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Originally Posted by hephesto View Post
Keep up the great work, have you decided on a colourscheme already?

Thanks again for the comments and following the project. This diary format is actually a great motivator for me to really focus on this, especially now that people are watching.

As for color scheme, I'm looking at a bright, bold red as the army's main color, with other colors probably varying unit by unit, but mostly being subdued earth tones, like Khaki and tan and such.

So, to bring it all up to speed: Friday, November 16 2007:

Watered-down white glue applied to the sand on the bases.

I've got to go to the nearest store that sells GW stuff tomorrow, as I'm completely out of black primer, and I don't really want to do these guys with white, as I think they'll end up too bright for dirty, grubby Miners if I do.

So, by my count, this unit will be roughly 275 points, at unit strength 20, with full command and blasting charges!

A good start, I think.

Edit: Caught a spelling error... I grew up with a professional proof-reader for a mom, so I get a bit quirky when it comes to my spelling.
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'At two minutes to eleven, opposite the South African Brigade, at the eastern-most point reached by the British armies, a German machine-gunner, after firing off a belt without pause, was seen to stand up beside his weapon, take off his helmet, bow, and then slowly walk to the rear.' -John Buchan

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I can't help but think that every time something is proven, a little bit of the magic of the world dies.
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