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before i post setup some words to our battle plans. first thing to say is this was the fourth game in a campaign and we lost quite a good deal of troops in the previous battles with chaos leading the count of won matches with 2:1.
i lost two out of three titans from my reaver battlegroup,so the mechanicus decided not to risk the last of the precious machines and sent an knight paladin household with knight lancer and a baron as support instead. mr. chaos had virtually no demon engines or greater demons left except for the lord of battle and the deathdealers. i fortunately also managed to kill his heavy attilery (cannons of khorne) in the game before. unfortunately he also did this to my artillery and leman russ company. so i picked what i got for reserve. my dark angels hadn't made their apperance before in this campaign so the were fresh with dreadnought support. the plan was to support the assault marines with my contemptors and the venerable dreadnought euipped with banner of victories was to improve the close combat skill of those troops even futher. not that i took big hope in standing a melee vs the khornate loonies.
the plan was to deny the chaos troops as many objectives as possible. this would be crucial, cuz if chaos was ahead in victory points (vp) the death dealers, the lord of battle and the friggin banelord would gain an extra +1 to all their saving throws, to hit rolls and would add an extra D6 in close combat. and that would simply be a pain in the ass. all the more because the banelord had aquired the battle honour 'heavy armour plating' in the game before, so he would be all but unstoppable if chaos was ahead in vps.
the good thing about the demon engines and greaer demons of khorne is that they're not allowed to take first fire (ff) orders. they always must have at least advance (ad) orders and move towards the enemy. so the fire inbound in my direction would be only light rain in the first fire phase, but all the more heavy in advanced fire. so my artillery, devastators and ig heavys had to dish out generously in ff.
back to the point of denying objectives to chaos. this would prove difficult since he was fielding bezerkers and kharn the betrayer mounted in rhinos. paired with the blood rage of khorne card i had nothing that could match their speed and brutality in close combat. not even the paladins on charge (knights double their close assault factor (caf) on charge), so moving up to the tomb with my assaulters would end in carnage with all the losses on my side. so i was anxious how this would turn out.

mr.chaos recieved four chaos cards (3 for the lord of battle and one for the chaos renegades) the world eaters century recieved their fixed blood rage of khorne card. the chaos cards enables non mechanical chaos units to warp during the game with differnt effects from incrasing caf to forcing morale checks of the opponent. they can also be used for saving greater demons when they suffered a killing blow. since he had only four of them i knew he would need them to keep his lord of battle intact and running. so i was relativly save of being harassed with even further card boosted crazyheads.

a nice thing for me also was that when i rechecked his points it turned out that he actually forgot to pay for the lord of battles weapons. he didn't want to withdraw any of his units to compensate for this, so i was allowed to buy some more stuff until we were even again. sneaky (bastard) me decided to go for a battle honour for each of my warhounds. picking 'increased shielding' i boosted their defence qualities quite nicely, adding two void shields to a total of four to each one needles to say he didn't like it at all.

so, i'm tired for now. tomorrow i will post setup and sketches and the rest of da plan.. sorry for any mistakes.

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