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Default Does this look competitive? [1750 chaos]


Demon Prince - 205
Mark of Tzeench
Wind of chaos

(yes I understand lash princes are better but I'm trying to go themed with black legion and I've modled the hell out of this prince to give him a large dragonfaced hand to breathe warp fire from, wings and a bird head so I can't really change it )


Chaos Space Marines x10 - 190
Icon of Chaos Glory
Plasma gun x2

Khorn Berserkersx8 - 258
Skull Champion w/ Power fist and personal icon
Rhino w/ Combi-melta

Thousand Sons x6 - 273
Sorcerer w/ Bolt of change and personal icon

Lesser daemon x8 - 104

Lesser daemons x8 - 104


Chosen x9 - 237
Melta Gun x2
Flamer x2
Aspiring champion with powerfist
Icon of chaos glory

Heavy support

Defiler - 150

Defiler - 150

Obliterator x1 - 75

I know obliterators are best taken as a pair but I thought maybe using it as a deepstrike to take out the rear of a tank with either a twin linked melta or multi melta and from there it can die because it just paid for itself. I've been running a single defiler for a while and it seems like people like to kill it first turn with whatever they can, however it's much more difficult to kill two in one turn.

For the elites I used to outflank them in a rhino but I've just had too many games where they end up on the board turn 5 so I'm thinking about just infiltrating them and getting my daemons in that much closer on turn 2/3. If that means I should change up their special weapons then I'm more than open to suggestions.

For the troops I think the daemons are awesome for their low price since they can charge on the deepstrike for their points (13 per ). The Thousand sons are my MeQ killers or objective campers, khorn berserkers are obvious, and the regular marines are just kinda. . . .there (had 'em built them and thought they weren't so bad considering they're decent in CC and the plasma guns tend to fend off termies/light vehicles).

So there it is!! Please help and let me know what yall think I'll have problems with. Thanks in advance!
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