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Hello people!
First of all, thanks for the great responses! Keep it up I’ve had more than I expected already, and I’d like to apologise for not getting back to you sooner.

I would have liked to post this last week but unfortunately things got in the way. (Hope everyone had a good Halloween by the way )

I’ve been spending the past few weeks going through the responses and doing some background research on construction and planning – using the internet and official games-workshop books (”How to Make Wargames Terrain”, was very helpful).

A few have asked about photos – Yes. I will send photos at each stage so you guys can see what’s going on and be involved with the construction too. I’ll need some advice and feedback from you guys and handy tips and other info will be useful at this point and throughout the construction.

Ok down to business – I have here the specification. This is basically points that my designs have to fit into – criteria they have to meet, and will be assessed against. I have split it into primary and secondary criteria. These criteria are based on my research and the responses from you guys.

I want to start drawing up design proposals, my initial ideas for games boards. I’ll scan them and post them up here as I do them.

Before I start I thought I’d just post my specification up here to see if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for alterations. Any constructive criticism is welcome ^^

Product Specification
Primary Criteria
  • The board must have a playing area of 6’ by 4’
  • The board must be suitable for games of Warhammer 40,000
  • The board must be suitable for deployment types C D and E.
  • The board must have around 25% terrain coverage, with half that blocks line of sight and half that provides cover.
  • At least 50% of the terrain pieces should be on removable bases.
Secondary Criteria
  • The board should be sectioned for ease of transport and storage.
  • The board should be of the “sandwich” construction – with a rigid base and an easily sculpted top.
  • The board should include obstacles and fortifications suitable for a mission that uses the “fortifications” rule. (i.e. 6 rows of razor wire, 6 rows of tank traps, and one or more bunkers/firing pits)
  • The board should have a desert or cityscape theme.


Everything here is either based on a majority vote from the forums or advice from my research. Let me know what you guys think ^^
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