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Default Suggest An Article

Many of you will be aware of the Heresy ezine that's been smouldering in the background for the past 3 months.

Nothing much has come of it, it started off promising but (as I predicted) it fizzled out.

I feel it's now time for a shake up, so in an effort to stiffen your article boners I figured Id run a fun thread to suggest article titles.

You can elaborate if you want. But please, grab the first thing that pops into your head and post it. Think of an article you'd like to read most.

I'll keep a stockpile of all the good ones in the Heretic forums.

Here's a couple.

  • Reserve Strategy - how to utilise reserves to your advantage.
  • Dice Probabilities - the ins and out of rolling dice.
  • Painting Ork Skin - a comprehensive guide to painting ork flesh various ways.
  • Household Scenery - items around the home for use in scenery.
  • Hats off to you! - how to sculpt and build miniature hats and berets.
The more the better!

Updates from the thread.
  • Basing 101 - A guide to basing your miniatures.
  • Highlighting cloth, such as cloaks
  • Keys to deployment
  • Non-Metallic Metals
  • Painting Stubble!
  • Painting Blood Splatters
  • Gaming Etiquette
  • Feature on "Army of the Month"
  • Deepstriking Strategies

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