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Chapta' 8 - Finale

“I'z can't believe wot happened ta little Ugu.”
“Neida' can I, flashgit Gobroz.”

The spess mahreens, Eldar, guardsmen and orks just went behind Ugu. The Chaos forces ran at eldar speed and sometimes shot at the black beast, but the rounds and and energy just bounced back. Not a good day to be fighting for the three gods and the goddess.
They were getting closer to the fortress. The commanders were together... and something was wrong.
“What is that... energy?”
“Wot energey, Ash-nu?”
“I feel... oh no... they... have finished.”
Silence. Complete and utter silence. And then the earth shook... both forces stopped.


“Yes! Release your fury!!”
“Rakul, we ssstill have to keep their leaderssss occupied.”
“Yes. Otherwise, they could jeopardize everything. And that would not be delicious.”
“You worry too much! Let's just get this over with!
The four lords headed outside, all remaining forces with them. And a dark entity behind.


“Look at dat! Newcomaz!”
The full might of the Chaos forces now stood against them. Four lords in the front, ready to clash with the allied commanders. And then... a dark shadow appeared.

It grew into a huge, and I'm talking Ugu-size, creature. Its skin changed colour rapidly, but its eyes burned with the same dark red. The number of its eyes changed, though.
Its head was lizard-like and adorned with two small, bat-like wings that changed size.
Its back was adorned by blade-like scales and uncountable wings.
Two legs that looked like they could smash a baneblade.

It was a quite awesome... and intimidating sight. It spoke, its voice changed too:

“I have been released from the depths of the Warp, the mightiest warrior of Change. I am unstoppable, no one save for the god himself can defeat in the use of of energies. I am perfect... I am Cambius!!! Which of you worms wish to challenge the might of Chaos?!”

On the side of good, there was silence... then:
“I'z do! Nagosh Ubzug!!”
“Me, too! Flashgit Gobroz!”
“Don't ferget Muskit and Ugu!!!”
The black beast roared. More joined:
“I shall deliver your death with speed and grace! Ash'nu!!”
“By the might of the astartes, you shall fall!! Rightius Codexus!!!”
“We will strike you with the Emperor's hammer!! Alix Mosiv!”

The creature seemed amused.
“Not even with your little pet can you hope to scratch my hide. You shall all fall! Come!!!”
With that, the Chaos force started moving, morale restored thanks to the power of Tzeentch.

On the other side:
“Let's go, Ugu! Show 'im wot ya goooot!!!!”
Ugu charged straight at the daemon of Tzeentch and the two beasts clashed.

Below them, a great battle was waged... and not just between commanders.


Altian plummeted to the ground, a bolter bullet-sized hole in one of his wings. The Rubric now stood above him, ready to deliver the final blow. Just then, a power blade went through the marine's chest and the automaton then fell to the ground.
“I think you owe me one, Altian.”
He knew that voice only too well. He rose looked in Kilina's direction, raised his weapon and shot. A berzerker just inches behind her.
“I don't think so, Kilina.”
Marines fell around the two, yet no assailant could be seen. Lokan appeared before them.
“Start fighting, or you'll both owe me.”
They were both quite surprised... but Altian spoke:
“Sorry, Lokan. Shall we, Kilina?”
“By all means.”
All three charged at the Chaos forces. They met Gobroz on the way, too.


Ash'nu dodged yet another bolt of Chaos flame.
“Give up! Your psyker powers is nothing compared to the might of Change!!!”
“We shall see, sorcerer!”
Ash'nu created a barrier, that blocked another attack.
“My turn!”
The Eldar gathered psionic energy and released it in the form of lightning. Rakul created a barrier of his own... but it seemed to be weakening.
“This... can't be!!! My base INT stat is higher than yours!!!”
“But I have racial INT bonus and this armour ain't just a decoration.”
“Damn.... it. Damniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!”
The barrier shattered and Rakul was sent flying.


“Come here, YOU PIECE OF SH*BEEP*!!!!!”
“Gladly!! Your blood will look well on the ground here!”
Skalius' power wrench met with the lord's hammer... Skalius was trying hard.
“Your skull will look great on the great one's throne!”
A red aura gathered around Skalius.
“What?! N-n-n-n-nnoooo!!!!”
Sangus' hammer was torn in half by a wave of anger. A blow with a powerfist did not permit him to remain standing.


“I bet your blood is just delicious!!!”
“Too bad you shall not taste it, heretic!!!”
Carito's chain-blade gave the lord an advantage in range... Rightius just couldn't get close enough. And how could he... hmmm...
“Would be alright with the codex?” he thought. And I heard him.
Well, there isn't any rule AGAINST. Go ahead.
“Thank you, writer.”
His hands clasped and he uttered a prayer towards teh emprah. His daemonhammer glowed in a golden hue.
“You can't reach me, fool!”
“Oh, really?”
He raised his hand and threw his Daemonhammer with full strength.
The mighty weapon impacted the lord's chest and... you guessed it, he was sent flting.


