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For the first time ever, I recently unleashed a High Elf Star Dragon. By far and ahead, it was absolute devastation.

T6, S7 means it can take the damage and dish it out just as well. It devoured a Dragon Ogre whole, and most of another one on the side. It was hungry.

Now, the problem with the Star Dragon is that it's very, very expensive. There's just about no way to avoid it, either; even with minimalist kitting, you're looking at a 500+ point model. In a decently sized game, that's not too bad but in anything less than 2500pts, that really cuts off your points elsewhere. Not to mention that with the High Elves, you have to structure your tactics around the Dragon as well. A lone Star Dragon will likely just get destroyed by War Machines or something else very nasty; combine the Star Dragon with a charge from some Dragon Princes, and anything will drop.

"In the eyes of the Elves of Ulthuan there exists no fear, only grim determination.

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