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sorry to add this up, but i couldn't help it..

42 hit points? 21 shields? all of armour 6? 23 turrets?
48 !!!! lances + 20 ultra power lances?? = 68 lances?
60 points fire power weapons battery?
3 nova cannons with l/f/r arc?
+ ordnance...
differnt orders for each section?
leadership of 10 and 6 rerolls? (only that would cost about 400pts)
the value of the whole thing would be something up 7000 pts..

i surely don't want to put you down.. but what i'm trying to emphazise is, that simply no one will play a game with you when you're coming up with something like this. not even just for fun. cause it would shred hordes of battleships! in one round. it's invulnarable to ordnace. so what's the point in playing then? in a campaign your opponent would lose all ships to it and with them all rewards, refits, and all encouragment to play any further.
what i mean is, go for balance. it cannot all be just power and no not even slightly weaker points at all. it kills all the fun in a game.
come with some decent rules i will gladly check them up against the gaming mechanisms.


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