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a treat for you, 2 chapters at the same time, god i need a life.

Chapter 1- Meet the Team
Christiphorus Redfieldens (called Chris by his few friends) sat in the briefing room Adeptus Arbites Building on the planet Raccoon III, a largely forested planet with only one major population centre- Raccoon Prime,

the only thing this planets good for is men, scouts that rival those of the Tanith first-and-only mused Chris. Scouts and boredom.

Chris was a Kasrkin, the best of what Cadia had to offer, he had personally fought all the evils the universe had to offer, from Orks on Armageddon to Tyranids at Fortress Carcasson. With a figure that inspired fear in many of his foes and an intellect far greater then a normal man, Chris was a marksman, with an aim that rivalled even the legendary Astartes. Chris and his unit were in great demand by every general between here and holy terra.

so what Chris wondered Am I doing here? On this forest planet in the arse-end of nowhere?

Chris’s thoughts were interrupted when a member of unit entered the room Jillianis Valentinias (known as Jill) the teams machine specialist, respected for her ability to pick virtually any lock they come across, she had also saved the lives of many of the team, a debt Chris had yet to repay.

“Hey Chris, any idea what’s this ops about?” Jill asked

“no flipping idea Jill, all I know is that we were re-directed to this arse of a planet instead of Kladimer, shame, I was looking forward to blasting some Tau” sighed Chris

“Well we’ll find out soon enough, captains on his way” Jill replied as she took a seat.

“Any idea where Barry is?” Chris asked

“Yeah, behind you!” said the giant of a man as he snuck up on the marksman, causing Chris to jump out of his seat and land on the floor with a bang

“Barry! I’ll get you for that” Chris grumbled back at his old friend, Barrius Burtonia, the team’s huge weapons specialist, responsible for supplying and maintaining the team’s weaponry.

“Settle down men, and woman,” snapped the teams leader, Alburtis Wesker, flanked by a weedy man dressed in a yellow combat vest, Bradacklese “chicken heart“ Vickers their Valkyrie pilot, and the teams vehicle specialist Joseph Frostilicus.

“Alright everyone take your seats, we’ve got a rescue mission on our hands” Wesker commanded.

All throughout the room everyone’s attention focused on the captain, they had a job to do.

Chapter 2- Rescue Mission!
“Alright men, we’ve been asked to track down a downed Arbites Valkyrie” The captain launched into his briefing immediately

“They were dispatched to this location a supposedly abandoned building, some sort of mansion by all accounts, to investigate rumours of strange creatures, even stranger noises and some bodies that have appeared recently.” The captain continued

“However it appears that they did not reach their destination and in fact their Valkyrie came down at these coordinates: AX18374 by PK96723. Hear is their last received message”

” May Day! May Day! Valkyrie RAD-STARS-Bravo going down, some sort of engine trouble. Losing altitude, repeat RAD-STARS-Bravo is going down. Coordinates as fol…*static*”

“As you can hear it appears that they had engine trouble close to their target area and failsafe didn’t activate. We are to follow their path in our own Valkyrie, rescue any survivors and retrieve the dead, and then proceed to complete their mission. Any question?”

“Yeah, sounds like a simple fly in and fly out mission, what am I missing?” queried Chris

“Yeah what’s the catch?” echoed Jill and Barry

“We don’t have an exact fix on their position, the trees make it difficult to land in and so we will have to put down in this clearing here, about 3km from their last recorded position and search by foot” The captain answered.

“If there are no other questions, the governor wants us on this ASAP, so get kitted up were moving out”

The team, sensing the briefing was over, stood up and proceeded to the armoury to get their kit
Great, a kraking hike to find some lost coppers, how fun Chris thought as he walked to the armoury.

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