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Mordant 7th Regiment fluff

Commissar Pedro looked up. Chaos was coming he was sure of it. Commissar Pedro was attached to the 7th Mordant Iron Guard Regiment, and in the turmoil of the Despoilers' 13th Black Crusade, he was currently in full command of the Regiment. The Black Crusade had started several moths earlier. The 7th Mordant Iron Guard had been called in to assist as their speciality is fighting chaos.
A shadow passed over the sun and Pedro shivered. A cry form the city headquarters;
"Dreadclaws, Word bearers colours! Get your guns men form up!" It was Commissar Octavus of the First Company's first Platoon, and second in command of the Regiment.
Pedro formed up leading his Veteran Stormtrooper squad, The Brave Hearts. Octavus and Sextus formed up their platoons on him. Impacts in front of the Mordians signalled the hit of the drop pods, and Chaos Marines spewed forth. Immediately heavily concentrated las-fire blasted at the traitors. Bolters returned the greetings and Iron Guard fell, the steely resolve of the Commissars, and the rigorous training kept the Guard fighting.

What do you think?

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They are going to be called in to righteously kick the shit out of deamons and heretics before fucking off back to Titan for tea and crumpets, leaving the chaos gods thinking "I fucking hate those guys"
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