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Originally Posted by zas240 View Post
Title says everything.
Here it is
Warlord: Extra Hand Weapon, Heavy armour, Shield. 105
Grey Seer: Screaming Bell. 435
Clanrats (40): Standard Bearer, Clawleader.
Clanrats (20). 100
Clanrats (20): Standard Bearer, Clawleader. 120
Plague Monks(20): Musician, Standard Bearer. 135
Stormvermin(19): Musician, Warbanner. 182
Warplock Jezzaills (3). 60
Warplightning Cannon. 100

The reason I have 19 stormvermin is because I want my Warlord in with them, (in case you haven't realised I'm new to fantasy).
Well , First of all u cant have 2 Lords in a 2k list.
Clanrats should be AT LEAST 25 models ( 30 works just fine )
Plague Monks , i play em 6x4 Six in front and 4 ranks that's 24 models and let me tell u that's the best way to play em. ( if u add the Hatred banner there they become very deadly ).
Stormvermins like the clanrats should be at least 25 models and pay them the shields they'll be saving with 3+ wich give them more chance to survive.
Jezzails , 3 are a waste of points imo . Play them at least 10 models.
WLC = Golden , But also u can add some Plague censers they are pretty good.

Cheers and Good luck.

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