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Default The Throng of Kazad Hazkal comes forth!

Hi all,
I'm beginning my newest project, a lovely Dwarf army for WHFB and I thought I'd do it all in a diary sort-of format.

I made a huge purchase and it arrived today, so here's what I'll be working with:

Battle For Skull Pass
12 Dwarf Warriors
10 Dwarf Thunderers
8 Miners
1 Dwarf Thane
1 Dwarf Dragon Slayer
1 Dwarf Cannon w/ three crew
Dwarf Army Box
2 Dwarf Cannon/Organ Guns w/ crew
40 Thunderers/Quarellers
40 Warriors/Longbeards
20 Miners
Other Stuff
1 Dwarf Lord & Battle Standard set
1 Gyrocopter
1 Dwarf Bolt-thrower
1 Dwarf Champion (the Direct Exclusive one smoking his pipe, with a great axe in the other hand)
1 Dwarf Master Engineer
1 Dwarf Runelord
...both box sets also contibute a whole fleet of pony/wagon combos, too!

The plan is, as they'll be from Kazad Hazkal ("New Hold" I'm translating it as...) to go with a color scheme of reds and browns.

I'm going to start assembling the Warriors from the Skull Pass box set first, as they'll require less work than the more detailed ones from the Army box. I've in mind to paint up a unit or war-machine, then a character (as a reward for the grueling work of doing up a whole unit... and an excuse to really take my time with detail work and stuff).

So, as of 11:50 pm on Nov. 12, 2007, this is where I'm at:
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'At two minutes to eleven, opposite the South African Brigade, at the eastern-most point reached by the British armies, a German machine-gunner, after firing off a belt without pause, was seen to stand up beside his weapon, take off his helmet, bow, and then slowly walk to the rear.' -John Buchan

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