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Definately, small squads of bezerkers in rhinos.. I dont know about bloodfeeder though.. a maximum of 17 attacks on a charge may seem like a good idea.. but, having 2D6 extra attacks means double the chance of rolling that dreaded 1..

I once decided to try out my World Eaters against nids.. My Khorne lord charged a very large unit of gaunts.. Not a single gaunt left even even a scratch on him. The servant of the Blood God was taken out by his own daemon weapon in 4 turns, successfully attacking once...
Now, I'll only use him in fun battles, or apocalypse for fluff...

..speaking of, I think you should stick with 8man zerker squads, since zerkers and a lord are completely different units and having a lord join the squad wont mess up the fluff.. Otherwise it will always be 7 zerkers and 1 lord.. No one will use the word "eight"

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