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Originally Posted by Wolf_Lord_Skoll View Post
I'll be glad to help out

Are people going to be able to post questions they want to see answered in this thread, or should we create another 'submissions' thread? I think it would be good for people to be able to submit rules they want to see Heresy FAQ'd. not all will get in of course, but it gives us ideas as well.
I think it's fine here. We're currently on quite a slow burn at the moment, although if it picks up, we can RAW it here, then if it gets out of hand (i.e. God of War), it can be taken to a seperate thread, where we can beat the meat, as it were. I'll be going through 5pm today zulu, (so 2hours 15 left from this post) and adding them in, even some that were pmed - cheers, Rev, if you read this ;)

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