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Thanks for feedback Vaz, I appreciate the chance to bounce ideas of people!

The reason I left it as a 5+ ward rather than a +2 is to keep the casting level low (as a 3+ ward on my braves would be pretty groovy). I wanted to avoid the little Waaagh! failure of having stupidly high casting values on the first couple of spells, also the braves are the only ones with a ward save, the forest charms thing is an AS. That said it is definitely an option if I swapped it for a spell further up the list.

Corrupted Fungal Blight is actually inspired by an O&G spell, but you are probably right that with the less nasty miscast table and all it could do with being a 12. I am happy to bump it to 12 as I don't want it to be a beardy list.

With the no armour save do you mean just for Vengeance of the Spider god? I like the idea definitely, just checking what you were suggesting!

I think +1 to cast near woods is genius!
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