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Default Arurian Techno Cray

I was thinking about making an army of Arurian Techno Cray(Spelling?) dudes from the HH books. They have power armour but are not marines so i was thinking, do a counts as sister of battle, and the acts of faith would count as acts of defiance, (for example spirit of the martyr would be extra dark age technology that they would have had before old night. That would explain the Inv. Save. ) What do you think and can you see any for see able problems. I would of course only be able to use sisters of battle and no Inq. Stormtroopers.

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They are going to be called in to righteously kick the shit out of deamons and heretics before fucking off back to Titan for tea and crumpets, leaving the chaos gods thinking "I fucking hate those guys"
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