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Nice Magic List. Few things though -

The 2nd Spell, with the proliferation of Charms, then I think that granting a +2 to existing Ward Saves could be beneficial - for Magic Items, I think a 5+ Ward Save should be maximum, so it doesn't get to a 2+ Ward Save, which could be pretty insane.

Corrupted Fungal Blight? 10+ to target one model? To take an Initiative Test, or Die? Whoa, goodbye Monsters. I think that should be a 12+. It's nasty enough as it is, but it also means that it needs IF on 2 dice, so you can't just spam 4 Level 1 Shamans, and hope to use that, while having hundreds of Goblins/Zerker Trolls. 12+ makes it nastier that it requires IF with Level 1's, or a Level 2 to use effectively, otherwise, a 4 of those Goblins can zoom around on Spiders, and pop off Dwarf Lords etc with Ease. Nice spell, but casting value is a bit low, IMHO.

For the Spiders God spell, I'd make them so that any attacks which roll a 6 to wound ignore armour. Makes it more useful than if they were inside 24", as the Magic Missile would be more useful (unless of course they're protected versus Magic Missiles, but you won't know that).

Otherwise, an Excellent Magic List! One little thing though - If they are within 12" of a wood, perhaps a +1 to cast?

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