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Default Titan Legions Battle Imperials vs. Chaos

hey ho,

finally did it. as announced a 4000pts per side battle report. this game took place nearly a year ago and was very well documentated,though no pictures were taken. i rearranged the battle setup after correspondence with my gaming buddy with my own armies and terrain in order to be able to take some quality pics to post here. we used the netepic 5.0 rules which are basically improved titan legions / space marine rules and can be found online. we added two characters of our own development (kharn and venerable dreadnought), that have been playtested and adjusted several times and found to be save by now.

i will post this battle in several steps since the last pics are still to be taken and edited. so keep checking back.

first i will post the army list of each side and a pic of every unit thats worth being depicted. so just the specials.

i played imperials in this battle. my buddy ordered the khornate loonies.


1.company: space marine battle comp 850
1support: punisher dreadnoughts 150
2support: contemptor dreadnoughts 100
3support: -
4support: -
5support: -
special : venerable dreadnought (melta, lighntning claw, banner of victory) 200

2.company: adeptus mech knight paladin household 600
1support: knight lancer detachment 200
2support: -
3support: -
4support: -
5support: -
special : knight baron 200

3.company: imperial guard tactical company 600
1support: bombard battery 200
2support: griffon battery 200
3support: heavy infantry plattoon 200
4support: -
5support: -
special : warhound scout titan squadron (480-->)500
(lupus ridens:the laughing wolf armed with vulcan mega bolter and plasma blastgun) / (lupus cantans:the singing wolf armed with inferno gun and turbolaser destructor)
+ free commissar and rhino
lupus ridens / lupus cantans


1.company: world eaters century 600
1support: world eaters terminator detachment 350
2support: land raider squadron 250
3support: rhino squadron 50
4support: rhino squadron 50
5support: -
special : kharn the betrayer 150

2.company: chaos renegades warband 600
1support: cultist riders 100
2support: chaos androids 50
3support: -
4support: -
5support: -
special : -

3.company: lord of battle (armed with deathstorm, doomburner) 400
1support: fleshhounds of khorne 100
2support: bloodletters of khorne 150
3support: demon engines of khorne (deathdealers) 300
4support: juggernaughts of khorne 150
5support: -
special : khorne banelord titan (fixed weapons. many) 700
Lord of battle1a.JPGBanelord1a.JPG

for any one interested, i will put more higher resolution pics in the gallery section.

so far for now.will post battlefield, setup and battleplans tomorrow (hopefully ;) )

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