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Written by Grik and asianavatar


The Lizardmen are the Children Of The Gods. They were the first race created by the Old Ones. They have spent aeons being shaped by the will of the Old Ones. They have Mastered the Arts of Magic and Warfare. The Slann Mage-Priests are some of the most powerful magic users the world has ever known. They are not born like the warm blooded races but rather spawned in spawning pools deep below their tepmple cities. The Slann Mage-Priest spend a majority of their time in quiet contemplation of what the Old Ones' plans are. Skinks run the day to day operations of the temple cities as well as being artisans, scribes and personal servants to the Slann. Saurus are spawned for one purpose only: War. This includes the protection of the Lizardmen race and temple cities and the destruction of Chaos. Kroxigors are nothing but giant brutes used for heavy labour around the temple cites.


The majority of the Lizardmen models are plastic except characters and a few monsters and mounts (Terradons, Salamanders, Kroxigors and Razordons). There has been one major remodelling of the Lizardmen models with big changes to the Skinks, Saurus and Slann. However, due to the natural look of the models and the variances in animals we see everyday, justifying a mix of the old models with the new ones in an army are not that much of a problem.

  • Saurus
  • Saurus Cold Ones
  • Temple Guard
  • Skinks
  • Stegadon
  • Slann
  • Heroes
  • Kroxigors
  • Carnosaur
  • Chameleon Skinks
  • Terradons
  • Razordons
  • Salamanders
Because of the distinct look of the Saurus there is not a lot of room for huge conversions, although subtle conversions to some of the larger models, especially the Slann, can be easily done if the proper bits are found or if one has decent skill working with green stuff. However, a quick bits here and there, one could easily have a hero just by using a standard plastic Saurus.

Painting is pretty forgiving. Most models donít have large flat surfaces so getting a smooth finish is not much of an issue. Most models can be easily and quickly completed with a basecoat, wash and highlight and look great up close. The army can work both as a solid army theme in terms of colour or as multi-hued random mix of colours. As long as the bases are kept to a certain theme a army of different coloured units will still look pretty good together.

Game Play

The newest Lizardmen book provides one of the most balanced army lists in the newest version of Warhammer Fantasy. An army can be built to fit almost any play style from full out magic to full out combat. The only thing a Lizardmen army lacks is long range shooting. Stegadons can take bows but they are expensive and inadequate to be considered useful at long range.

The army plays very much like a combined force, although you can dish out some devastating heroes like a Slann or old blood, unlike other armies there is no one special, rare or character that will single handedly win you a game. The best bet for a competitive army is to have faith in your standard Saurus warriors who are one of the best point for point troops in the game, second only to Chaos warriors in effectiveness for the points cost.
If you are looking for a easy one dimensional army you are looking in the wrong place. Although you can focus on one aspect of the game, a well rounded balanced Lizardmen army will do better than one focused on one specific phase.

Money Saving

Cost wise the army is decent; the majority of your troops are plastic and are average GW prices. However Saurus are sold in sets of 16 which do not help when most people want to run them in blocks of 20, so you might have a few extra Saurus around which could be used to build Saurus heroes with some quick conversion work and a different colour scheme. Extra Temple Guard might be another good way to create some Saurus heroes.

Other than that, most of the other models are pretty distinct which makes it hard to find cheaper alternatives, although the previous version of Lizardmen fit right with the newer ones and a look on ebay or online, one might be able to get a decent start on their army for cheap.

Last thing, sit down and consider your lists before you go out and by models. The Lizardmen army provides many cool units which seem great on paper but only fit into a certain play style or are really not that good. Planning properly will keep one from buying models which end up not being an effective part of the army.

Another option is Ebay. Buying the old Lizardmen models will help immensely, especially when it comes to Saurus. Granted the old Saurus models look no where near as good as the new models, same with the older Skinks, but you can get large numbers for cheap to help start your army or flesh out your army on a budget. While they are not the newest models GW makes, they are GW models and as such are perfectly legal in any GW or GW sponsored tournaments.


The Lizardmen army provides a balanced force which can fit almost any playerís style. A player will find that with a few small changes to the army it will play completely differently. This will keep things new and keep play from getting boring. Also the army can also be easily painted pretty quickly and can almost be done in any colour scheme imaginable, leaving things open to whatever look the player likes. This is not a beginner army, but it is a forgiving army if you do make a few mistakes. Overall it is a very good army to consider playing.

Where to go from here

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