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1700~ish Eldar list

Some may hate it, others may like it. I made this list after reading a whack of the lists here, proxied it, and then bought the models for it. The few proxies I have had time for have went fairly well [1 win, 1 draw (1 frickin objective from a win), 1 loss], especially since I am new to the Eldar. Anyway, here are the beans.

Farseer: 130pts
Runes of Wit, Spirit Stones, Doom, Fortune

Autarch: 125pts
Warp Jump Gen., Mandiblasters, PW, Fusion Gun

Howling Banshees (8 inc. Exarch) : 155pts
Mirror Swords, War Shout

Guardians (10): 100pts

Dire Avengers (10 inc. Exarch): 152pts
Dual Catapults, Bladestorm

Dire Avengers (10 inc. Exarch): 177pts
PW/Shimmer, Defend, Bladestorm

Fast Attack:
Warp Spiders (5 inc. Exarch): 174pts
Spinneret Rifle, Powerblades, Withdraw

Warp Spiders (5 inc. Exarch): 174pts
Spinneret Rifle, Powerblades, Withdraw

Heavy Support:
Dark Reapers (5 inc. Exarch): 227pts
Tempest launcher, Fast Shot

Wave Serpent 1: 145pts
Spirit Stones, T/L Brightlance

Wave Serpent 2: 145pts
Spirit Stones, T/L Brightlance

Total: 1704

My strategy has been as follows:
-Have the Avengers in the Serpents, moving towards mid-field to close within firing distance of the enemy line or begin contesting objectives.

-Deploy the Banshee's and Farseer together and foot-slog behind the transports. Always have fortune on the Banshee mob, and start dooming when in range. Charge them into melee either in support of the Avengers, or into softened up, Doomed mobs.

-When able (usually by the 3rd turn), drop my Spiders in the opponents backfield (1 grp has the Autarch). That way I have a whole load of S6 shots and a fusion gun able to fire at the rear arch of my opponents vehicles or at any low armor artillery he is hiding in the back. The Powerblades/Withdraw are for if my opponent manages to snag a group. Only under very specific circumstances would I assault in with them.

- Pummel advancing infantry with the Reapers.

I am already planning on maybe dropping the Reapers for another group of Avengers in a Wave Serpent. Also considering dropping the Guardians for more points for Avengers or to buff out the Warp Spiders.

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