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Let's see... You need multi-storey Imperial-esque ruins on the cheap? Simple. Use those styrofoam trays/boxes that plants are sold in (called "flats" around here). Watch for when people toss them out after planting, and you can secure enough to build a sector for cheap. Wash them out, and then simply stack them like blocks. You WILL need to add proper floors, as the bottom of the tray/boxes can be quite irregular; Plasticard or even just cereal box card work well. I built this one with fixed floors, but the crafty or ambitious ones out there can build in such a way so that the "floors" can be removed to better access models...

Then simply paint with an old tank brush, as spray paint will melt the foam. signs and details were added after painting, and the base is an old hunk of hard floral foam. All told, the building costs only what the paint and hot glue sticks go for...

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