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Default My Take On Green Tide - 1850 points

HQ: 310
Warboss: PK, bike, squig, cybork, shoota/skorcha
total: 150
Mad Dok Grotsnik
total: 160

Elites: 450
15 Lootas
mob total: 225
15 Lootas
mob total: 225

Troops: 1090
30 Boyz(shootas): big shoota x3 + nob upgrade with power klaw, ‘eavy armour, and bosspole
mob total(30): 240
30 Boyz(shootas): big shoota x3 + nob upgrade with power klaw, ‘eavy armour, and bosspole
mob total(30): 240
30 Boyz(shootas): big shoota x3 + nob upgrade with power klaw, ‘eavy armour, and bosspole
mob total(30): 240
30 Boyz(sluggas/choppas): cybork body x30 + nob upgrade with power klaw and 'eavy armour
mob total(30): 370

The idea with this army was to take enough models to effectively fill a line on a 6x4 board but that avoids the typical horde problem of running out of space and being forced to bunch your models up thus making yourself vulnerable to templates and blasts. So once I got to the point of a decent sized horde I turned around and reinforced the existing horde rather than going beyond that point where things just get crowded. 167 models is nothing to sneeze at though. Also typical Green Tide is all well and good but in melee meatgrinder units like Khorne Berzerkers can still lay a hurting on them somewhat fierce due to taking fearless casualties. Losing combat in 4th ed wasn't such a big deal for Orks, but in 5th a regular Boyz mob is going to lose almost double the models from that. So having a resilient assault unit that will be able to take any other assault unit is important to me.

Grotsnik goes with the slugga boyz to make such a unit. Also flying in convention of typical Ork wisdom I gave them cybork bodies, which along with Grotsnik as mostly there as a unit upgrade drives each Ork's cost up near that of a space marine, but then again each Ork with FNP and a 5+ invulnerable save is as tough as a marine against ap 4+ attacks, 3 times as tough as a marine against ap 3 attacks, and 1/3 tougher against attacks that ignore armor. Add in the fact that they're dead killy in CC and they're a pretty good unit, if slightly costly to look at, and possibly the best melee unit in the game for their cost (comes to about 16 each if you count Grotsnik as purely a unit upgrade and ignore that he can kill stuff too). And they're still troops so can capture stuff, not that they are going to with being forced to charge headlong at the enemy.

Other things I really like about this army (besides godly slugga boyz) is having an ace up my sleeve and loads of dakka from the lootas. The plan with the biker warboss is to have him join a boyz mob and when the mob gets close to the enemy he can burst out of it to charge more mobile units or ranged units that the mob is out of range of. That and it lets me use my smexy forgeworld model. Also, having 6 str 10 attacks is mighty handy for dealing with things like monoliths or other heavy tanks in which case he'd probably hang out in the mob. 2 full mobs of lootas help with light vehicles and knocking out mobile elements of my opponent's army. Also a possible 90 str 7 ap 4 shots is kinda cool. DAKKADAKKADAKKA

So whatcha think?

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