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This is a good idea, Vaz (which is why I stickied it) though I think if you;re going to use RAI, those answers need to be highlighted in some way. Perhaps a different color and a line saying "The rules in this case are (unclear/contradictary/nonexistant/argued over for a dozen pages), so the following answer is based on general consensus and the collective opinion of what was intended rather than the rules as written." or something like that.

Similarly, if there is a clear RAW answer, but people feel it isn't as intended, then both answers need to be presented and labeled for what they are.

I'm fine for including RAI, but I really think it needs to be branded as such. I would hate for some kid to get in an argument over rules thinking he's got the right answer from us only to find ouot that, while reasonable, the answer isn't actually taken from the rules.

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