerns, problems etc.

It also means that unecessary info is kept to a minimum - if you don't play DA, you don't have to trawl past endless Deathwing posts.

It would be easy enough to update if GW decides to change things around, I would think. I know you've included Daemons as a seperate army, but should they release a codex for another army-type that doesn't yet exist, I assume it wouldn't be a problem to add another sub-forum, or even fold one back in if they (I don't know) drop Space Wolves for instance (sorry Firewolf if you're reading this... divvent tek me ears!)

Also, it might make people think a bit more about the info they're giving. Sometimes SM players don't post the Codex they're using... there you are giving them advice based on Codex: SM and it turns out they're using BA.

Don't know how much extra work it would all be from y'all on the Mod Squad, but certainly from a user point of view, that looks to me like the best answer.

Hope this helps in your decision-making...

Edit: you posted while I was typing; I want to make clear I'm not advocating a SM sub-forum with SM, SW, BA, DA, BT sub-sub-forums, just 5 sub-forums for the 5 SM codices. I realise that BT and SW don't get that many posts, but even so, I think the 1 codex, 1 forum formula is the best, from our point of view at least.

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Sounds good. I bet the mods will be busy putting people's lists in to the right place though

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I don't think splitting the threads up by army is going to work. The problem with this is that the majority of army list posts seem to be space marines (chaos and imperial). I took a quick scan through the first 5 pages and found maybe 2 or 3 eldar threads, 3 WH/DH threads, I think 2 tyranids threads, etc etc. If you break it up by army, the Space Marines are chaos are going to look just as messy and the other army sections will be pretty empty. I think something in between complete separation might work. How about?

Space Marine
Space Marine: DA, BA, BT (SM that don't use the space marine codex)
The Inquisition (Witchhunter/Demonhunters)
Imperial Guard
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Demons

*maybe but the Imperial Guard and Inquisition together under the Imperium

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I think having them seperate will help stimulate more list submissions...
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This idea sounds great, I really like it though I would suggest having an extra section where all new threads get automatically sent incase someone plays half a dozen armies and can't be bothered to look at each individually.

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That isn't possible Solitaire. I see what you mean though, that would be awesome. Especially if they were moved automatically by the script after a week or two.
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