Now, it's time for the ultimate battle of the centuries... Nagosh Ubzug and Morus the Itchy. The ultimate clash of two powerful entities, that will decide the fate of this battle...

Nagosh charged straight at the Nurglite, brushing off the man's pestilence blasts. A single bash with his choppa... and ya know wot happen'd.


The four lords travelled into one spot... and met. Their backs hurt quite a bit.
“Damnit! We have to retreat!” Sangus wasn't happy.
“A delicoius thought!”
“Let'sssss run!!”
Rakul looked at the allied commanders.
“Enjoy your small triumph while you can!! The Imperium is doomed!!!”

Rakul then used the power of Tzeentch to transport them away... FAR away.

“He wuz right!! We'z gotta stop da big daemun!!!!”
They looked upwards... Ugu seemed to be having trouble...


“Pathetic creature!!! Feel the power of change!!!”
A ray of blue energy struck Ugu... and the squigghot... became a squig once again. Before he fell to the ground, Muskit commented:
“I'z hatez plot deveecez.”
He landed on the ground.
“Ugu, you'z okay?!”
A lick was his answer. The others were soon there.
Cambius gloated:
“See, mortals?! I have crushed your only hope!! You will now dieeeeee!!!”
“Not today, ya ova'powa'd git!!!”
The daemon looked straight at them.
“And what could one ork do against me?”
“I'z not just one ork! Let's show 'im!!”

Ash'nu released a bolt of psychic lightning. It dissipated before it even got close to the beast.
“Did you really think that would work?”
“Oh, it did!”
The daemon looked curious. As rightious' daemonhammer landed on its smallest toe, it showed... pain.
“Owwwwww!!! Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Son of a...!!!”
The daemon hopped on one leg, creating tremors.
Skalius took out a strange bolter from a compartment in his armour and threw it to the ork warboss.
“Wot iz it?”
“A mother*BEEP* HOLY BOLTER!!! When you absolutely HAVE TO KILL SOME DAEMON FU*BEEP*!!!!”
“Thanks! Dis'll do da trick!!”
The ork ran to a nearby Wraithlord and screamed at it.
“Frow me to da daemun!!!”
The Wraithlord obeyed and threw Nagosh like a baseball. The ork hit Cambius square in the chest, which made the daemon stumble.
“Who dares....?!?!?!?”
“I'z do!!!”
Nagosh used his choppa to climb up to the thing's shoulders. One of its hands tried to grab him, but a single bash was enough to send it away.
“Fool! How do you wish too ha... wait!!! WHAT IS THAT?!?!?”
“Holy bolta', daemun!!!”

Cambius' eyes, which were all on the same side of his head right now, grew wide. Nagosh pulled the trigger... and the daemon screeched in pain.
Its head epicly exploded, and its body dissipated. Nagosh fell to the ground.

Gobroz was the first to get closer.
“Boss!!! Are ya...?!?”
“Yeh, I'z okay. Da daemun ain't, though!!”


“Tzeentch, dude, calm down.”
“Khorne is right Tzeentchey.”
“Yesssss *cough*.”
“But... they ruined my plans... I feel like crying...”
“Get a hold of yourself, man! Now, we're gonna go get some stuff from Slaanesh's stash. That'll cheer ya up!!”
Khorne and Slaanesh then towed a dpressed Tzeentch to Slaanesh's citadel, Nurgle close behind.


The extra forces ofnAkhalam VI were leaving, going to face different enemies on different worlds. Goodbyes would ensue.
First were the Eldar. And the first of them was Ash'nu. He stood close to Nagosh.
“Farewell, warboss Nagosh Ubzug. May we meet again. And Gobroz and Muskit. Of course, may little Ugu live long.”
“Same to ya, Ash'nu!”
A small ropar also came.
Then Altian.
“Our adventure was quite brief, friends. But highly enjoyable. Goodbye for now.”
A grin was on Nagosh's face.
The silent one.
“Goodbye. To all of you.”
Lokan then bowed and left. Kilina's voice hinted sadness.
“I'll miss all of you. Especially little Ugu... take care of the little guy, Muskit.”
“I'z will. Ya don't hafta worry.”
The Eldar disappeared in webway gates, which soon went off-line.


the Spess Mahreens were next, angry side first.
“Yeh, g'bye, Skalius.”

The angriest of the angry entered their Thunderhawks and were gone.

“Farewell, my friends. May the Emperor bless you! And may the codex guide you!”
The smurfs likewise entered their ships and left, leaving the four orks, Alix, Anon and Ugu alone on the platform.
“Well... Alix?”
“Yes, Nagosh?”
“Wot are you guardiez gonna do now?”
“We're going to help with the restoration of the planet... the Chaos forces had left many areas in ruin.”
“Den you'z can count on help from da ORKS!!! Ain't dat right?!”

The ork horde below was ready to do something... even something not related to fighting.

All in all, the planet seemed to be changing... for the better. With the first true ork-human alliance. The galaxy was more peaceful...
Or was it?

Deep beneath the ground on a certain planet... two green eyes shone... and not that far from this world, a dark fleet slowly approached.

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