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I think your missing out on all the crazy elements of the Ordo Malleus. That looks more like a tough IG list than a Daemonhunters. And it can't really surprise the enemy with anything.

You can take Daemonhosts since you have no Grey Knights, and they have serious potential to disrupt a battle plan.

Also the Assassins, particularly Callidus, are awesome.

Both units add an element that can disrupt an enemy's plan. The Storm Troopers are just hoping to shoot more than they get shot and the Inquisitor is just going to roll forward and assault.

I'd say lose the two flamer squads and get an assassin and some daemonhosts.

The lance strike is also nasty since it can pretty much cut off one piece of the board. It lands every turn after in comes from reserves, so getting it early is a big factor in its success, but it is nasty.

So I guess you should try to mix it up a bit otherwise you'll be a little to predictable with no elites
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