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Yeah, that's the one I meant, 'Vengeance of the Spider God'. It has the exact same effect as 'Wrath of the Spider God', but it's only difference is that it doesn't require Line of Sight or a Range maximum. When people roll that, there's never an occasion when a Goblin Shaman on Foot or Spider can't roll about on Foot or Spider, and target anything in range, and Line of Sight is never really an issue, unless you want to hide it.

It sounds good, but unless you're playing short edges as the the deployment zone, won't have that much benefit, especially for +3 to cast, and would always swap for the Magic Missile. Hence, having the 'Rending' of the Spiders (rather than say 2D6 hits, like most Second Level Magic Missiles) could make it a viable counter Armour Spell (Like Pit of Shades, Rule of Iron, or Cloying Quagmire).

Over the 5+ Ward Save, fair enough. It seems sensible to keep it at that then, as 3+ Ward Save Trappers could result in some Hilarious situations versus Chaos Knights, against which they're already quite powerful.

I just had a Revelation when thinking over the spell list, and remembered that O+G get benefits for being near Locus of the Waaagh, and you also Gain benefits for being near trees in Master of the Wood/Tree Singing, so rather than a direct Copypasta, a benefit to casting would be a goodun, IMHO. It also stops nasty annoying Spamming of Lone Goblin Spell casters on spiders casting Magic Missiles/Rot, by keeping them near the lines, and also links well with Treeside Ambushers. IMHO, anyway. Which Reminds me, I need to get around to working out a Spell List for Kislev. Bah, I'll do that after finishing the units for Kislev.

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