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Firstly 18 Horrors is overkill, I find that anything over 12 is a bit of a waste.

10 Horrors = 30 Warpfire shots, this is enough to dent/wipe out any regular sized GEQ unit.
I'd take 3 units of 10-12

Fatweaver is cool but you need to add some Daemon Princes, you can use them to protect Fateweaver & benefit from his reroll. Give them all the shooty options & hang back, if you get charged then you're still Daemon Princes so you can fight well, importantly you keep Fateweaver out of HtH.

I don't quite see what your Herald is doing? IMO he needs a Chariot.

Blue scribes are OK but I'm worried that you have NO Heavy Support?! I think I'd drop these in favour of adding at least 1 Daemon Prince!
The Flamers work best in units of 3 so either drop 2 or get an extra one for 2 units.

Good luck!

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