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ta for the compliment Micklez, anywhos chapter 3 for your viewing ecstasy.

Chapter 3- Kitting up and moving out
Barry reached their mobile armoury first and went about unlocking the lockers, or at least he tried.

“What the krak!? Why isn’t the password working? Okay lets try this again, input password WFY35324, still not working?” Barry cursed and smacked the locker

“Problem Mr Burtonia?” Wesker enquired

“Yeah, kraking lockers aren’t accepting the password” Barry replied

“Ah yes, I changed the passwords, I saw someone sneaking around and decided not to take any chances, new password is MA-125” Wesker said.

With the lockers now open the Kasrkins started to collect their armour and weapons, putting on the heavy Carapace armour, Strapping on the power packs for their MK:VI Hellguns and Hellpistols checking each other’s armour to make sure it was connected properly. This done they started collecting their secondary weapons. Everyone carried a combat knife, three frag grenades, and three krak grenades. Chris picked up an autopistol from his personal locker, while Barry grabbed his Bolt Pistol. Jill put her lock decoder into her side pack, Joseph grabbed his combat shotgun and strapped it across his back, and Wesker put a sheaf of documents into his side pack.

“Kasrkins are you ready to move out!” Wesker roared at the squad

“Yes Sir! For the Emperor Sir!” the Kasrkins roared back

Excellent, now all remains is to get them there Wesker ominously cogitated.

With preparations complete the Kasrkins stampeded up the Valkyries boarding ramp, Wesker bringing up the rear slammed the button to close the ramp. The pistons came to life with a serpentine hiss, the inside slowly darkening leaving the only sources of light the power gauges on their armour and the blood red light in the roof, making the squad a fearsome sight.

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