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Part 2

Covert Ops/Kill team (40k models)

Imperial: [1] Defend the Planetary Defences
Chaos: [1] Destroy all 3 defence silos

Now we discussed the rules we were going to use and decided that Kill team probably suited us best, but we modified them to suit our needs. Therefore i had 15 Chaos Space Marines and the defenders had around 35-40 guardsmen. This is not a 40k forum so i shall be a bit more brief then the BFG description here. The idea was for every silo i failed to destroy my forces would be reduced by 10%.

Deployment saw the defence silos (represented by Basalisk models) arrayed in a triangle pointing towards my deployment zone. The game itself was pretty straightforward. Using cover my Marines agvanced upon the first silo and engaged the defenders with bolters at maximum range catching several in the open and my lone missile launcher destroying the Silo on the second attempt. With the enemy in retreat i split my forces and went for both objectives at the same time. The retreating squad rallied and caught my left squad in a crossfire and that combined with fire from another squad killed 2 of my marines. I advanced and rapid fired my way through the squad infront of me. There were still alot of troops between me and the Silos now, and more were heading in.

My right hand team stopped and aimed a missile at the Silo but missed again! This game the guards more time and by the time their firing turn came my troops were utterly out gunned and they were wiped out with a bit of help from the enemies Plazma guns! With only 5 men left i headed towards the closest Silo but was forced to assault into a full guard squad of face being assaulted myself. I easily cut through that squad but that left me exposed in open ground still short of my objective. With Grenades the only way of destroying the final 2 silos and my men pinned down and out gunned i surrendered. Only 1 silo destroyed so as per our agreement my forces were reduced by 20% for the final epic game instead of 30%... game on!!

Imperial: [1] Defend the Planetary Defences 2/3 DEFENDED
Chaos: [1] Destroy all 3 defence silos 1/3 DESTROYED

Score 3-3

To be continued...

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