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long time no see now the action starts..

rounds are segmented into
1. orders phase
2. movement phase (1.compulsory, forced moves 2. everything else alternating)
3. first fire phase (alternating by detachments, squads, etc)
4. close combat phase
5. advanced fire phase (alternating by detachments, squads, etc)
6. end phase

i will only post noteworthy things.

round 1



(blue arrows are charge orders, green ones are advance orders, units that did not move or did so but have no arrow are either on first fire or are command units)

chaos wins initiative and decides to move one detachment first.
all chaos khorne units charge. no exceptions. onboard csm and termies disembark on advanced orders thus still being able to fire in the advanced fire phase. csm capture the tomb (shit, i intended to do this with my sm tacticals and assaulters). so i bring my assaulters forward to the ruins and capture that objective instead, hopefully staying out of range of those ugly bezerkers. csm terminators capture intact building, getting in hard cover (wait you bastards). the rest of my marines capture the fortress on the down left side. banelord and lord of battle move up to the center to bring all weapon into range (melters on the banelord are pretty short ranged 25cm). everything else moves up to support. csm capture objective on the bridge. my knights are pretty unsure about what to do, so i move them a bit up to gat an aim on the banelord. i let my lancers flank on the extreme left side in order to get some nice rear shots at the dathdealers in turn two. the bezekers and kharn jump from their rhinos being just within range of 1cm and crash into my assaulters (damn.. they're toast). warhounds advance forward to get their weapons into range of the tomb and the banelord.

first fire phase:

chaos has no first fire this round, so i can o whatever i please with my artillery
my griffons 'direct fire' a large 12cm diameter template over the csm on the left, ignoring cover hitting three marines and one rhino, killing one csm stand an the vehicle. first blood. now the funny part
my bombards 'direct fire' at the termies in hard cover. bombards being one hell of a weapon vs fortifications, since they destroy structures on a single failed save (normally two failes saves are needed) and posses a target save modifier (tsm) of-3. the bombards hit everything with their shot (4xtermies, 1x land raider, 1xbuilding)
here is the pic. you get the idea i think

the building fails his save and crashesinto rubble, normally all infantry would be dead but termies always receive at least an fixed save of 6+ no matter what. he fails all of them. he decides to use elite rerolls for them. once again he fails them all four stands of termi die and a land raiser die without have achieved anything or even having fired a shot!!! the emperor guides my fire.

this is what remained of them:
rest in pieces. my buddy was close to tears.

the rest of my army on first fire degrades to advanced fire..

close combat phase:

there is only one cc. 5x bezerkers and kharn vs 6x sm assaulters

five assaulers die, so does one bezerker (assaulters caf is +3, berzerkers +6, kharn +8).
he plays a chaos card on his berzerkers then. blood rage (not blood rage of khorne), enabling the loonies to charge some further 10cm and fight a second round of cc!!! killing the last assaulter 1 rhino, 2 contemptors losing only one stand of themselves vs a contemptor..
these suckers wreaked maximum havoc and furthermore are contesting the objective i captured with the now dead assaulters.. it sucked. trust me. revenge for the termies i guess..

advanced fire:
pretty much everything (devastators and ig heavys) fires at the banelord causing all six shields to go down.
the warhound on the left fires his inferno cannon into the tomb killing some csm and his turbo laser destructor at the unshielded banelord causing a hit to the head, which it saves easily.

the punishers and venerable dreadnought pretty much kill all but one berzerkers with sustained fire from assault cannons and the venrables heavy melter. the marine hq scores a hit on kharn which he saves.
the paladins kill one dathdealer.
my other warhound fires his vulcan mega bolter at the last berzerker and kharn, killing the berzerker and forcing kharn to take another save, which he succeeds again. the warhounds then fires his plasma blastgun at the charging banelord. big trouble for the big guy (-4 tsm). hitting the head. the banelord fails his save. YES!!! but the roll for damage only comes up with a one, destroying the headmounted weapon and forces the banelord to charge again next turn hehehe, no shooting with you this game big buddy. the knight baron adds some futher fire vs the banelord and manages to penetrate the reactors plating. rolling a 1 for damage the banelords cafis now halved.my mate is really angry by now.

(you can also see the lancers sneaking up the left flank in tis pic)

imperials only suffer minor casualities. the warhound on the left loses all shield due to sustained fire from the csm.

end phase:

warhound raises 2 shields, banelord 3.
chaos is ahead in vp with 21 to 14. shit this means alls his demon engines and greater demons will kick ass (except for the banelord,who will just stupidly charge further on into my guns )

we took a break at this point and drowned some beer..

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