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The rainstorm intensified as the skies overhead darkened, the drops hammering off the land raiders exterior. The captain dropped down through the cupola and sighed, “looks like we’re going to get wet again boys.” His command squad grunted at this and returned to their weapons, checking that they were fully ready for the battle before them. The vox from the drivers compartment sounded and the captain strode towards it. “ Yes brother what is it?”
“ Captain Demetrius we have received a hail from the Adeptus Mechanicus division, I’m patching it through to your internal comms”
A brief wave of static burst through the captain’s ears causing him to flinch in surprise, before a tinny, wheezing voice came onto his vox. “ Greetings Captain, I am Magos Nubrek. You will be happy to know that we we’re already landing to support you when you ordered the attack so we can provide you with titans.” The voice paused and the Captain knew that there was still a downside to this. The other end of the line was filled by a great hacking cough, and when it had subsided, the magos continued, “ However, he said “we haven’t had time to deploy that many so you will only be supported by a warlord and four warhounds. While they are mighty allies, your forward scouts have reported large numbers of eldar super heavies. “
The captain thought for a moment before replying, “ We thank you for your support Magos, and while the enemy may have a large number of these vehicles, they do not have any so awe inspiring as the Mechanicum’s machines.” “ They will no doubt flee before our superior prowess.” “ I await your armour’s arrival, Demetrius out.”
Deactivating his vox, Demetrius moved forwards and pulled the drivers hatch open. “Brother I need a long range vox to the fleet now, they should have landed at their deployment posts by now.” The astarte hurriedly activated the machine and nodded to the captain, who leaned towards the microphone. “ Captain Demetrius calling fleet, Amethis, are you there?”
The vox crackled and the captain looked nervously at the driver.
Suddenly a great booming voice flickered onto the vox, startling him, “ Thats Primarch Amethis to you Captain,” the voice chuckled. ”Lucky we managed to home in on your frequency, regrettably the fleet had to withdraw to the system jump point under heavy fire from the eldar fleet, but we have now destroyed them and gained full air superiority for our deployment. Unfortunately we are still making our way back from the engagement, so your on your own for now”
“We’ll make you proud glorious primarch” Demetrius replied, before another wave of static, cut the conversation short. Walking back into the rear compartment he called out to his men, “ right men it seems like we’ll be doing this one with just 4 companies today until the fleet reaches the drop zone. E.T.A is in 3 minutes so I want all of you to be ready for assaults straightaway. We’ve fought through countless battles together, many of them against the filthy eldar, so you know the drill by now. Gaius, Leonardo and Furen I want you to form up on my left, Dreyfus, Ilis and Caphen on my right. Jorl I entrust you with the legion banner, keep it flying high my brother and we shall not fail. We shall drive a wedge through the enemy and bring the word of the emperor to these ignorant xenos!”
The Land Raider drew to a halt and the ramp fell upon with a resounding thud, and the captain strode out, followed quickly by his men. A line of vehicles stood along the edge of a complex network of trenches, each one surrounded by squads of the first company, Terminators lumbered out of their transports, before standing stoically in position, the more numerous veteran squads filtered out of their vehicles, priming their special weapons for combat while the assault squads moving out of their rhinos began to fit their jump packs and ready their weaponry for an attack. Finally Dreadnoughts moved up behind the front line, towering above the astartes and radiating an awe-inspiring presence. Demetrius looked at the force arrayed and could not help but feel overwhelmed at such a wonderful sight. Looking at his pict screen he saw that 10th company was already positioned in firing points along the line, and 2nd and 3rd company were entrenched either side of the 1st.
The ground shook as the mighty warlord titan Glorious Validictor moved towards their position, and Demetrius felt that his force would be invincible with such a godlike machine under his command. The smaller, more agile forms of the warhounds loped across the distance, coming to rest at the end of the trenches.
“Enemy armour sighted”, called Jorl, “seems like our friends came just in time.”
Demetrius hailed the Validictor, “ Princeps, we have need of your assistance against incoming enemy armour, you have full authority to open fire.” A cheerful voice came back from the titan, obviously glad at this order “ Aye Captain, starting right away”
The Validictor strode across the trenches and made its way across the battlefield, the warhounds dodging around its legs. A mass of armour approached them but Demetrius could not make them out from his position. The Princeps however could, and his eyes widened as he saw 10 revenant titans heading towards their position, their graceful strides and fragile form belittling their deadly weaponry. Although smaller than the warlord, a host of them would almost certainly destroy his warhounds and cause his titan damage if he allowed them to get within range. The warhounds opened fire with their Turbo-laser Destructors, taking two of the enemy down with precise fire. Lowering his arm weaponry the princeps readied the guns, a volcano cannon on his right and a a laser blaster on his left. Opening fire on the lead revenant he gave a whoop of triumph as he saw it fall under the barrage of firepower. It raised itself up again and his triumph turned to rage as he saw its holo fields had protected it from most of the damage. As his arm weapons cooled down he aimed the Imperiums most deadly weapon at the revenants, a vortex missile. Launching it high into the air, it followed a perfect trajectory straight towards the two nearest eldar titans. Impacting upon the ground near them it activated and a glowing ball of darkness grew out from the crater, enveloping the surrounding titans, their matter drawn into the vortex to become the very stuff of the warp. The remaining revenants moved around the crater of warp matter, hurrying to escape from its embrace. As they grew nearer, they raised their own weaponry and the pulsars on their arms shone with energy as they targeted the warhounds, their void shields buckling under the firepower before giving in and allowing the beams of energy to smash into their bodies. The warhounds were able to dispatch two more revenants before resigning themselves to death. Their explosions shook the warlords legs and it lowered its arms to greet the revenants, spitting out lances of energy at them, while a carapace mounted gatling blaster, fired shot after shot into them, the firepower beginning to tell as more fell and only two remained. The princeps checked damage reports and was told that void shields were dead and all damage had been reported from the knee sections. Horrified he realised what the revenants planned to do and ordered the void shields to be brought back up quickly. The revenants fired one last shot at the legs, punching past the already broken armour and destroying the leg couplings. Wobbling, the Validictor began to fall and the revenants fired their jump jets, lifting off the air towards the carapace. Kicking the warlord with all their power, the revenants gracefully somersaulted back towards the ground, while the Validictor began to topple backwards. The Princeps opened the vox link with Demetrius “ Captain it was an honour to fight for you, and I would ask that you avenge my death” he shouted, above the wailing sirens in the command chamber.
Demetrius looked on in horror as the mighty form that he had thought indestructible, toppled towards the ground, it’s weaponry still firing at the revenants. “ That I will Princeps” he said, “ I owe you it to you for your courage in the face of certain death.”

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