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Default Glory to the foresighted

This is the beginning of a story about the II legion that I have created( If you want to know more the link to their fluff is in my sig). Any comments and tips on improving it would be appreciated. Also any suggestions on a different motto/warcry would be handy as I wanted to make something that really represents their background and think the one here is ok but could be better.

The rain poured down onto the figures standing at the window of the ruined building. Droplets pattered off their jet black armour and slid down their sodden blue cloaks. The first figure turned as the sound of hurrying footsteps were heard behind him, the hood to his cloak slipping down to reveal a glimpse of his rugged features, a smile forming on his lips. The new arrival approaching ground to a halt and saluted his fellow astarte with an aquila formed from his hands.

“What news from the forward lines sergeant?” the figure questioned “ have we engaged yet?”

The astarte met his gaze, “ the enemies forward scouts have been encountered and defeated as foreseen captain but the main force has not been sited yet”, he hesitated “ the captain wished to know if 10th company should move to the next engagement post ahead of schedule.

The captain was silent for a moment, before turning to his companion. This astarte was larger than his fellows, quite obviously wearing terminator armour, with the squad markings of a brother captain. He was standing head down in contemplation listening to the report but looked up as their gazes fell upon him.

“ Old friend, what is it that troubles you? he asked. “ Have these events not turned out as foreseen? ”

“ The preliminary engagements have done." the captain replied "but the enemy were estimated to make full contact 10 minutes ago.” Frustrated, the captain turned back to the window, peering out into the heavy rain, “ and we know our estimates origins should be flawless.”

Reaching for his helmet he activated the vox inside and put it on, 1st company captain ordering all companies to report contact status immediately“ he said, waiting for the answers to arrive. One by one the lights on his view screen lit up green for no contact, until the 4 companies stationed around the city had been accounted for.
Switching to a view of the area he searched for any breaches on trip wires or other hidden sensors, but this also gave no results. Turning back to his waiting companions he sighed, “somethings not right here, we shall proceed to the next stage of engagement for each company and I want full auspex scans on every inch of the city.” “ And sergeant, tell the captain to keep you scouts on a maximum alert for contact”

The sergeant hurriedly saluted and raced back to his post to inform his captain of the plans. The brother captain raised a new pict screen on a display on the wall. “Captain” he called, “ heres our problem, our leaders visions have become plagued by influences from the warp clouding his mind from this area.” “ We can’t tell when the next attacks will be or how large a force to expec.....”

Boooooom.. a large explosion rocked the building, rubble toppling down into the street. Out of the window a large pillar of smoke could be seen rising up from the industrial sector of the city, where a missile had obviously impacted on an explosives factory.

A shocked look flicked across the captains face, before being replaced by a determined one. “ Quickly brother captain, to your post, the 1st company marches to the front lines.”
Opening up his vox he issued a command, “ second wave begin transport, full contact imminent, I repeat, remaining companies to make planetfall. “

Moving quickly down from the raised position, the captains moved towards the 1st companies position. A mass of vehicles stood ready, engines already running. The captains land raider stood prominently out at the front of the group. His honour guard stood ready for his arrival as he made his way towards them. He gestured that they enter the vehicle as he rapidly scaled the side of the vehicle and stood upon the roof. Looking down at the brother captain he lowered his voice “go join your squad old friend, and fight well!”

“The same to you captain,” he replied , before heading to another land raider behind the first.

Each one of the hundred vehicles massed in front of the captain held a squad of ten men, each led by the brother captains who were all stood next to their squads vehicles. The Captain raised his voice to combat the noise of the rain. “ Brothers, we stand as one against the xenos eldar once again. They do not seem to realise the foolishness of attacking the Amethyst brothers.” At this point a great cry of appreciation came from the men. “And so now, as we make our way forwards and our brothers above blaze down towards the enemy, the Legion goes to WAR! As one the assembled brother captains stamped down hard upon the ground, the sound echoing across the surrounding buildings. The Captain turned towards the front lines and they bellowed their war-cry across the distance. “ Glory to the foresighted!”

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