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Thanks, TKE. Keep it up! I will, thanks for saying...

"Can my Valkyrie gain a cover save for moving Flat Out in my Scout move?"

No, the Flat Out cover save can only be gained for moving in a movement phase. Similarly, a Camo Net can never be used if the opponent goes first, as there was no previous movement phase in which to remain stationary. Note that Turbo-Boosting bikes, of any variety, still gain the cover save for the Turbo-Boosters Universal Special Rule.

"If I fail to cast a Psychic power (ie, I roll an 11) can i attempt to do so again, since I did not 'use' the power?"
No. Any attempt to cast a power is considered a 'use' of the power. You suck.

DESIGNERS NOTE: Perhaps the last 2 words of the above answer could be dropped?

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