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Default If money didnt matter...

I curious to know, if money didnt matter, what size and kind of 40k army would you buy? What would be some of the super-awesome things youd like to see in it? How big? Would you do a theme army or vanilla?

myself, short term wise, it would be having the entire Ultramarines chapter on display. everything from marneus and his retinue to the newest inductee to the 10th company. 1000 figures represented, along with the vehicles and drop pods and thunderhawks.

Now, longterm, I would shoot to recreate the Ultramarines Legion of pre-heresy days. I think i remember the strength being around 25,000 to 32,000 Space marines strong.
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No point in having a shitload of models and no time to paint or assemble them.

If i could get them commission painted for free, then i would probably like to have 9 Leman Russes, 9 Vendettas, 3 Baneblades, and about a dozen Chimeras with Vets.

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I would do a couple things. First, own a 2k army for every Codex. If that army didn't scale well, then I would also own a 1750 and an 1850 for each.

Then, a bunch of Counts-As. Orks as everyone else, IG as Tau, maybe a few Chaos as Imperial to have an army of every known Founding Legion, and several successors.

Finally, I'd like a scale replica of the Ulthwe Craftworld. Complete.

Think bigger, guys. lol
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How about the full strength of 9 traitor and 9 loyalist legions including the Primarchs battling against each other on a scale replica of The Emperor's Palace, including Titans and such? (Note, this does include The Emperor, and all space fleets. And is not the same as the Seige of Terra in the Horus Heresy series).


Also, my 1,100th post.
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if money didn't matter. I would first do like King and own a 2K army of every Codex. I would have a epicly large army of the Death Korps of Krieg complete with several Super Heavy Tanks. I would have an 2K army of each faction of Orks and Eldar. In other words for Orks 2K of Goffs, Blood Axes, Snakebites, etc. and for the Eldar 2K of Biel-Tan, Ulthwe, etc.

I would also hire someone to custom build a few titans and super heavy tanks for each race. I actually have ideas for titans and super heavy tanks for every race (yeah even the Dark Eldar)
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If money didn't matter, I'd purchase a majority stake in Infinity Ward, X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent.

Then I'd have even more money.

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If money was no problem, i would probaly collect a rather large DKoK army and Renegade army with as many toys as i can

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If money didn't matter, I'd create a necron world engine, fill it with about 10 billion necron immortals and 1 million necron lords, and then have an uber pariah at the centre to stop those pesky psykers.

Sometimes i wonder 'Why is that frisbee getting bigger?', and then it hits me.

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The Imperium is crumbling because they're getting attacked from all angles. Why did the Eldar empire crumble? Because they got bored.
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If money didn't matter I'd fill out a Necron FoC with max units (it's roughly 8,493 points).

And pay to have them painted. Because if I can't find time to paint 12 warriors in three weeks there is no way I'd ever get that painted.
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if money didn't matter...I wouldn't spend it on 40k, no point wasting it all on models then losing the house not paying bills.

and I'd be too busy buying WWII models.

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