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************************************************** **
Chapta' 2 - Forestz
************************************************** **

“I'z don't get it.”
“Wot, boss?”
“How did da humies find uz, flashgit Gobroz? I bought extra kamuflagez upgradez for 50 pointz!”
“Boss... dat only works in forestz.” said Gobroz, fighting the urge to 'facepalm'. 'How did da humies find uz', he says...
“Likez da one we'z in now?”
“Oh... darnz.”
“Oy! Ova' 'ere!”
The two looked over to Muskit. The seemingly endless 'forest', which was actually a jungle, seemed to give the slugga boy more energy. Maybe he would be good as a jungle kommando? If they get out of here, that is. For the twenty-fourth time. The damn place always seemed to be different than the last time.
“Wot, Muskit?”
“I'z found waterz! Lotz of waterz!”
The two came closer. Through a bunch of trees, a large lake, with strange creatures around it, could be seen.
“Gud work, Muskit! I'z thirsty!”
All three made their way towards the lake. The creatures, while kinda' scary, left the area immediately.
“Yeh! Run from da orks!”
“Yeh, flashgit Gobroz?”
“One'z left!”
Gobroz pointed, Nagosh looked. On the edge of the lake, a small, black... ball, with legs, yellow eyes and a big mouth, watched them. They came closer. It didn't move an inch.
Muskit picked it up. It didn't struggle.
“Yeh, Muskit?”
“After sum inspa... anspi... lookin', I sayz, that dis 'ere, iz a squig.”
“Squig? I'z neva' seen a black squig before.” Gobroz was truly surprised.
The little black squig roared. As much as a squig can.
“Yeh! Yeeeeeh! Nowz, we'z can EAT and DRINK!”
“Uhh, boss?”
Gobroz pointed at Muskit. He seemed a bit sad.
“But boss, da little fing iz so cutez!”
“Don' tell me... you'z wanna keep it?”
“Fine, we'z only gunna drink, den.”
Muskit seemed full of joy. He put the squig on the ground. It almost instantly ran into the jungle. Gobroz and Nagosh looked at Muskit.
“Dat'z wot ya get, for bein' nice.”
Muskit sheepishly looked at them.
A terrible roar could suddenly be heard. They looked towards the jungle. The little black squig emerged, towing a creature four times it size behind it. It then stopped and watched them.
“Yeh! DAT'Z what we'z get for bein' nice!”
All three orks gladly took the 'offering'. And drank some water. It actually tasted like fungus beer, a bit.
After the meal, all three just watched the squig.
“Well, we'z got here a gud attack squig.”
“Yeh, boss.”
“We shud call 'im somethin'.”
“Muskit'z right, boss.”
They sat like that for a moment.
“I'z gotz it,” screamed Muskit, “Ugu!”
“Ugu? Not bad, Muskit. Not bad at allz.”
“Thankz, boss.”
“We'z shud get going. I'z don't think even Ugu can helpz uz against da stuff in dis forest for long.”
The two nodded and the three orks and Ugu were on the way.


After five hours of walking, they really did find the way back home. When they reached the fort, the orks that stayed were gathered around a nob.
Nagosh always leaved SOME defenders. The boys that stayed either lost in a game of orkjack, or didn't want to die. Or both, in some cases.
They heard the nob's words clearly:
“Da boss iz dead. Even if he'z not, he'z a git. I'z da new boss.”
“O, yeh?”
The two mobs of orks swiftly left the immediate area. Battles for being boss can get violent for the watchers.
“Yeh! I'z gunna show ya, GIT!!”
The nob charged. Within five seconds, he flew through a wall twenty metres away.
Nagosh Ubzug may be a bit stupid. But Gork and Mork help you if you have to fight him.
“Who'z da boss?”
The nob came out of the rubble. He was shaking a bit.
“You'z da boss, boss.”
“Gud. Now, ya gits rememba'. I'z da biggest, so I'z wot?”
“DA BOSS!!” cried the mobs of orks
“Now, two fingz. One. Get da wall fixed. And two. Get uz sum fungus beer. And squig pie,” Ugu looked at him, “fine! No squig pie!”
They would have to try and find ANOTHER feral ork tribe to replace the losses. They would have to try hard.


In hiding behind the planets moon, several ships waited. The marks of the Thousand sons were on them.
On the bridge of the biggest ship, Rakul Manek stood, watching the planet. His upgraded armour still looked like the 'everyday' one, though. He wanted termie armour, but no! They said the stuff is too 'precious' for an officer like him. He will show them. All of them!
He pressed a buttton on his command panel. Another non-runic marine appeared.
“Report, Akitol.”
“We tried our best, my lord, but we couldn't pinpoint the temple's location. The chaos energies spread everywhere. We did, however, at least discover the area where it is. I am afraid we will have to send our forces to search.”
“It cannot be helped, I suppose. Any other news?”
“Well, yes. We lost Blagush, just ten minutes ago.”
“What happened?!”
“He was summoning a daemon.”
“What kind?”
“Ummm... a Daemonette. Two of them, sir. For uhhh... personal use.”
Who doesn't?
“And what happened? Error on his part?”
“No, sir. Gugulash found out. And you know how mad he gets when someone tries to summon non-Tzeench daemons.”
“Send him here. I want to talk to him ASAP.”
“Will do, sir!”
The transmission ended.
“I have to teach that idiot that summoning Daemonettes is GOOD. VERY good.”
He resumed the watching of the planet. Soon, he will show all of them.

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