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Default Resident Evil 40K!

okay, my first ever work of fiction! please be kind, the title says it all, i'm basing it around the mansion incident and if reception is good, when i finish i might even make a sequel!

The legals:
i DO NOT own resident evil, its characters or settings. Same for Warhammer 40K, i DO NOT own its characters, settings, vehicles, races ect.

these remain property of Capcom and GW respectively

right with that done on to the story:

Resident Evil 40K!

The forest was silent…deathly silent. Trees stood all around. They were giants; tall as titans and wider than a Leman Russ. The forest was massive, extending further than the eye could see. A mouse scampered away in search of safety, as a high pitched whine of approaching engines smashed the serenity that once filled the peaceful forest. Thick, black smoke belched from the damaged engines of the injured Valkyrie, leaving a greasy trail behind it as it appeared over the horizon.

“May day! May Day! Valkyrie RAD-STARS-Bravo going down, some sort of engine trouble. Losing altitude, repeat RAD-STARS-Bravo is going down. Coordinates as fol…*static*”

The sound of angry rattling punctuated by the low thrumming of waning power were the only warnings the pilot had before engines finally gave up. With no power to keep it aloft, the Valkyrie crashed into the forest, crushing trees as if they were eggshells. With a sickening snap, the aft wing broke off and hit a tree; detonating the rocket pods anchored there. The resulting explosion flipped the Valkyrie end over end; sending it skidding to a halt 5km from the place it entered the forest.

The forest once again returned to silence after the sudden burst of action, and from the wreckage of the Valkyrie a stream of blood trickled out, limbs scattered around the crash site. Slowly something in the wreckage stirred.

It stumbled through the forest, drawn by the noise and the scent of blood. It was near, it was sure of it. And it was hungry, so very hungry.
End of chapter.

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