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Witch Hunters:
-Bolt Pistol
-Power Weapon
-Power Armor
-Veteran Guardsman
-Plasma Gun
-Combat Servitor

~Storm Troopers(8)
-Heavy Bolter
-Hull-mounted heavy Bolter

~Storm troopers(8)
-Grenade Launcher
-Grenade Launcher

Chaos Space Marines:

~Chaos Space Marines(6)

~Berzerkers (6)
-Skull Champion

~Berzerkers (6)

Or perhaps:

~Noise Marines(5)
-Sonic Blaster (2)

~Noise Marines(6)
-Noise Champion
-Doom Siren
-Sonic Blaster (3)

Chaos Space Marines (5)

Or alternatively:

~Chaos Space Marines (6)
-Plasma Gun

~Chaos Space Marines (6)
-Plasma Gun
-Icon of Chaos Glory

~Chaos Space Marines (6)

Heavy Support:
~Obilterator (1)
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I think this Tyranid list might be tough to deal with, dunno about the other 2 I cooked up:

7 Genestealers, Toxin Sacs
7 Genestealers, Toxin Sacs
(Toxin sacs gives increased chance for rends vs. most opponents)
3 Hiveguard.

The hiveguard being the real issue here. 2 wounds, Toughness 6. Only 4+ save, though.

Got a space wolves list:
Grey Hunters, lasplas razorback
Grey Hunters, lasplas razorback
2 Thunderwolf cavalry.
Thunderwolves being tough to remove, as always.

And a blood angels one:
Sanguinary Priest
7man RAS, melta, fist
7man RAS, melta, fist.

FNP FC assault marines dropping down on you? Gotta remove them, or they'll be on you quickly.

The day you met me may have been the most life-changing day of your life. For me, it was simply tuesday.
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local gaming group plays combat patrol although we have a slightly different set up.

500 points, 1 troop choice, no named characters. everything else is up for grabs.

however for your tourny i would keep the no MC rule.

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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ELITES: [186]
3 XV8s (186)

TROOPS: [210]
9 Firewarriors (90)
-Devilfish, MT, DP, TA, SMS (120)

Total = 396pts

Battlesuits hide behind the Devilfish which has a 4+ coversave. Basically just avoid slower enemies and shoot them up. If necessary devilfish and suits can speed in, drop the FWs and throw out; 18 BS3 S5 AP5 shots, 7 BS4 S5 AP5 shots, 6 BS3 S7 AP4 shots and 6 BS3 S6 AP2 shots.

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x3 Plasma
Plasma Pistol (Sgt)

x3 Plasma
Plasma Pistol (Sgt)

BB shells


I expect nothing to survive S10 AP1 death!

I support Exterminatus.
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It's funny this thread started up again, after being dead for 6 months, and the tourney in question was probably held a long time ago.... Just saying

PubHammer Brisbane
It's all in the name.

Looking for a club in Brisbane, Australia? Come and enjoy a game and a beer at our friendly club in a pub, Sunday nights from 6:30. All brisbanites welcome, don't wait, check out our Club Page on Facebook for details or to organize a game. We play all sorts of board and war games, so hit us up if you're interested.

Update:From the 25th of May 2014 we'll be Meeting at The Junction pub in Annerley, opposite Ace Comics and Games Still playing 40k, Warmachine and board games of all sorts!
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Originally Posted by maddermax View Post
It's funny this thread started up again, after being dead for 6 months, and the tourney in question was probably held a long time ago.... Just saying
Was never held.
Moved on to bigger and better. ;)

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heh, 2 rune priests + 2 units of greys with melta in rhinos?

I didn't do the math, but that does it right?

unfair setup for space wolves imo. they will rock this tournament hard.

I definitely wouldn't want to be chaos, though I would be allowed to take just 400 points of plague marines for the win, lol.

4,220 CSM
2,320 Necrons
1,870 eldar
1,000 witch hunters (trying to get rid of this)
1,000 SM (trying to get rid of this)
680 Tau (newest addition)
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2 units of 10 necron warriors with disruption fields.
2 units of 50 conscripts.

Sometimes i wonder 'Why is that frisbee getting bigger?', and then it hits me.

Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
If the Imperium found us as we are now, they'd probably declare exterminatus on us purely because of Justin Bieber. Wouldn't want that taint to spread any further than one planet.
Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
The Imperium is crumbling because they're getting attacked from all angles. Why did the Eldar empire crumble? Because they got bored.
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100 conscripts> all
Except maybe these-
Points maxed in gretchin
Points maxed in guardsmen (higher bs and ws would be good)
Points maxed in boyz
Points maxed in basic spinegaunt (this would suck...)
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