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Icon Planetary Invasion: BFG, Epic and 40k

This was a day long scenario that we ran at my house a few months back. We wanted to see just how closely you could incorporate the different 40k gaming systems into one massive scenario. We set it around a Chaos Invasion of an Imperial held world. A 3000pt Chaos Fleet attacked a 2000pt Imperial defence fleet. A 1500 Pt Space Marine fleet was held in reserve as a relief force for the Imperial garrison.

If the Invasion was a success we set up a 40k game that would be an attempt to disable ground based defences using a 15 man Chaos space marine force against some Imperial Guard units using our own take on the Combat Patrol rules.

From then depending on how the previous two missions came off we were to have a massive Epic battle for control of the planetary capital between the Chaos forces (represented mostly by rebel guard and Chaos Space Marines) and an Imperial army with armour and Titans with Space Marine re-enforcements arriving shortly after.

As you can see, we didn’t plan to do things by half and this was our biggest challenge yet. I was to fight as the Invading Chaos forces, and my two mates took the side of the brave Imperial defenders, one Imperial one Space Marine. The battle for the Terbidius Sector was on…

Part 1

The Space Battle (Battlefleet Gothic)

Imperial: [1] Hold the Chaos fleet at bay until re-enforcements arrive. [2] Destroy the Chaos Flagship.
Chaos: [1] Enough of your fleet must arrive to take the planet. [2] Destroy the Imperial Flagship

I wanted to fight this battle like a Chaos warlord would, meaning there would be little if any Bracing, loads of heavy firepower, loads of damage and carnage. I wanted to engage the Imperial fleet as soon as I could as I didn’t know when the Space Marine fleet would arrive so I set off with that in mind. I closed with the Enemy fairly rapidly with Slaughter and Carnage Cruisers leading my line, backed up with Fighter cover from Devastations. In addition to this I had a Despoiler Heavy Carrier and a Desolator Battleship and 4 Hades Heavy Cruisers, a Styx and around 3 Squadrons of various escorts. Amongst other Defending ships were an Emperor Class Battleship, a Vengeance class Grand Cruiser, a Mars class battle cruiser and at least another 8 Cruisers and 3 Destroyer squadrons.

I lost a Slaughter to two direct hits from Nova cannon fire, and a couple of other ships took damage in one form or another from those fearsome weapons, but there was no slowing me down. Fighters from my carriers dealt with nearly all incoming torpedoes and while some did leak through and cause damage, none of it was crippling. With the Emperor in the centre of his lines it seemed to be the logical place to break through, so I set my fleet heavy in the centre to punch through. Due to their slight speed advantage the Slaughters made it into weapons range first and opened up on his centre formation first destroying a Gothic cruiser and crippling another Lunar. Return fire from the whole of his fleet however destroyed two of my Cruisers and left the third crippled. They had achieved their goal however and when 4 Carnage Cruisers arrived the next turn they hammered the Imperial ships with devastating broadsides. Another two cruisers were destroyed and the Emperor was crippled. Just when the Imperials though they had survived the onslaught massive Lance shots from the Despoiler and the Desolator hit home and the Emperor was destroyed and exploded taking an already heavily damaged Dauntless light cruiser with it and crippling a Carnage. Ranged lance fire from the Hades and bomber waves had destroyed a cruiser each and with this loss, Imperial lines collapsed and they turned tail and headed back to their own planet. In a last act of defiance a Torpedo salvo from a roaming Cobra squadron hit home hard against my Styx carrier causing a hull breach and its destruction, ironically killing 2/3 of the Cobras in the explosion!!

My Chaos Armada the Imperial relentlessly, long range lance fire wracking their fleet as their rearguard was picked apart and mercilessly destroyed. It was not all bad news for the Imperium however, as it was at this point that the welcome sight of the fresh Space Marine fleet screaming onto the battlefield redoubled their efforts to not lose the planet. As if to symbolise this the Mars Battle cruiser hit the shieldless Despoiler with a Nova cannon shell that all but destroyed it, leaving it with 1 hit point left, bridge destroyed and its engines offline. Despite my best attempts is was destroyed in later turns by Cannon fire from the Space Marines. Those cursed marines scythed their way into my already battered fleet causing untold destruction. Three cruisers were lost without reply and I was forced to split my fleet in two to try and halt them, or at least slow them down. Most of my lance equipped ships turned to engage the Marines while the remaining ships fought their way on towards the planet. The speed of the Marine escorts allowed them to bypass my 2nd fleet and harass my invasion fleet. The second fleet clashed with the Marines and gave a good account of themselves. A Battlebarge was destroyed with concentrated lance fire as well as two other Strike cruisers, but once the Marines were within Cannon and Thunderhawk range my fleet was all but destroyed. Their loss however was not in vein, as across the board my main fleet smashed through the rag tag bunch of surviving Imperial ships and began their landings!! The Battle for the Terbidius System raged on…

Objectives update:
Imperial: [1] Hold the Chaos fleet at bay until re-enforcements arrive FAILED
[2] Destroy the Chaos Flagship ACCOMPLISHED
Chaos: [1] Enough of your fleet must arrive to take the planet ACCOMPLISHED
[2] Destroy the Imperial Flagship ACCOMPLISHED

Score 2-1

To be continued…

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