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Well, I was trying to work out if that was even possible, let alone legal; Svartmetal, you're not using the 1962 Compendium are you? I know Tor said he'd prefer the Almanac, but that doesm't mean you can use it. Dangerously close to polyesmerism indeed, because of course the Hammersmith and City Line is debarred. And there's no way I can see of making that move without the Hammersmith and City.

I suggest as a gentlemen's compromise (apologes to any ladies playing, just a figure of speech), that we take Svartmetal's last move as being Shepherd's Bush, and I'll pay him my renders from Holland Park, which are still in force. As, I think, I'm the only one who loses out in any significant way with this compromise, I trust it's acceptable? Of course, it actually puts Svartmetal in a slightly better position, and with 4 more tokens, but I think I'll live!

BTW, Svartmetal, bold move and I do love a classic Traverse (my favourite is the Earl's Court Gambit, but Furtwangler's series are also stunning moves). Shame you hadn't noticed the time discrepancy is all.

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