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Alright sorry for double posting but I have been rereading through the HH series and just this morning I passed over the Technocrasy and it is relatively specific that the armour is so similar to Marine armour the helmets have the same locks even. Also the way the Brotherhood fights and how the Sons of Horus speak about them it seems their armour is STC just like marine armour but made smaller for normal men and it seems they are pretty much just specifically strong and able normal men with good training and then the STC armour.

Also they use something of a downsized Stormbird and downsized Thunderhawk gunships though they don't describe the tracked vehicles as anything so they likely are not rhinos or preds. The troops do use smaller bolters and their bunkers do mount something of a heavy bolter though it sounds like it cycles faster or is just bigger.

Hope that helps some though honestly it seems normal size marines would fit as Brotherhood soldiers while Marines should be bigger. Perhaps you could tweak with the fluff a bit and use normal marines as Brotherhood and have them working alongside either Imperial Army made with normal IG or with perhaps a squad or two of marines done as truescale marines.

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