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Originally Posted by Vaul View Post
Dwarf Selling points:

- You get kudos for picking them because they have some limited options and less tricks than other races, if you can win with dwarfs without resorting to their standard gunline or anvil of doom reliance, you'll find them very rewarding and will look cool for doing so

- Great ranged army, right up there with wood elves and empire. If you want your enemy to make the mistakes while you mow him down, these guys are great. Your ranged troops can also be well geared to fight.

- Awesome fluff/background; dwarfs are just steeped in history and character. You can't go wrong in terms of achieving a fantastic feel for your army.

- Battle for Skull pass boxed set has plastic dwarfs, and the box itself is priced low in order to rope new customers in to the hobby. You can capitalize on this by getting the box and selling the goblins, or buying the dwarfs from someone else's box

- Customizing rune weapons is fun. Dwarfs have the widest range of magic item gear due to the rune system. You can even get runes going on your war machines which is highly effective.

- Dwarfs are amazing in long term combats where static combat res comes in to play. You can gear up your standards with runes, and many of your infantry troops will have 2+ saves in close combat.

- You can gear your dwarf lord to be almost unkillable. Very heartening to have him, especially in denying your opponent a huge wad of points.

- The dwarf range has those 'drunken dwarf' miniatures, which are badass.

- If you do decide to go with the anvil of doom, you're going to be able to shut down the enemy magic phase very easily, and generally pull some game controlling moves with it. Very effective piece, and a great model to have if you are trying to beat someone.
Thanks for the info mate, although I have just watched your crushing victory against the Dwarven army fielded in the National Warhammer Tournament of NZ haha. Still though I think they're the army I'll go for.
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